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Lanarkshire / Re: Old Dalbeth Cemetery, Tollcross , Glasgow
« on: Friday 24 November 17 21:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Barry,
Good to hear from you, hope all is well?
If you can send a reply here Iíll private message you my email address and we can pass info on to you. (You need more than one post on here to PM)


Lanarkshire / Re: Old Dalbeth M.I.
« on: Tuesday 03 March 15 17:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Kim,
The Mitchell Library has the burial and lair books for Old Dalbeth on microfilm, they have also been digitised by the Catholic archives in Edinburgh.
The burial records only give limited information Name, age, cause of death, lair no and cost of burial. The very early books have even less information.
Sadly there is no plan for Dalbeth to show its layout, however I have a rough self made one from tracing the lair numbers of the surviving headstone that I transcribed. The common ground was the area at the front nearest the main road.
Remember that after 1855 all deaths required to be registered and a certificate issued regardless of religion.
If you need anymore detailed info or photos of any headstones send me a pm.


Hi Gerry, I have a couple of  questions for you concerning the Old Dalbeth cemetery in which you have done a tremendous amount of work. I have been to the Archdiocese of Glasgow but, the poor lady that works there has so much stuff to do I don't wish to keep pestering her and ScotlandsPeople Catholic records give very little info outside of name and date. What I'm wondering is two fold; Is there anywhere where you can find a layout of the Old Dalbeth cemetery and who is buried in it and where(those whose headstones no longer exist and those who may have never had them), including if there is a common ground area? Also, is there any place where you can get more information about people buried in Old Dalbeth,like you would get on a regular death cert that would identify them more? I have several people that are buried in the Old Dalbeth whom I know are mine but, a few I'm not sure about and the Catholic listing only doesn't help and as they are in the Catholic listing they do not appear to have been required to have a regular death cert. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Kim

Lanarkshire / Re: Photos of Old Dalbeth Cemetery
« on: Sunday 08 December 13 14:15 GMT (UK)  »
PM me your email address Celticireland and I'll contact you regards your suggestion.


Here's a map of the original layout of Old Dalbeth.
West and East sections are either side of the main pathway which leads to and circles the large monument at the middle bottom in the name of Byers, which still stands today. 

I have some lair numbers and sections of the stones that still exist and with Gerry's help i reckon we can draw up a lair map of Old Dalbeth.

Lanarkshire / Re: Photos of Old Dalbeth Cemetery
« on: Tuesday 12 November 13 22:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Peter,
The burial record for Neil "Mechan" doesn't list any reference to the area or ground in which he is buried. I should have realised that from the date as the burial books only started listing them from the late 1860's. It's more than likely that he was buried there as he was a Roman Catholic and the graveyard belonged to the RC Church as it does till this day. It maybe worth a look at the poor law in the Mitchell Library to see if there was an application for assistance to bury him.
If you PM me your email address I'll send you a copy of the burial book page.


Hi Gerry, thank you. No, I just have the reference from his death registration. Next time I'm in Glasgow I'll go to the Mitchell, I note all the earlier comments about the difficulties with the microfiche. I'm not massively bothered about finding the exact piece of grass, it's probably good enough for me to have seen the burial ground and the setting. I'm more interested to try and find out further why he was buried there, in what was a very small cemetery at the time, when he died in Port Dundas, although I haven't yet located his usual home address. They were all navvies / boatmen so maybe he just died at work, although it was lung disease rather than an accident. Thanks for all the work you've done on this!

Lanarkshire / Re: St. Peter's Cemetery Dalbeth
« on: Monday 11 November 13 23:02 GMT (UK)  »
The common ground in Dalbeth is the area to the side of the cottage at the London Road side of the cemetery. There is no memorial stones for this area and from what i have seen in the registers it only lists the lairs as common Ground (East or West Side) If you look at the photo of an old map of Dalbeth you'll see the area is unlined.


My gr-gr-Grandmother Margaret McDonnell [nee Ambrose ] and her daughter Catherine died in a house fire in Govan in Feb 1883. I have their death records and coroner's reports from SP. Another daughter Margaret died in Nov 1883. I only yesterday discovered that all three are buried in Common Ground in St. Peter's cemetery Dalbeth. Can anyone tell me if there are any gravestones in the common ground?

Lanarkshire / Re: Photos of Old Dalbeth Cemetery
« on: Monday 11 November 13 22:52 GMT (UK)  »
Do you know the lair number of your GGGfather? I maybe able to help you out with a the general area of his lair location as i have the lair numbers of all the surviving stones.


I was at Old Dalbeth on Friday 8/11/13 looking for the grave of my g g g gfather Neil Mechan (Meechen / Meechan / Michan etc!). d 24/05/1857 buried Dalbeth Cemetery. No sign of his grave but here's some photos extracted from a phone video I took at the time - apologies for the quality.

A very big thanks to Sarah & Trystan for coming to our show, and to all the roots chatters who came along to meet them. It was a really successful day just sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you all but I was running about all day ensuring things went smoothly.

Only 5 weeks till the show now, and it's going to be a great day. The event is now fully booked for stall holders with over 70 exhibitors. We cant wait to meet and welcome everyone especially Sarah & Trystan and all our fellow rootschatters. For the latest updates visit the shows website.
Also book your speakers ticket in advance if your wanting to hear them to avoid disappointment.

Gerry - Vice chairman LFHS

Lanarkshire / Re: Section 13 Dalbeth
« on: Saturday 20 July 13 09:09 BST (UK)  »
Regards to the West side there doesn't appear to be any difference in the cost of burials going by the many burial registers I've seen. I think like most cemeteries they have just filled it section by section. Other reasons could be that families where or if they could afford to bought several plots together for the purpose of being together once they had passed. There is a common burial area which is the land at the main road area of the cemetery, burials in this area are just listed as CG. Also the registers for the very early burials 1860's don't all show lair no's.
I'll send you a pm regards visiting Dalbeth.

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