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London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: George Crook - 1871 census
« on: Tuesday 28 December 04 16:43 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ray!

It's amazing what you can find by chance!

::) RG10 734 - this has got to be the most unreadable census record ever!  George Crook's name is also written between two others - Eliza Ann is Eliza Ann Crock.  Can't blame the transcribers though - if it hadn't already been done, I wouldn't have had a clue!  :D

They were living at 52 ????  in Camberwell.

John Splatt/Spratt, Head, 32, Unmarried,Commercial Clerk, Surrey Lambeth
Mary A Splatt/Spratt, Sister, 26, Unmarried, Housekeeper, Surrey Lambeth
Eliza Ann Crook, 44, Widowed, ???maker, Devon Kenn
Eliza J Dickenson(?), Cousin, 9, Scholar, Hagg??? Middlesex
George Crook, Cousin, 15, Commercial Clerk, Surrey Lambeth
Sarah David(?), Serv(?), 15, Servant, Stepney(?)

There are a few question marks in there I know, but it's definitely them!

Hope this helps!

Regards, Emma  ;)

Hi Kris,

Thanks for your help!  All this stems from a visit to Wickhambrook when I saw Adolphus Bertie Edgley on the war memorial there (Major G wasn't though...)
I've been in contact with my 6th cousin :o for the first time today and he told me about Major G.  So, I know where they were born, and I know where both of them are now, but I want to know what happened in between!  I think they would have been my first cousins, three times removed, so not that distant really!! :D

Emma ;)


I am looking to tie up some family information.  According to Commonwealth War Grave records, Adolphus Bertie Edgley (c1891) was born to James Edgley and Betsey Jane Shave from Wickhambrook. 
I have been told that he also had a brother called Major Gaskoin Edgley.  He can be found on the 1891 census, aged 3 although his parents are James and Jane Edgley. ::)

Adolphus Bertie Edgley went to Australia in December 1911.  He joined the Australian Army in WW1 and was killed in action on 07/08/1915 in Turkey. :'(
Major Gaskoin Edgley joined the Suffolk Regiment in WW1 and was later killed in action on 16/05/1917 in France. :'(

The questions I want to answer is whether these two were brothers?  What happened to Adolphus after he moved to Australia?  Was he married?  Was Major Gaskoin Edgley married? 
They are difficult to find so if anyone can find any information on them, I'd be grateful!

Emma ;)

Hi Jan,

Richard Train is listed on the BMD as marrying Susannah Pinder in the Quarter of March 1879 in Driffield.

Volume 9d, Page 399

On the 1871 census, Susannah Pinder is listed as follows:

Henry Heron, Head, 69, Hornsea, Farmer of 106(?) acres of land employing 2 men
Ann Heron, Wife, 71, Skipsea, Farmer's Wife
Henry Hart, Servant, 23, Norfolk, Farm Labourer
Susannah Pinder, Servant, 15, Beeford Yorkshire, General Domestic Servant

Susannah Train died aged 35, in the quarter of June 1891 in Sculcoates.
Volume 9d Page 193

That is all I can find at the moment!  :D

Regards, Emma  ;)

Worcestershire Lookup Requests / Re: Anthony
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 21:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Yvonne,

I've listed all the info I could find!  :D

In 1901:

Thomas Anthon(e)y, Head, 69, Powick Worcestershire, Farm Labourer
Mary Ann Anthon(e)y, Wife, 59, St Johns Worcestershire
Kate Anthon(e)y, Daughter, 16, Hallow Worcestershire
Alfred Charles Anthon(e)y, Son, 13, Hallow Worcestershire

Living at Martley Road, Hallow

Benjamin Anthony, Head, 29, Holt Worcestershire, Boot & Shoe Maker(?), Working at home
Clara A Anthony, Wife, 25, Barnsbury London
James Anthony, Son, 1, Sutton Surrey

They were living at 2 William Road, Sutton, Surrey.

In 1891:

Thomas Anthony, Head, 57, Powick Worcestershire, Ag Lab
Mary Anthony, Wife, 48, St Johns Worcestershire
Annie Anthony, Daughter, 14, Hallow Worcestershire
Edith Anthony, Daughter, 9, Hallow Worcestershire
Kate Anthony, Daughter, 6, Hallow Worcestershire
Alfred C Anthony, Son, 3, Hallow Worcestershire

They were living at Martley Road, Hallow

Have absolutely no idea where Benjamin is! Would he have gone into the services?

