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Please could I have a date on this CdV by Allan Ramsden?
He was an itinerant photographer of whom more detail and pictures of his 'photographic saloon' caravan here

I thought perhaps early 1870's?

The reverse of the carte shows manufacturers names Frewer & Evans, Newgate St., E.C.

I'd appreciate a date for this one please.

On the back of the CdV is a depiction of Beaumont Street in Hexham with the Queen's Hall on the right. The street was created in the mid-1860's and the Hall built in 1866. I wondered if the card was created shortly after that as a sort of commemoration of the building?

Any suggestions for date welcomed, please  :)

Could I please have a date for this CdV? My estimate was late 1860's - early 1870's  :-\

I have one other on the identical cardstock which was dated by Jim to early 1870's

The man appears to be wearing a long jacket with contrasting coloured trousers which Jim tells me was fashionable in the late 1860's  :-\

Any confirmation/ contradiction welcomed!

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Vignette style CdV for dating please
« on: Thursday 07 March 19 11:44 GMT (UK)  »
Please can I have a date for this rather nice CdV.

Sadly, in common with some others from the same group of CdV's this has been rather clumsily trimmed although I suspect that the top left corner retains the original rounding.

I have several other Gibsons with rounded corners which have been dated to mid-late 1860's, (see links on this thread )
which (with my meagre knowledge) is what I would have expected from the design on the reverse  :-\

Any advice appreciated as always.

I'd be grateful for some idea of the date of this CdV. I only have one other on this particular cardstock and that was dated to early 1870's.

My feeling is that he was a railway man - do you think I'm correct?

Is the curtain behind him artfully draped in order to conceal the base of the head restraint?

Thanks for any help  :)

Could I please have a date on this Cabinet Card? It's by the itinerant north of England photographer Allan Ramsden, of whom more on this thread

Many thanks for any help.

I'd love to have a date for this one please.

It's by Allan Ramsden, an itinerant photographer in the north of England see

Written in biro  >:( on the back it says 'Mr & Mrs Lumley. Butcher.' In pencil along the top it says 'Mrs Reed' I can see various Lumleys who were butchers, so a date might help me pin it down a bit more. Although it says Tow Law, it doesn't follow that they were resident there, since Ramsden plied his trade hither and yon in his caravan.

Any help in dating much appreciated  :D

I'd appreciate a date for this rather nice photo, please. As the back is divided I am assuming it post-dates 1902?

Given the address on the back I am pretty sure that it is of Hannah Jane Dodd who was living at 16 St Andrew's Road Hexham in 1901 and 1911. If I have the right person she was born c.1860.

I think the addressee must have been a Mary Ann Dodd, who was living at Halton East Farm in 1901 and 1911.

If one of the experts could pin down a more precise date I'd be most grateful.

Please could the experts give me a date for this photo? It is by the itinerant north country photographer Allan Ramsden.

I love the little girls in their matching outfits.

It is larger than carte de visite size, the mount is about 4" wide by 6" long.

Many thanks for any help  :)

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