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Northumberland / Re: Blyth History.
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 07:56 GMT (UK)  »
Welcome to rootschat, Rick.  Hope you enjoy it.


Northumberland / Re: Thomas Richardson abt 1804 Rothbury
« on: Friday 28 February 20 08:05 GMT (UK)  »
Everything ties in to it being the same couple but I would have thought that someone born 1798 would remember being in places prior to Rothbury.  I'd be inclined to see if I could find a death for this Thomas and a possible 'replacement' later.

There are another 4 girls not on your list.  Judging by all the locations they could be anywhere!

Northumberland / Re: Thomas Richardson abt 1804 Rothbury
« on: Thursday 27 February 20 18:31 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, same parents and parent detail.  Also same abode (Dibden). Born 17/1/1808 and baptised 3/4/1808.

When searching for Thomas I looked from 1800 to 1808 and found only William so I suspect that the couple arrived in Rothbury sometime before 3/4/1808 with a tribe consisting of 2 sons and 6 daughters (barring infant deaths).  It is possible that one of those sons was Thomas but not guaranteed.

Northumberland / Re: Thomas Richardson abt 1804 Rothbury
« on: Wednesday 26 February 20 23:16 GMT (UK)  »
Just a thought - the only Richardson I came across in Rothbury was a William born 1808 and he is shown as the third son.  I'm wondering whether Thomas could have been born elsewhere but only remembers being in Rothbury as a child.

Because it's during the Barrington years there is a lot of detail for William.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Lookup Request please for Christ Church North Shields
« on: Wednesday 26 February 20 19:02 GMT (UK)  »
Sadly we can also rule out baptisms at St. Peter, Wallsend.  None of them were there.  :-\


Northumberland / Re: Thomas Richardson abt 1804 Rothbury
« on: Wednesday 26 February 20 18:54 GMT (UK)  »
I couldn't find a Thomas Richardson baptised Rothbury in or around 1804 but I did look at the two baptisms for John Richardson in Ellingham in 1828 -

7/10/1827 John Thompson Richardson son of Ann Richardson single woman of Preston (John Thompson reputed father)

23/3/1828 John Richardson son of Thomas and Jane of Preston in this parish, Hind


Northumberland / Re: Orphanage is 1913 Newcastle
« on: Wednesday 26 February 20 18:46 GMT (UK)  »
Christine didn't find anything, unfortunately, but as I said before the records at the archives seem to be purely in relation to the 'naughty' boys rather than those referred from workhouses/orphanages.

According to Peter Higginbottom's Children's Homes website there are records at TWAS so it could be back to you, RTL  :D


I wondered that too but if so then that's TWAS and I haven't been there for years.  Never did like the walk up the hill from the station  ;D

Don't give up yet - ancestral hide and seek is the fun bit  ;D

Let me see if I can locate them in nearby parishes.

Where did you get the children's names from - I'm assuming census but you didn't say.


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