In 1881:

Thomas Anthony, Head, 47, Bransford Worcestershire, Farm Lab
Mary A Anthony, Wife, 37, Broadheath Hallow
Mary Anthony, Daughter, 15, Broadheath Hallow
George T Anthony, Son, 11, Holt
Benjamin Anthony, Son, 8, Holt
Alice Anthony, Daughter, 6, Kenswick Worcestershire
Annie Anthony, Daughter, 1, Ashfields Hollow
Emily Anthony, Daughter, 4 (or 4 mths?), Ashfields Hollow

They were living in Hallow

In 1871:

Thomas Anthony, Head, 38, Powick (?) Worcestershire, Labourer
Mary Anthony, Wife, 28, St John Worcestershire
Mary Anthony, Daughter, 5, Hallow Worcestershire
Elizabeth Anthony, Daughter, 3, Hallow Worcestershire
George Anthony, Son, 1, Holt
Mary Callow, Lodger, 85, Holt

They were living at Castle Field, Holt

 :'( Thomas Anthony's death is listed on the BMD, aged 70 in the quarter of December 1902 in Martley.

Hope this will help you!

Regards, Emma ;)

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: William Henry BENNETT 1891 - 1901
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 19:05 GMT (UK)  »
Would he have had a sister called Mary A Bennett? Born around 1851?

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: William Henry BENNETT 1891 - 1901
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 19:00 GMT (UK)  »
Although, that said, this William Bennett actually appears on the 1901 census as an unmarried inmate of the Brighton Workhouse.  There's that illusion gone then!  I'll keep looking!

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: William Henry BENNETT 1891 - 1901
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 18:56 GMT (UK)  »

There is an unmarried William Bennett on the 1891 census although he is listed as being born in Brighton, Sussex.  He is living with Elizabeth Bennett (Widowed) and her family and is there as brother to the head of the family, although I think he would have been the brother of Elizabeth's husband...would your William Bennet have had a sister in law called Elizabeth?

In 1901, William Bennett aged 56 is listed as head of household and is married to a lady called Elizabeth...his sister in law perhaps?  :o Even if this isn't your William Bennett, it still makes a good story!

Regards, Emma

Staffordshire completed Look up Requests / Re: for mandy john hunts family
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 18:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi!  Had a bit of time on my hands! ::)

On the 1901 census:

John Hunt, Head, 60, Tipton Staffs, Corporation Road Labourer
Maria Hunt, Wife, 59, Fulbrook Oxfordshire
William Hunt, 27, Birmingham, Corporation Road Labourer
Ernest Hunt, Son, 24, Birmingham, Corporation Road Labourer
Charles Hunt, Son, 19, Birmingham, French Polisher

Living at 122 Ruston St, Ladywood, Birmingham
On the 1891 census:

John Hunt, Head, 50, Tipton Staffordshire, General Labourer
Maria Hunt, Wife, 49, Fulbrook Oxfordshire
Eliza Hunt, Daughter, 22, Haselor, French Polisher
William Thomas Hunt, Son, 17, Erdington Warwickshire, Moulder
Alice Hunt, Daughter, 14, Aston Warwickshire
Ernest Hunt, Son, 14, Aston Warwickshire, Errand Boy
George Hunt, Son, 11, Aston Warwickshire, Scholar
Charles Frederick Hunt, Son, 9, Birmingham Warwickshire, Scholar

Living in Ruston St, Ladywood, Birmingham

On the 1881 census:

John Hunt, Head, 40, Tipton Staffordshire, General Labourer
Maria Hunt, Wife, 39, Fulbrook Oxfordshire
Louisa Hunt, Daughter, 15, Taynton Oxfordshire, Polisher - Metal
Eliza Hunt, Daughter, 12, Haselor Oxfordshire, Scholar
Emily Hunt, Daughter, 10, Haselor Oxfordshire, Scholar
William T Hunt, Son, 7, Erdington Warwickshire, Scholar
Alice Ellen Hunt, Daughter, 4, Aston Warwickshire, Scholar
Ernest Hunt, Son, 4, Aston Warwickshire, Scholar
George Hunt, Son, 1, Aston Warwickshire

Living at 11 of 3 Easington Street, Birmingham

On the 1871 Census:

John Hunt, Head, 30, Labourer, Tipton Staffs
Maria Hunt, Wife, 29, Fulbrook Oxfordshire
Louisa Hunt, Daughter, 4, Tipton Staffs
Elizabeth Hunt, Daughter, 2 (twin), Haselor Warwickshire
Eliza Hunt, Daughter, 2 (twin), Haselor Warwickshire
Emily Hunt, Daughter, 7 mths, Haselor Warwickshire
Alfred Maisey, Boarder, 20, Labourer, Fulbrook Oxfordshire
Robert Maisey, Boarder, 20, Labourer, Fulbrook Oxfordshire

They were living at Farm Cottage, Old Stratford, Warks

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