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ShaunJ makes a good point, so that pushes this one up to post war but prior to
joining the Mancs. Regt.
His shoulder title says King's. (Liverpool Regt.)
As he's only showing his MM & 15/Star puts it at 1919 as the 14/15 Star was
awarded first.
They were in Brussels from 18/12/18 - 4/19.

Early 1917 the TF were re-organised & issued with 6 digit numbers as you can see from his
Gazette entry, add this to his MM ribbon & you have a post Sept. 1917 photo.

Not sure where you see a date stamp but this photo was taken after he received his MM ribbon.
You can see he's a Staffy in this one too.
MM ribbons were awarded in the field pretty soon after the event so taken sometime later
while in Divisional reserve.
You can also see he's got his post 1917 TF number.

OK he transferred to the 9th. Manchesters until May 1921 so this must
have been taken at that time hence the ribbons.
He would have been in the UK at the time as it's a British post card.
Could the reference to the birth be another child?

All a bit odd as the photo shows him as a Staff Sergeant not a Cpl.
Campaign Medals were awarded post war from around 1920-22.
More digging required.

The photo of her was taken around 1908-10 & superimposed onto the photo of him at time
of developing.
His photo was taken post war as he has his medal ribbons.
He has pen & paper in hand so probably sending the photo with the letter.
The 2nd. photo was taken 1920's.
What significance is 1915 apart from his overseas posting?

Re-reading his Pension record (Ancestry) gives 7y 197d towards his pension with no mention of
his post 1906 qualifying service.
He re-engaged in 1910 & again in 1914.
It looks like your interpretation is correct in that his previous service although broken counts towards
his final pension entitlement.
As you say although he has 21 years service he only qualifies for a 14 year full pension because of broken service.

The Common Room / Re: Which Sarah Elsom was she?
« on: Monday 03 August 20 12:43 BST (UK)  »
The signatures look a good match but Sarah's is completely different.

Bodice & hairstyle suggests mid - late 1860's.
Difficult to give an age to a painting as they tend to be complimentary
but I would say late teens - early 20's.
Thought she'd benefit from some rust removal.
Nothing fancy.

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