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Leicestershire / Re: Wigston burials, 17th century
« on: Sunday 01 July 18 15:19 BST (UK)  »
Marie Darkson (Jackson), daughter of Denis, baptised on 7th April 1611

Also Elizabeth Jackson on 13th March 1613 and Thomas Johnson (more like Jackson) on 23rd February 1616.

There is a burial of David Jackson on 7th November 1636. The first name is unclear and more like Denis.

Elizabeth Jackon (Jackson), widdow, on 18th February 1640.

Elizabeth Wallys, dau of William baptised on 23rd November 1579.


William Emmon married Elizabeth Ellis and had a daughter, Elizabeth - i.e. an alternative family with a daughter of the same name at the same time period.

Leicestershire / Re: Wigston burials, 17th century
« on: Friday 29 June 18 17:11 BST (UK)  »
I forgot the other two:-

Walter Pawly buried on 10th March 1628 and Isabell on 7th May 1627

Many others from 1603, including a William Pawlye on 22nd March 1679, born 1584.


Leicestershire / Re: Wigston burials, 17th century
« on: Friday 29 June 18 13:36 BST (UK)  »
The burial is transcribed as Anthonie Breane
Burial date: 31 Jan 1626

Numerous Brewins are transcribed as Bruin, Bruane, Brucne, Bruen, Bruine, Brum, Brume, Brewen and Brewine.


The Emmond records are here:

Change the search to Emmon, Emmonds etc for variations.

The images are on Findmypast.

It crossed my mind that Mary wife of Richard, who was buried in 1759, may have been Mary Culling. They married in Claypole, near Stubton, in 1744. That would make it too late for them to be the parents of Richard who married in 1761 but perhaps yet another marriage of Richard himself.


A possibility for the first marriage:

A Richard Emmond married Mary Bee in Stubton on 21st November 1761.

A Mary Emmonds, born  1734, wife of Richard, was buried there on 27th August 1762.

A Mary, wife of Richard, born 1715, was buried in 1759 (mother of Richard jnr.?)


Leicestershire / Re: William COWPER/COOPER marriage abt 1700 +/- maybe 10 years
« on: Thursday 28 June 18 10:33 BST (UK)  »
A William Cooper married Mary Frisby on 21st April 1707 in Newbold Verdon, approx two miles from Desford.

They had children William 1708, George 1711, John 1715 (transcribed as 1714) and Jone 1717 in Newbold

William had children John in 1714 and Elizabeth in 1719.

It is possibly the same family which lived between the villages and used both churches.


Leicestershire / Re: John Tuckwood/Mary Cook
« on: Wednesday 27 June 18 16:19 BST (UK)  »
The images are on Findmypast but it is also on Familysearch -

If you enter a general search on Twickwood on Familysearch it will give the results and Tuckwood as a variation.

There are burials for the parents but no further records for the children. It could be that it is a variation of another name, possibly Tuckwood, but I can't find any definite proof.


Leicestershire / Re: John Tuckwood/Mary Cook
« on: Wednesday 27 June 18 13:43 BST (UK)  »
On 4th July 1749 at Melton, there is a William Tugwood, B***d son of Elizabeth - possibly the daughter of John and Anne Tuggwwod, baptised in Melton on 28th August 1724

Also Will in 1753, son of John and Mary, and William Tuggwood on 26th February 1743, son of James and Mary, nee Orton. All records of James and Mary are Tuggwood.

There was a William Twickwwod at Knipton, near Grantham, in 1755. I don't know if this is likely to be a variation, but there are no other records of family used this spelling.


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