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Denbighshire / Re: Welsh Newspapers 1975
« on: Saturday 21 August 21 09:44 BST (UK)  »
Nowadays (I think) it would be Western Mail - mainly read by people in South Wales, and the Daily Post for North Wales.

Here is a list on Wikipedia - but presumably these don't list newspapers that have since ceased printing:

There would have been very small runs of newsletters and the like in small villages and towns too, often produced by chapels, in Welsh. Strangely enough, when we visited the library of FamilySearch in Salt Lake City years ago, I had a flick through a few - it was very odd seeing and reading Welsh in such an unlikely place.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 22nd August
« on: Wednesday 18 August 21 09:49 BST (UK)  »
We are still doing our Click and Collect for our groceries to get the majority of the shopping out of the way. Occasionally they will miss something (it was fresh basil last week), so we've been going into shops occasionally when they are at their quietest, and donning N95 masks.

So yesterday we went out early and went to Decathalon (a large sports shop). It was almost completely empty of people! I prodded an inflatable kayak and hit a punch bag (only to see a small sign above it saying that the punch bags were for display, and not for use), and checked out some waterproof coats. Sarah came out with a pair of waterproof walking shoes, and I just wished my feet were smaller, as they look very smart.

Sainsbury's car park was very empty so we went around there too. After we had got our shopping, we saw their cafe had a huge airspace and only a couple of customers in there. So we had a coffee in there. Our first time in a cafe since the beginning of Covid. It was very difficult drinking coffee through the masks, as they looked and worked like coffee filters so all we could taste was water (joke). But heh, it was worth it. We felt it was a really liberating experience.

Last week was my first time since before Covid that I went into a charity shop, and managed to buy a novel for 25 pence. Bargain.


England / Re: Help with Ogle
« on: Wednesday 18 August 21 09:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi Linda,

Welcome to RootsChat. It looks like you missed posting your message there, and just a quote from the previous post came up. To post a message, press the "Reply" button, then type your message, and then press "Post".

I hope you enjoy using RootsChat and get lots of help,

A "report to moderator" came through from Linda Wallace on this topic saying:
This Richard Ogle OBE is my Great grgrand

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: A single name on an old Welsh document!
« on: Saturday 14 August 21 09:20 BST (UK)  »
My initial reaction was "Margaret", only because it was a familiar name, but it doesn't look like it now I look at it.

I've taken the liberty of zooming in on the Son of .... and also doing a negative version too, in case it helps in any way at all.


Kent Lookup Requests / Re: M2 crash 5th July 1965
« on: Tuesday 03 August 21 08:55 BST (UK)  »
I've found details on the collision in The Times, the article was printed on July 20th 1965. It gives the Rochester coroner's report.

Your Robert, was "Robert Alfred John Knight", aged 29, a police constable at The Forland, Canterbury.

The collision was on July 4th (just before midnight). Deaths recorded as July 5th.

I've also found him on the Police Roll of Honour:

I've found him on the St Catherine's index in the registration district of Chatham.

I'm guessing that the grave of the other policeman that was killed (Robert Archibald Beattie, 41), is the one in Nackington churchyard, Kent.

I don't suppose I've added anything to your search really.


Wales / Re: Translation Welsh to English Please help!
« on: Tuesday 27 July 21 09:49 BST (UK)  »
In the memory of Gwenllian Bains,
Columbus, Ohio.

Gwenlian Bains was born in the year 1801 in Defynog village, Frycheiniog  [Brecon].

The name of her father was David Wiliams and the name of her mother Ann Powell, Penyfai, near to Trecastell.

Her parents lived for years on Cwmwysg farm and running the new shop [or newsagents] in Defynog village at the same time.

After some years the family moved from Defynog to Felin Aberbran near to the town of Aberhonddu and kept a store up-town since their arrival to this land.

Mr Williams and his wife had 13 children, 11 boys and 2 girls, but only three living now, Ebenezer, Benjamin and Thomas. The last two live in Radnor, Ohio.

Nottinghamshire / Re: Gedling Council has an online cemetery database
« on: Tuesday 20 July 21 09:40 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for letting us know the updated link.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 25th July 2021
« on: Monday 19 July 21 10:06 BST (UK)  »
Herd immunity, here we come?

I'm sure many new infections will result (helped of course by the footy the other week). Let's just hope that a new mutation doesn't result, but I expect that it "helps" (if that's the right word) that people get infected in a short space of time.

Ask an economist what we should do. Ask an epidemiologist what we should do. We would get two very different answers. Ask a pub landlord what we should do. Ask a bus driver what we should do. Different answers again. Possibly.

The thing is, we can choose to smoke or drink heavily, it's legal but it's not the best thing to do. We're told it can kill us. People make their choices.

We can eat too much and exercise too little. We are told that it will lead to a shorter life and long term health conditions. And yet, the majority of the nation ignore this and carry on regardless.

Every adult in this nation has been offered the vaccine. Two doses on the vaccine does a good job to keep people from dying from the virus. The group of people that were most likely to die from the virus has now largely been vaccinated.

The livelihoods of people have been wiped out.

It's a difficult balance, isn't it?

So we can choose not to be vaccinated, and go to nightclubs and mingle and party like it's 2021 if we want. In the same way, we can smoke, drink like a fish. We could even walk down the middle of the main road as we stagger home with our kebab at the end of the night.

We can also get double vaccinated, wait the requisite time for the vaccine to kick-in. We can go to the shops when it's a bit quiter, wear a mask if we want to. We can visit our friends, and be a bit sensible about it. We can go for a drive and avoid people staggering down the middle of the road with their kebabs. We will also be safe knowing that if we do catch covid, we are unlikely to die from it.

So I wouldn't call it an experiment. I would call it life.

It's down to us now.


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