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Midlothian / Re: Dean Orphanage
« on: Yesterday at 20:12 »
Could she have worked at and lived in the Orphanage?

Antrim / Re: Descendant Search Suggestions
« on: Yesterday at 13:19 »
A headstone transcription from The Braid,
given that McCrea and Brown surnames are mentioned:

.    McCrea
St Patrick's Church of Ireland, Ballymarlow
McCrea Precious memories of a dear husband and father Horatio died 25th August 193 Also his daughter Elizabeth Brown died 17th May 1993 The Lord is my Shepherd [on flower holder] In loving memory of Betsy     

Either a different Horatio or, as is possible given the '193', the dates have been mis-transcribed.

Re newspaper finds, the British Newspapers Archive and/or FindMyPast.

Antrim / Re: Descendant Search Suggestions
« on: Yesterday at 10:24 »
There is a son's name mentioned in a local newspaper's sport pages, following Andrew McCrea's 1943 death.  You may already have same.

Andrew was apparently one of the best known sportsmen in the town, as well as a pigeon lover, and even in his later years, retained an interest in sport.

The son's birth:

The son is possibly same chap of a 1943 marriage in Ballymena area.

Derry (Londonderry) / Re: Moore of Drumachose
« on: Monday 14 June 21 17:39 BST (UK)  »
Perhaps go in the direction of my reply #76, and work through what I have posted.

As aghadowey has indicated, it was/is not uncommon was for stories to 'crossover' between families or even just others of same surname.

Importantly, for you, as you recall mention of Martha being a Maxwell, then the marriage in Belfast and birth in 1914, not 1913, in Garvagh, fit well for your Moore line. I would say occupation of Coachman then Car Driver is also a good fit.

The only poor fit, is that the Albert of the marriage, named his father as William John, when your story expected it to be another Albert. And given the ages of the Albert and Martha at the hotel in 1911, it is highly unlikely they would have had another child in 1913/14 (and no indication in records that they did).

Derry (Londonderry) / Re: Moore of Drumachose
« on: Monday 14 June 21 10:25 BST (UK)  »
It seems a photo postcard came up for sale at some point, of a motor in front of the Albert Moore Hotel, c1900s:

Tim Moore, where was your Albert Moore born in 1913? Not seeing a birth for him in Irish Civil Registration index.

Ah, birth was at Garvagh, 09 February 1914. Mother's maiden name Maxwell, father's occupation Car Driver:

His parents married in Belfast on 6th February 1913. Albert, aged 24, gave a Belfast address at time, and named his father as a William John Moore, a Carpenter, Martha Maxwell also gave a Belfast address:

Possibly same Albert lodging with a McMichael family in Garvagh at 1911:

with occupation Coachman, as was the Albert of the marriage.

The Albert of the marriage gave address as Halliday's Road. In 1911, there was a Moore family in same Road, with head William Moore, but he was listed as a French Polisher: and no-one named Albert in their household at 1901:

The Albert, with a wife Martha, of the hotel, was aged 50 in 1911

You can view and use the Valuation Revision Books at .

Family History Beginners Board / Re: J Tall
« on: Tuesday 08 June 21 22:15 BST (UK)  »
It's in the September 2nd and 30th, 1870, editions of the Chelmsford Chronicle.

Ireland / Re: Seaforde Down
« on: Monday 07 June 21 00:07 BST (UK)  »

Owen Hughes gave his address as 16 East Stewart Street when heading to USA in 1923, which matches Valuation Roll for 1920 :

Tenant Occupier

and Jessie was still there in 1925:

Tenant Occupier

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