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Herefordshire Lookup Requests / Martha Page born Leominster 1839
« on: Wednesday 06 October 04 13:09 BST (UK)  »
Can any one Help  Please
Martha Page was born 13 Feb 1839

She married Ferdinand Thomas Leadbeater where and when not sure.
They were on the 1871 census in Birmingham area and they had her mother Mary living with them she was about 67.

By the 1881 census Martha was widowed with about 5 children one a little baby.

I believe William Page and Mary Wood were her parents they married Leominster 1838.
There was a death for William 1856 in Leominster. Also a death for Mary in Birmingham 1879 age 75 Mary was born Alcester.  Can anyone confirm this information for me or am I tracing the wrong family.

Kindest Regards Pam

« on: Wednesday 06 October 04 01:43 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Jake for your search for my ggrandmothers grave, l am greatful for the time and effort you put in on my behalf.  Kindest regards Pam

Thank you nicky this is a great help i cannot believe it. I had almost given up and you have given me all this information.   Many thanks it seems george and florence must have died.  No wonder I could not find Alice Louise  if she was known as Louie, my grandparents were very old  when I remember them Dad married at 39 and they were about 31 and 29, so everyone was old and they believed children should be seen and not heard.  Looking at 1901 the children are not in a hurry to leave home by their ages, kindest regards Pam

Can anyone Help me Please.
On the 1881 Census I have  widow Martha Leadbeater age 42  born Leominster Hereford I believe her maiden name is Page. of 99 Sherbourne street Children born balsall Heath.   Thomas 15
              William D 14
              Charles 12
               Stanley 8
               Alice Louise 5   {my grandmother}
                Alfred    3
                Florence age 2months.
So her Husband Thomas Ferdinand Leadbeater must have died 1880 1881 because of Florences age.
I would like to know where they were on the 1891 and 1901 census.  I was following a different Leadbeater family , with a father Thomas and daughter Alice till i got Alices biorth certificate.  Alice married Frederick Charles or Charles Frederick as he liked to be known on Christmas day 1904. I do not know where or when Thomas was born or died .
  1871 census   The Oakley family Richard age 63 at Seymour Street gardener born tewsbury.
Wife Elizabeth age 40   born Harthbury children  born Kings Norton      Helen age 8
                 Alfred age  6
                 Henry  age 4
on 1881  at 100 Sherbourne Street

all of the above  plus born Balsall Heath
                      Edwin age  9
                     Frederick age 7 [grandfather}
1891 still at Sherbourne Street Elizabeth age 59 widow  with Alfred age 27 Edwin age 19 and Charles age 17. I do  not know when Richard died he was born 1808 his farther was Richard and elizabeth was a Hemming father Joseph. Elizabeth has three different birth places but i think it is Harthbury Worcester.  The daughter Helen Amelia born 1862 i could not find but  lo and behold she turned up on Elizabeths death certificate in 1920 as a Willett.  May be they emigrated to Mars and only turn up for special occasions!!!. Richard was 53 widower when he married Elizabeth Hemming in 1862. Must have had another family also.  Many thanks i Hope this message is not to long new member here. Pam

Family History Beginners Board / Re: GenesReunited
« on: Sunday 03 October 04 13:19 BST (UK)  »
    Genes Reunited have been a great help to me a fairly new member.   This is my first look at  RootsChat and spotted someone offering to help about a cemetry.  So i quickly left a message.  I am trying to find my way around looks pretty good.  regards  Pam down-under

« on: Sunday 03 October 04 10:48 BST (UK)  »
hello Jake  Thanks for your offer, I do not have a plot number,  But my great great grandmother was Elizabeth Oakley nee Hemming widow of Richard. She died age 89 on the 20th june 1920 her death was registered on the 22nd of june 1920. If it is possible i would love all the information on the grave stone.  Everyone who can give me information has died including my parents.  Regards from down-under

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