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I agree with RTL - this needs to be verified from the information you are certain of backwards to see if we can come up with the same answers as you.

RTL is best placed to look at areas south of the Tyne as she is closest to TWAS and Newcastle library whereas I can look at original parish records for Northumberland.

One thing I can confirm though is that an Edward Jobling married in Newcastle St. John's on 24th April 1814 but his bride's name was Isabella COXTON.  This information comes from the Northumberland marriage index.


Northumberland / Re: Ernerst William Hall 1906-1930
« on: Thursday 10 January 19 07:59 GMT (UK)  »
The coincidences of life!

Start a new thread and see what transpires  :)

I looked at Warkworth records today.  My plan was to check the earlier ones not covered by the bishops transcripts using an old book of transcriptions then find them in the actual registers - itís easier that way than trying to read the old records alone.  I did that and can say that there are a lot of Greys in Warkworth parish!

However, I didnít go further because I found a marriage in 1785 of James Innis to Anne Grey and this could well be the one baptised in 1760.  Unfortunately there is no way of proving this one way or another because these early records give so little information.  For now, I would put a question mark against her and cast around for another possible Ann.

Sorry not to have something more positive to report.


Northumberland / Re: Ernerst William Hall 1906-1930
« on: Wednesday 09 January 19 23:04 GMT (UK)  »
Good call on the directories RTL  :)

Woodhorn do not have every year but I looked at all those which might be relevant - all data from Kellyís directories

1925 - no mention of Hall in the commercial section
1929 - Hall, George and E. W. Bootmakers and repairers 64 Newgate Street
1934 - Hall, Geo. Boot Repairer 64 Newgate Street
1938 - Hall, Mary Ann (Mrs.) Boot repr. 64 Newgate Street

Unfortunately the commercial listings are by name rather than address so I wasnít able to find what 64 Newgate Street had been prior to the Halls taking it over but Iím thinking that perhaps it was an Electric shop

Hope you find this interesting


Good to know.  It's not primary evidence but useful when building up a case.

I agree the Warkworth Ann is a possible but you may have to check if she died young or married there.
FreeREG has the records under Grey/Gray

There are two burials for Ann Grey in the relevant timescale.  One daughter of Thomas of Hauxley who was baptised in 1782 and buried in 1784.
The other simply says 'of Acklington' which is where our potential Ann hails from.  However there was Ann baptised 1760 daughter of Robert and Ann baptised 1772 daughter of Roger - both from Acklington so no way of telling which Ann it was who died.

Freereg for Northumberland generally is transcribed from the bishop's transcripts which are only online from 1760 onwards and do have a gap or two.  I think it might be useful if I had a closer look at the PRs on Wednesday.


Northumberland / Re: Margaret PERCY or HOGG, 1832
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 00:13 GMT (UK)  »
She may have decided to call herself Hogg for some reason in later years (or her mother decided it) but the Tweedmouth baptism ties in with what you had already been told.


Northumberland / Re: Margaret PERCY or HOGG, 1832
« on: Sunday 06 January 19 00:02 GMT (UK)  »
According to freereg, which use the bishop's transcripts for Northumberland, Margaret Piercy was baptised as the illegitimate child of Robert Piercy and Mary Hogg, both of Spittal.  Not sure how the parish records would disprove this unless you search for her marriage.


Freereg also has a burial of an Ann Joblin age 53 buried 30th August 1813.  This would make her birth year 1760.

I'm also wondering whether they would have had grave stones.  There are monumental inscriptions for Tynemouth in Newcastle library though I don't know what period they cover.  If there is a record of a head stone then it might connect Edward to Ann.


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