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Elizabeth Emmon was baptised in Westborough with Dry Doddington on 24th March 1780, daughter of Richard and Sarah (Possibly Straw married on 13th September 1778)

Another Elizabeth Emmon was baptised in Westborough with Dry Doddington on 13th July 1777, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Possibly Ellis married 13th August 1771).


Leicestershire / Re: John Tuckwood/Mary Cook
« on: Tuesday 26 June 18 16:30 BST (UK)  »
There is a John Taggwood/Tugwood son of John and Anne baptised in Melton on 8th January 1725.

The nearest name for a marriage is John Toogood to Anne Smart in Melton on 8th May 1721.

There are several Toogood, Tuggwood, Tugwood, Tugg-Wood baptisms to a John and Anne.


« on: Tuesday 26 June 18 11:14 BST (UK)  »
The burial records for that period don't seem to appear online, so I checked Lincolnshire Archives and they don't list any burials after 1812.

It might be worth contacting the church to see if they still hold them, where they might be, or if they know of the graves.


Leicestershire / Re: John Pochin christening
« on: Monday 25 June 18 16:17 BST (UK)  »
I was in a bit a a rush because we were going out this morning but have had a more detailed read of the will.

The sons of Richard, mentioned by John in his will of 1768, were John, George and Thomas- i.e. the same names of the sons of Richard and Jane of Gilmorton.

I will send a p.m.


Leicestershire / Re: John Pochin christening
« on: Monday 25 June 18 10:30 BST (UK)  »
The earliest record that I can find for Gilmorton is the marriage of Richard Pochin and Jane Warden at St Nicholas, Leicester, on 10th July 1739. Both were from Gilmorton as were some other records. In fact, nearly all of the records were from outside the city.

The only Richard of about the right age was the son of John of Wigston, baptised on 25th May 1714.

There is a will of John Pochin in 1769 which mentions his brother, Richard. It also mentions that Richar has sons and the only one I can find with sons is of Gilmorton. Unfortunately, there is no mention of their abodes.

It may need more research to prove but there is a strong possibility that Richard of Gilmorton was the son of John of Wigston.


Leicestershire / Re: John Pochin christening
« on: Saturday 23 June 18 16:06 BST (UK)  »
You may have the following already:-

There is a extract which gives the baptism and marriage for John Pochin, although the date of the baptism is incorrect. It should be 17th September 1668, not 17th November.

Also, Mary was the daughter of Richard Bruin -

"Mary, dau. of Richard Bruin, of Wigston (a lineal descendant of Sir Guy de Bruyn, a Norman knight)"

See also - - which mentions John Pochin.

Mary Bruin
Baptism date: ?? Mar 1677
Baptism place: Wigston Magna
Father: Richard
Mother: Cuddy

"Here Lyeth the remains of RICHARD BRUIN senior and GOODITH his wife, aged 152 (82?)
years, Jan. 21 Anno Do. 1718." - buried 23rd Jan.

"Richard Bruin (baptised at Wigston Magna, 17th September 1637, son of Robert), married --- Goodith.  Richard died 21st January 1718-19)."


Leicestershire / Re: John Pochin christening
« on: Saturday 23 June 18 09:16 BST (UK)  »
In his will, he mentions:-
Father: John Pochin,
Wife: Mary
Children: Robert, Richard, Elizabeth, Mary and Ann.
Witnesses: John Goodrich, Matthew Holmes, Amy ??, Edward Davy and Armston Pochin.

He mentioned that the ancient estate of his father was settled upon him on his marriage to Mary.

Inventory signed by Richard Bruin and John Goodrich.

Married Mary Brewer (probably Brewin) on 13th October 1701.

Mary possibly the daughter of John Brewin, baptised on 22nd June 1684 in Wigston Magna.

Richard Bruin, who signed the inventory, was possibly Mary's brother, baptised on 27th December 1687.

John Bruin may have married Mary Gillberd in Wigston on 18th November 1674.


Leicestershire / Re: Where did William THURMAN marry?
« on: Friday 22 June 18 10:25 BST (UK)  »
I was a bit hurried with my P.S. - William Ferman married Mary Hackett in 1733, not 1833.

There is also a license which states that William was from Congerstone and Mary from Thornton. William made a mark, not a signature, so it could be a misunderstanding of Thurman, and he was the father of the children in Congerstone.


Leicestershire / Re: Where did William THURMAN marry?
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 16:13 BST (UK)  »
John of Ratcliffe Culey was the son of Thomas, not William.

Thomas Thurman of Ratcliff married Catherine Gregory on 18th October 1729 at Fenny Drayton.

A William and Mary had children, William, Mary and Elizabeth, in Congerstone in 1735, 1737 and 1740 but I can't see a marriage.


P.S. - There was a William Ferman and Mary Hacket who married in Markfield in 1833.

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