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Flintshire Lookup Requests / Re: Charles CARRINGTON bap 1696 HAWARDEN?
« on: Monday 23 June 08 19:19 BST (UK)  »
realise that you posted this a while ago and maybe you have found the info below if not here it is
charles carrington, born 29 november 1696, ewloe hawarden, son of edward

Flintshire / Re: Mary Podmore Hawarden 1746
« on: Saturday 21 June 08 12:37 BST (UK)  »
witnesses for mary were robert griffith and esther thornton both signed x
there are a lot of gaps in the records, some 18 years some 12 and a lot of missing months in others. glad to have been of help

Flintshire / Re: Mary Podmore Hawarden 1746
« on: Friday 20 June 08 20:55 BST (UK)  »
Have been looking at records and found the following
William Podmore Broad Lane married twice, first married Mary Lee 16 Jan 1742, she died 22 Nov 1743 Broad Lane
William married a Margeret Jones at Broad Lane in 27 March 1744. she died 23 june 1776
Margeret, bap 24 Feb1744 (born before marriage) Mary's child???married wllm maylor 1764
Mary         --   24  Oct 1746 -married 26 dec 1766 wilm taylor, carpenter
William       --  11 may1750  this William married  Alice rhynolds, he was a farmer broad lane
Sarah        --  05 DEC 1753- married john edwards 8 dec 1776,  he was a  farmer
Richard       --  21 Nov 1759
John          --  11 jun  1764 married mary lewis 27 jan 1785 farmer with consent of guardians
All born at Broad Lane Ha warden

have two william podmores dying 1 william  died 27 jan 1784 described  as a  farmer from broad lane .
2 william podmore dying 14 oct only info died at broad lane ten months between father and son?

Hope this helps or did you have the info already.

Flintshire / Re mary powell
« on: Friday 20 June 08 19:53 BST (UK)  »
Have found a marriage for a
Mary Powell to Edward Peters collier, they married 30 Dec 1809 both came from the parish of Pentrobin
A Mary Powell married a Hugh Thornton Collier both Pentrobin Aug 1822
Another Mary Powell from Ewloe married Charles Roberts labourer, also from Ewloe 11 July 1829
So three mary powell's married  but only mary married 1829 is from ewloe.

Have searched the registers for the birth of Sarah 1808 plus or minus and have not found her. I have the hawarden records 1585-1830, will keep looking.

I am looking for the birth of Joseph Piercy who married Jane in 1726, his  father was also Joseph and his mother Lydia. despite having all the transcriptions no trace of his birth, or his fathers birth can I find, trouble is there is a gap of some 22 years where no records were kept due to negligence of church warden.

If you need me to look at anything would be pleased to do so
                         from wales

Flintshire / Re: Mary Podmore Hawarden 1746
« on: Thursday 19 June 08 19:43 BST (UK)  »
Have a Mary Powell born Ewloe Dec 1791 . father Samuel Powell, mother Jane Heyes, her father was a potter

Flintshire Lookup Requests / Re: Hawarden Parish Records- Abt. 1820-1823
« on: Thursday 19 June 08 17:41 BST (UK)  »
Have searched the parish records for John Connah born  about 1790-1793 found two as follows
1 John connah born 10 Oct 1790 Broughton Hawarden. father John Connah, mother Ann Hewitt, his father was a collier
2 John Connah born 15 mar 1793 Hawarden father Richard Connah mother Ann Jones, father was a collier
The only marriage for a John Connah and a Jane around 1800 onwards is 5 Sep 1803 in Hawarden but that is much to early for your John to have married.
Will keep searching

Flintshire / Offer Hawarden parish records
« on: Wednesday 18 June 08 23:54 BST (UK)  »
I have the parish records for hawarden 1585-1830 and would be glad to look up any birth marriage or death they contain.

For a LOOKUP REQUEST please start a NEW TOPIC on the Flintshire LOOKUP REQUESTS board.

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