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Staffordshire completed Look up Requests / Re: Thomas Patrick Kelly circa 1870
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 17:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jean,

I haven't found an Owen Kelly with Thomas Patrick Kelly as a father, but have found this family - could Thomas Patrick have changed his name?
Annie Kelly, 2 months, Newcastle, Staffordshire, England Daughter 
Catherine Kelly, 37, Newcastle Staffordshire, England Wife     
John Kelly, 40, Ireland, Head   
John Kelly, 9, Newcastle Staffordshire, England, Son   
Mary Kelly, 3, Newcastle Staffordshire, England, Daughter    
Owen Kelly, 7, Newcastle Staffordshire, England, Son   
Willie Kelly, 12, Newcastle, Staffordshire, England, Son 

They were living inNewcastle under Lyme  Staffordshire

It's a long shot, but you never know!

Regards, Emma :-\

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 Census Lookup - Coreley and Hope Baggott
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 17:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Dave,

At Brick House, Coreley were:

James Yapp, Head, 48, Farmer, Cleobury Mortimer (looks like that to me!)
Catherine Yapp, Wife, 50, Coreley
William Yapp, Son, 25, Farmer's Son, Hoplin ?
Sarah Minnie Yapp, Daughter, 19, Coreley
Vincent Arthur Yapp, Son, 16, Farmer's Son, Coreley
Catherine Elizabeth Yapp, Daughter, 12, Coreley
Sylvester Webb, Servant, 20, Coreley

Living at Pot House, Hope Baggot were:

Henry Millichamp, Head, 53, Farmer, Bitterley Ludlow
Mary Ann Millichamp, Wife, 47, Tenbury Coreley
Charles Herbert Millichamp, Son, 16, Hope Baggot Ludlow
Harriet Millichamp, Daughter, 14, Hope Baggot Ludlow
Mary Ann Millichamp, Daughter, 12, Hope Baggot Ludlow
Leonard Frederick Millichamp, Son, 10, Hope Baggot Ludlow

They were sharing Pot House with 3 members of the Powell family, 5 members of the Martin family and 3 members of the Smith family.

Hope this helps!

Regards, Emma ;)

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Re: Census info - Frederick Richard Kitto
« on: Sunday 26 December 04 17:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Freddy,

Can't seem to find a Frederick Kitto on the 1871 census in Cheshire, :'( but there was an Edward J Kitto born in Cornwall who was in the Royal Navy based in Cheshire.  Would there be any connection? :-\


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Tait's in Tweedmouth or Berwick
« on: Saturday 25 December 04 20:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Morna

You probably have this info already, but I'll leave it anyway.  From the 1871 census:

Peter Giles, 35, Head, Tweedmouth, Bricklayer
Alice Giles, 28, Wife, Tweedmouth
John Giles, 9, Son, Newcastle, Scholar
Benjamin Giles, Son, 7, Newcastle, Scholar
Thomas Giles, Son, 5, Newcastle, Scholar
Peter Giles, Son, 3, Newcastle
Graham Giles, Son, 1, Newcastle

They were living at 21 Tent Street, Gateshead.

I've looked at the BMD info and Pallot's marriage index but could find nothing on either marriage. ::)

Regards, Emma ;)

Completed Census Requests / Re: 1871 Census Look up please - Gibson
« on: Saturday 25 December 04 20:03 GMT (UK)  »
Also that Thomas Reid Gibson married Alice Evans in the quarter of March 1842 in South Shields...

Completed Census Requests / Re: 1871 Census Look up please - Gibson
« on: Saturday 25 December 04 19:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi K,

I found the following family on the 1871 census:

Alice Gibson, Head, 56, Durham South Shields
Thomas R Gibson, Son, 26, Durham South Shields, Shipwright
Henry E Gibson, Son, 22, Northumberland Blyth, Shipwright
Isabella Gibson, Daughter, 20, Northumberland Blyth

They were living at 28 Wilson (?) Street, Westoe, South Shields

Hope this helps!  ;)

Regards, Emma

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: George Crook - 1871 census
« on: Saturday 25 December 04 16:20 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ray,

Do you have any more info regarding Eliza Ann?  There is an Elizabeth Crook living in Lambeth on the 1871 census, although she is living alone.
If you could post some more info, it might be easier to find you some ancestors!

Regards, Emma :)

Kent Completed Lookup Requests / Re: 1901 look up by address please
« on: Saturday 25 December 04 16:12 GMT (UK)  »

Do you have any more info on the Slade that might have been living at the address?  If so, that might help!

Regards, Emma ;)

Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 Look up Please
« on: Friday 24 December 04 23:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jackie,

This is the info I've managed to find on the 1891 census:

James H Spreag, 42, Head, Birmingham Warks, B Cordwainer
Martha M Spreag, 32, Wife, Cheltenham
Albert H Spreag, 18, Son, Cheltenham, B Cordwainer
Martha E Spreag, 8, Daughter, Cheltenham
Walter G Spreag, 6, Son, Cheltenham
Dora E Spreag, 4, Daughter, Cheltenham

They were living at 15 St James Street, Cheltenham

Charles Spreag (family is listed as Spreay), 44, Head, Cheltenham, Stonemason
Elizabeth A Spreag, 47, Wife, Lancs
Minne E Spreag, 18, Daughter, Charlton Ring, Dressmakers Apprentice
Charles Spreag, 13, Son, Charlton Ring, Scholar
Maud (F?) Spreag, 11, Daughter, Charlton Ring, Scholar
Ida (K?) Spreag, 8, Daughter, Charlton Ring, Scholar
Arthur H Spreag, 7, Son, Charlton Ring, Scholar
Walter J Spreag, 3, Son, Charlton Ring

They were living in Charlton Ring, Gloucestershire.

Hope this help!

Regards, Emma  ;)

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