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Census and Resource Discussion / Re: 1939 Register
« on: Monday 09 December 19 22:45 GMT (UK)  »
Chempat, you are correct.  She has been gone quite a while but as I mentioned to groom it was expensive to have the record opened.  I'm sure that will happen within this next year some time.

Census and Resource Discussion / Re: 1939 Register
« on: Monday 09 December 19 22:43 GMT (UK)  »
Craclyn, I will keep my eye open for2020 and hope for the best.
Thank you,

Census and Resource Discussion / Re: 1939 Register
« on: Monday 09 December 19 22:40 GMT (UK)  »
groom, she died in January 2000.  I didn't apply to have her record opened as it was quite expensive.  Since it was only 81 years since her birth I didn't expect it to be opened.  I've just been waiting anxiously for this 100th year to come.

Census and Resource Discussion / Re: 1939 Register
« on: Monday 09 December 19 20:52 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you groom.  I'm so anxious to find out what my Mom's occupation was in 1939 as it may explain some of the skills she had in later life.  She never talked about her early life and of course I never asked which is something I deeply regret now that she is gone. 

Census and Resource Discussion / 1939 Register
« on: Monday 09 December 19 19:36 GMT (UK)  »
After the 100 year requirement is finished for locked persons how long does it take for them to be unlocked.  My Mom was born November 19, 1919.  I don't have access to genealogical sites but in browsing them she seems to still be blocked.
Thank you for any help on this,

The Lighter Side / Re: Did your ancestors meet because of war?
« on: Monday 31 December 18 21:27 GMT (UK)  »
My Dad was a medic in the Canadian Army and was stationed near Brighton during WWII.  He met my Mom at a dance at the COOP in 1943 and they were married in 1945.  He was shipped back home after the war but my Mom had to wait almost a year to see him again as she was pregnant with me.  But in 1946 my Mom and I came to Canada on a troop ship with many other war brides and their children. If not for the war I know they would never have met.  The war brought them together and they had a long wonderful life together here in Canada.  Unfortunately my Mom never saw her own Mom again and was only able to visit England once in later years.

The Common Room / Re: 1939 Register look-up requests at TNA - post them here
« on: Sunday 08 November 15 15:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hello dawnsh,
I am grateful for your kind offer.  I would like to find out the address of my Grandmother.  Her name was Florence A. Marsh, born in 1888 and living in Portslade-by-Sea, U.D., Sussex in 1939.  The reference number is RG101/2526D/022/28.
I thought that she was living in Abinger Road but when I looked up that address she was not.  My Mom was living with her but she is officially closed although she died in 2000.
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

Wexford / Re: Henry Masterson Tomanoole Castledockrell Wexford
« on: Thursday 20 August 15 15:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi wexfordwanderer and chocolatebar,
Would you have any info on Henry's siblings or when his parents died?  We know his older brothers and sisters emigrated to Canada and that he was the youngest and stayed in Ireland.  I'd like to find out anything about their life in Ireland before they emigrated.

Also, does the name William Masterson ring a bell with you?  He married an Ellen Jordan in 1866 and they emigrated to the US c1867.  He is mentioned in an old letter my cousin has from 1867 and I'm trying to find out if and how he is related.

You both might know this already but the National Library of Ireland has recently posted Parish registers online that have been very helpful to me.

If you'd like more info on certain people let me know.  Hoping to hear from you,

Wexford / Re: Henry Masterson Tomanoole Castledockrell Wexford
« on: Tuesday 18 August 15 20:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi Chocolatebar,
Henry Masterson of Castledockrell, Tomanoule is a relative of ours and could be related to yours.  John Masterson and Elizabeth Byron (Bryon) had a son Henry, born c1842.  Our Henry married Eliza Pembroke (Pembrick) in 1864.  This Henry would therefore be too young to be your Ellen's father.

However, in the Griffith's Evaluation of 1853 there is a John (ours) and a Henry.  Brothers maybe??  They are the only Masterson's in Tomanoule at that time.

I'd love to hear if you have any further information.
Hope to hear from you,

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