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I had a DNA test with Ancestry several years ago.  My highest match is with my first cousin who I asked to do a test so I could work out connections with my mother.  The cousin is the daughter of my mother's sister.

I do not know who my maternal great grandparents are.  My grandmother was not open about her parents and the earliest she can be found is in 1901 aged 20 working as a domestic servant.  I have not been able to find anything prior to 1901, (birth/baptism records, census material) and information on official documents after 1901 has not lead to anything about her background. The name of the father given on her marriage certificate can not be found.  I have spent many years trying to work things out through traditional paper records and then decided to turn to DNA.

The highest match I share with my cousin is 149cM over 10 segments.  I have sent emails to this match and they do not reply.  His tree has 13 people on this and these are all but one marked as private.  I have managed to work out who this person is and have started constructing a tree with his ancestors.   The match is about 10 years younger than me, his father born in 1918 and his mother around this time. My mother was born in 1919.  My grandmother was born somewhere between 1880-1882.  His grandfather in 1867 and grandmother in 1874.  Going back further, his maternal and paternal great grandparents were born in 1836.

When putting the 149cMs and the paper record together, at what level should I be looking for our connection.  I have used the DNA painter tool and have some idea where I should look but would like some advice from others who have some expertise in working with DNA.

My mother died about 6 years ago and she does not have any surviving brothers and sisters.

Regards Kaybron

London and Middlesex / William Thomas Hammond born 28 November 1873
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 03:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I have completed quite a bit of research on a William Thomas Hammond, his birth registered in the sub district of Hanover Square, Middlesex on the 28 November 1873.  His parents are a Thomas Hammond and Mary Ann Hammond, formerly Cotterill.  (I have the certificate for this and there is also a baptism record on Ancestry for this.)  Thomas Hammond was baptized in 1820 in Petworth, Sussex and Mary Ann in 1841 in Berkshire England.

I have Thomas in the 1861 Census as living in the parish of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, working as a Stablehand.  Thomas married Mary Ann Cotterill on Oct 29 1865 in Teesdale, Durham, Yorkshire.  Mary Ann and Thomas remained in Durham for several years and by the time the 1871 Census was taken they had moved to Norwood, Middlesex and then later to Chelsea, London where Thomas worked as a Groom and Coachman.

The children I have for Mary Ann and Thomas are:

Martha Bell (baptized May 6, 1860)  born prior to marriage of Thomas and Mary Ann therefore Thomas may not be the father.  Martha lived with her grandparents Joseph and Maria for over 10 years but then by 1881 was living in London.  In 1881 she is living with Elizabeth Maria.  Martha married a Henry Harry Harrold and then later a George Strevens.  Martha was in the London County Lunatic Asylum for a number of years.

Joseph Henry born October 10 1862 in Streatley, Berkshire.  Joseph did at the age of 12 years.  Again, not sure if Joseph is a son of Thomas.

Elizabeth Maria, bory September 17 1866 in Staindrop, Durham.  Married a Charles Reuben Charman in Chelsea in 1888.

Frances (Fanny) Ann Mary birth registered in 1868 in Teesdale, Durham.  Married Francis Herbert Brown in Chelsea in 1890.

Charlotte Sarah, baptized 1871 and married George Henry James Molyneaux in 1896 in Hampshire.

William Thomas, born November 28 1873 and married a Hannah Thick on December 24, 1893 in Chelsea.

Harriet Emma, born July 17 1875 and married a Walter Gladstone on December 26, 1904 in Chelsea.

Harry Samuel, born January 10, 1878 and married Ellen (Nellie) Greenwood on February 10, 1897 in Chelsea.

Rosa Louisa, born July 17, 1883 and married Arthur Charles Staddon on March 15, 1903 in Chelsea.

The person that I am interested in is William Thomas Hammond.  I have William Thomas marrying Hannah Thick but I am not sure if this is the correct marriage.   There are a number of things on the marriage certificate that ring bells that this is the correct marriage, but a couple of things are not correct.  Additionally the William Thomas I have followed through with Census data has varied places of birth.  I have newspaper articles stating that Hannah and William had separated and Electoral Registers have William living at 29a Tetcott Road, Chelsea from 1919 until his death in 1928.  I have a death certificate for a William Thomas and also a newspaper report that was in the paper for an inquest into the death.

