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Suffolk / iken marriage
« on: Sunday 26 June 16 21:23 BST (UK)  »

Hi, I have the following marriage but no spouse given on freebmd. please can someone help:

Dec Q 1856 Plomesgate 4a / 1500
Harriet Miller
Family living in Iken on 1851 /1861

Harriet was born 1832 iken to James & Mary Wilson. I have other details.

Ta, Diddy  ;)

Roxburghshire / Hawick new burial ground
« on: Friday 09 October 15 16:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi my 2x great aunt:

Margaret Casdon Hodge b. 7/4/1857 Musselburgh  died aged 3 22/9/1860 Hawick of Scarlatina & apparently is buried in the new burial ground Hawick.  I have parental details: James Hodge 1821/2 Stirling & Elizabeth Brown 1820 Alloa  but can't find records until they marry 1846 Alloa.

Which cemetery is this please - I know there are 3?? & does anyone have access to the MI's?

I would like confirmation of the 'Casdon' bit - can't find out where this came from yet.
James was a brewer who worked in Cupar breweries / Hawick brewery & then moved to Castle Eden brewery in Co. Durham.


Technical Help / windows 10 & RC email alerts
« on: Thursday 03 September 15 18:50 BST (UK)  »
I have the free download & all going well EXCEPT I am not receiving email alerts of RC posts / personal messages etc. I only knew about them as I looked on the relevant boards.
I have been to profile /account settings & ticked email alerts again but nothing....


Diddy (also no smilies!
p.s. will check in again in morning!

Leicestershire / Leics Villages website BAD NEWS
« on: Wednesday 08 April 15 08:54 BST (UK)  »
 Just found out whilst searching that the Leics Villages website is to close in August 2016. It is loosing its Leics County Council funding. It has been announced early to give the villages a chance to save /move their info elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions – Leicestershire Villages Website Changes
*Is there an opportunity to self-fund by village (similar to how Parish Councils websites work) and keep the website running?   
The infrastructure will not be available for communities to do this, BUT the site could be recreated on a similar platform.
*What happens in August 2016? Will the website go off air and disappear, becoming un-editable?   
The website will cease to exist after August 2016. You won’t be able to see it after that date.
*Will the information from the site be archived anywhere? If so, could it potentially ‘go live’ again in the future?   
There are no plans to archive any of the sites. The reason we’ve extended until August 2016 (an extra year) is to give all site administrators plenty of time to explore the alternatives.
*If the site itself won’t be archived, will there be a facility to archive existing village pages?Existing village pages will not be archived, but we are making arrangements with Cuttlefish to retrieve any data/images for you to use (for example on an another website). Again, the extended period until August 2016 give site administrators plenty of time to do this.
Technology has moved on considerably since Leicestershire Villages was set up – for example, cloud software (for storing images and data) or social media platforms such as Flickr, which also serve as an image store that the public can access.
*Does closing this website really make much of a dent in £120m?   
We have to consider all of the services when we’re considering our overall savings target. Through the savings around community ICT, we’ll save around £70,000 which is a significant figure. Overall, Leicestershire Villages has a very low number of visits (an average of less than 10 visits per day on most villages). When you consider than the most frequently visited pages are those related to local businesses such as pubs and restaurants, which are not priority areas for the council, it is very difficult to justify the money spent.
*Will there be any guidance as to which platforms to move to?    
We’ll add some suggestions to our online self help guide, but we can’t make those decisions for villages – it’s best to explore the options and see what’s right for you. We’re also running two social media focused workshops in April (21st or 27th) 2015 – these may run again if there’s sufficient interest. Contact for more details. 
*After support ceases in April 2015, how will be able to add new users, changes messages, customise picture galleries, etc?   
We’re making arrangements to give administrators increased access rights - as required - so administrators  will be able to do these things for themselves.

Diddy  :'(

Fife / deciphering death cerificate note
« on: Saturday 28 March 15 16:50 GMT (UK)  »
please can anyone help with the attached note which is on a death certificate 1867. The child was a twin.
cant tell whether the note applies to this child or is a general note at the end of the year. child died 31 dec.


Fife / Brewing families
« on: Monday 23 February 15 09:08 GMT (UK)  »
I have a few Hodge Brewers in my Fife tree & have just come across a splendid book which has helped answer some questions as well as raise a few!!
The Brewers & Breweries of Fife by Forbes Gibb. Lomax Press.2012
available online £12

Unfortunately he hasn't written the Clackmannanshire one yet but Stirling is available as are a few others.
Lists brewers by name with some biographical detail where known.


Suffolk Lookup Requests / Ling - Campsea Ash
« on: Tuesday 12 August 14 14:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I have Elizabeth Ling, from census b. 1782 Campsea Ash.

3 possibles:
1. family (I think that's where I got it) 11/10/1782  d/o  William & Sarah Grey (no source)
2. A*      birth 6/2/1782 Campsea Ash  d/o David Ling & Bathsheba Middleditch OR
3. Family Search    b. 7/3/1782 Suffolk d/o John & Elizabeth

Please can someone check  nos. 1&3 in campsea PRs to help me find the right one.

Ta  Diddy

ps children include a William & a John

Suffolk / Leiston Great War Centenary Event
« on: Monday 23 June 14 17:44 BST (UK)  »
hi, researchers may be interested in this - I certainly am as my husbands grandfather was one of the 4th Battalion 'Garretts' boys from the Long Shop:

... a special centenary event being held at the Long Shop Museum at Leiston on Saturday 19th July 2014.
The museum will be open as usual, telling the story of the world famous Garretts engineering company, but the days events will be closely linked to a recreation of 4th Battalion leaving for war in 1914.
The Association for Military Remembrance (the "Khaki Chums") will be in attendance dressed as 4th Suffolk would have been in 1914, and will march from the museum railway station, recreating the route the Leiston Company of the Battalion, took as they left for war.


Norfolk Completed Look up Requests / 1891c hunt for Henry!(*Completed with thanks*)
« on: Wednesday 18 June 14 21:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi, this is my GGGrandfather. Have loads of info But cant find him on the 1891.

Born 7Aug 1825 Baconsthorpe s/o Benjamin & Ann fox. Married Ann Howard 24/11/1844 Baconsthorpe. all children's details ta.

1881c  widower in Guestwick - Ann died 1877. pauper on parish relief. cripple '5 years past'. then 
dies 4 Nov 1897 West Beckham union workhouse

1891c?? not in workhouse or district 5 West Beckham. cant find on A* with various spellings / wild cards. any ideas?

family gone up to N East - 2 sons surviving him in Norfolk have on census - no Henry.


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