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Armed Forces / Re: Grandfather was a Prisoner in Germany in World War1
« on: Thursday 23 December 21 20:09 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for reply

It's strange to think that my Grandfather and one of your rellies  could possibly sat together and had breakfast!!!! :)


Armed Forces / Re: Grandfather was a Prisoner in Germany in World War1
« on: Thursday 23 December 21 14:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ridgeback,

Regards to researching my Grandfathers POW record card how do I go about that?

Kindest regards


The international Red Cross POW Archives website is the place to look, link here:

You could also post your grandfathers name, regiment & number here on this thread & one of us may be able to help you locate his pow record.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards



Finally got around researching the RC POW Archives web site and did find my Grandfather's POW card (see attachments) I note that he was wounded (I assume gunshot) and then transported to Soltace??..

Anymore info you can glean from these records I would love to hear


 :) :)


Northamptonshire / Re: Which Cemetery in Northampton
« on: Tuesday 21 December 21 20:22 GMT (UK)  »
 :) :) :) :) To you

Northamptonshire / Re: Casknett & Jones Ltd (Shoe Factory)
« on: Tuesday 21 December 21 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
Same to you Sandy and thank you  :) :) :)

Northamptonshire / Re: Casknett & Jones Ltd (Shoe Factory)
« on: Wednesday 15 December 21 21:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hi David.

I have been pondering with Hubby on the firm you could mean as he was in the shoe trade
(we met at Barratts) and I think the only firm that came to mind straight away was
Crockett & Jones who had a factory in Perry Street.

As they started in business in the town of Northampton in the late 19th Century do you
think it could be them.


Evening Sandy

It just goes to prove that if you wait long enough (it's been nearly 8 years) that I can now confirm the answer you gave me then was right. My Great Grandfather did work for Crockett & Jones as per the obituary posted by Cuffie81, see attachment

David  :) :)

Northamptonshire / Re: Which Cemetery in Northampton
« on: Wednesday 15 December 21 17:58 GMT (UK)  »
I will list them anyway to go with the info cuffie81 kindly found and also in case anyone else is related.


Sandy it always amaze me the amount of knowledge and expertise you have on subjects relating to Northampton, it has certainly helped me with my Ancestry and I'm sure help many other Root Chatters too

Thanks again

David  :) :)

Northamptonshire / Re: Which Cemetery in Northampton
« on: Wednesday 15 December 21 17:53 GMT (UK)  »
It looks like the council may have removed the gravestones after they took over management of the cemetery.

When Billing Road Cemetery was big business
It [the cemetery] was taken over by Northampton Borough Council in 1959.
They [cemeteries] are an outdoor museum, a place for reflection and spiritual renewal in a tranquil setting. They are also expensive to maintain, and councils, always seeking to cut costs, see them as a drain on the public purse; and so they must be turned into “open space” (some would say a green desert) for cheap and easy upkeep.
If you visit Billing Road Cemetery today you will find very little of its former Victorian garden atmosphere, with only a few scattered monuments remaining to remind us of the love, care and respect with which the dead were treated by the Victorians.

Another article online has a photo of damage that occurred during WWII. Damage aside, part of the photo shows an undamaged area, showing how densely placed the graves were.

Memories of Northampton Past: IN MEMORY OF NORMAN AMOS 1933-2011...
One of the early memories was when the Luftwaffe decided to drop a stick of bombs on the cemetery on Billing Road.

Looking at the cemetery on Google Maps' satellite view, there appears to be very few remaining gravestones.

Google Maps: Billing Road Cemetery

There are a few newspaper references to the deaths and burials. An item for Edwin's funeral states the internment was at the "General Cemetery", which I presume means Billing Road Cemetery and was a reference to the company that owned the cemetery, General Cemetery Company.

Northampton Mercury
01 Apr 1904
page 8
In Memoriam
- March 26th, at 37, Stanhope Road,
- after a brief illness,
- Eunice,
- the beloved wife of Edward Smith,
- aged 66
- R.I.P.

Northampton Chronicle and Echo
21 Sep 1923
page 5
- on September 19th,
- at 101 Oliver Street, Northampton,
- Edwin,
- dearly-beloved husband of Sarah Elizabeth James
- After a short painful illness, at rest
- Aged 60 years
- Funeral, 11.15 am, tomorrow (Saturday),
- St Matthew's Church

Northampton Chronicle and Echo
25 Sep 1923
page 5
In Memoriam
- Mrs James and Sons and Relatives
- of the late Mr Edwin James
- wish to thank very sincerely all friends and his colleagues
- for the kind sympathy shown in their sad bereavement;
- also for the beautiful floral tributes sent

Northampton Chronicle and Echo
29 Sep 1923
page 4
The Late Mr Edwin James
[funeral of Edwin James; see attached]

Northampton Mercury
28 Sep 1923
page 12
Nottingham Order A.D.A.
At Northampton
- The half-yearly meeting of members of the
- Northamptonshire Provincial Grand Lodge
- of the United Order of Oddfellows
- was held in Abington Parish Buildings, Northampton,
- on Saturday evening
- The Late Bro. Burgess
- Prior to the business of the meeting, the
- Provincial Grand Master moved a vote of the
- condolence with the relatives of the late Bro T. P. Burgess.
- The lodge had lost two of its members by death of
- Bro. Burgess and Bro. Edwin James
- Both had been laid to rest that afternoon

EDIT: Straightened newspaper image

Thank you Cuffie81 for the research and hard work you must have put in to come up with so much detail, very much appreciated, it certainly has give me a lot more information of my Grandparents.

Kind regards

David  :) :)

Northamptonshire / Re: Which Cemetery in Northampton
« on: Wednesday 15 December 21 17:47 GMT (UK)  »
David if you would like the information from the Interment books I can type here for you for your listed family. Sandy


Thank you for the offer I would very much appreciate that if it's not to much trouble.


Northamptonshire / Re: Which Cemetery in Northampton
« on: Tuesday 14 December 21 10:33 GMT (UK)  »
Wow, Thank you all for the info a lot to digest and once I've sifted through it I'll get back to you.

Thanks again

David  :) :) :)

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