I do have a Hammond tree on Ancestry.  There are a number of trees on Ancestry with William Thomas married to a Hannah Thick in them but all differ from mine.  I am starting to doubt if my research is not correct and I have things not right on my tree.

Regards Kay

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / 154 cM Match
« on: Wednesday 22 January 20 09:53 GMT (UK)  »
One of my top matches is 154 cM.  The person I match with does not have many people in his tree but I have been in touch with the person who manages his tree. From our shared matches I have established that we must be connected through my father, not my mother.  My father's family largely lived in the Croydon, Surrey area and this person's mother (I shall call Mary) was also born in the Croydon, Surrey area.  Through contact with the tree manager I have been told Mary does not know who her father is. I have looked at the DNA Painter tool and think my 154 cM match could be a half second cousin.  If he is a half second cousin, what common ancestor would we have.   

Australia / Death of Joseph Heuzenroeder 1885
« on: Sunday 02 June 19 02:57 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to find the date of death of a Joseph Heuzenroeder (chemist).  I have found an article in a Horsham paper that has information about a Council Meeting and Joseph's death.  The article appeared in the 1 September paper and mentions that the council had received a letter from the Horsham Hospital applying for burial expenses of Joseph Heuzenroeder (chemist) Dimboola who died in hospital shortly after his admission.  I have looked in the Vic BDM and am not able to find an entry. There is an entry for the death of an infant daughter but not one for Joseph.

London and Middlesex / Do I have the right death certificate for Martha Strevens?
« on: Thursday 19 October 17 13:17 BST (UK)  »
I have been researching a Martha Strevens. She was baptized as Mary Bell May 6, 1860 and lived with her grandparents Joseph and Maria Bell for over 10 years in Durham.  In the 1881 Census she had moved to London where she was living with a step-sister Elizabeth Maria Hammond.  In 1882 she married a Henry Harry Harrold in St Saviour's Church, Upper Chelsea.  They had 2 children but sadly they died.  Henry died in 1887.  On November 28, 1897 Martha married a George Strevens, a 50 year old Piano Maker.  In the 1901 Census George and Martha are living in the St Pancras Parish, London.  Martha's step sister Rosa is also living with them.

In the 1911 Census Martha is not with George but is an inmate in the London County Lunatic Asylum Hanwell.  She is listed as married.  George in the meantime has remarried, a Charlotte Ryzewski (in 1908).  In the 1911 Census he is with Charlotte living in Islington, London.

There is also an entry in Ancestry on the UK, Lunacy Patients Admission Registers, 1846-1912 for a Martha Strevens with a release date in 1913.  Although there is an asylum mentioned I am not able to work out what is written.

I have been trying to find a death for Martha and have just received a certificate for a Martha Strivens. Her death was registered 11 March 1917 in Watford.  The certificate states that she died in the Leavesden Asylum, Watford.  Her age is 53 years and it also mentions St Pancras Parish and that she is married.

Have I the correct death record for Martha?

World War One / Service Records for W T Hammond 1898 to 1919
« on: Sunday 17 July 16 03:13 BST (UK)  »
My grandfather William Thomas Hammond joined the Army Ordnance Corps in 1898.  He was discharged in 1919 after 21 years and 7 months service.  During this time he went to South Africa twice (1899-1903) and then again (1911-1914).  When he returned to South Africa the second time his wife Ada Olive and three children William Thomas, Ivy and Constance went with him.  While in South Africa a son was born at Roberts Heights.  Later he went to Russia and spent time there.

I have his service records from Ancestry (the burnt collection).  Two things that I would like some information about:

1)  Would there be a ship's passenger list that would have details about when Ada and the children went to South Africa?

2)  Would there be any other records of my grandfather's service apart from those that are on Ancestry.  I did read information about WO364 records and wondered if there would be anything here relating to William's service.


Does anyone know when Edward Ayling Photographer in West Croydon, Surrey operated his business?  I have downloaded some information from one paid site which mentions they were in business from 1886-1897 but I would like to know if they were operating before this. 

I have recently been given access to this photograph of my great great grandfather or great great uncle.  Is it possible to have this enhanced. 

Australia / Help identifying where this place could be in Australia
« on: Monday 17 August 15 10:40 BST (UK)  »
This photo was taken of my brother somewhere in Australia.  He recently passed away and I am keen to find out where this photo may have been taken.
Regards Kaybron

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