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Durham Lookup Requests / COMPLETED - Help with a missing family in 1881
« on: Saturday 10 November 12 00:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All,

I've been looking at my first wife's family (Young) and have hit a bit of a snag. Thomas Henry Young married Mary Hannah Jenkins in 1902 at Darlington Register Office (I don't have the cert.)

The 1911 census shows Mary Hannah as being born Stockton on Tees c1878, and living with them was her widowed father David Jenkins a retired furnaceman born c1846 at Dowlas? Glamorganshire, Wales.

This family appear to be missing in the 1881 census on Familysearch and I would like your help, because there is no birth registration for Mary Hannah in that time frame.

I don't want to go further back into her family at the moment.


Durham / Completed - British Newspapers Look-Up please
« on: Thursday 11 October 12 23:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

Can anyone help with an entry in the Newcastle Courant of 15 March 1890. I believe there is a Cruddace entry, to be Corporals. I would like to know his first name or initial and the context of the article.

If the Shields Daily Gazette is included in the database, I would also like to know the circumstances for the entry of Maud Cruddace in their 9 Dec 1904 edition.

Many thanks,

Census and Resource Discussion / FindMyPast Newsletter
« on: Saturday 30 June 12 01:52 BST (UK)  »
Excerpt from their latest newsletter.

Last month we asked you 'In which year was William Plymouth baptised in Holbeton, Devon?' It turns out that this record had been incorrectly transcribed and William's last name is actually Fetball – sorry William! We've corrected this but it meant that you couldn't find the correct answer – apologies for the confusion

Can anyone explain, preferably from FindMyPast  >:( , how Fetball was transcribed as Plymouth, and why they didn't include a copy of the entry to show how the mistake was possible.

My assumption is that their records are completely unreliable  ::)


The Common Room / Is this my breakthrough moment?
« on: Thursday 10 May 12 01:27 BST (UK)  »
I might have hit on something and am posting it before I forget  ::)

The big mystery in my research surrounds the birth of my Gt Grandad which was registered in 1852 at Ovenden, Halifax, as John Crudace born 31 Aug 1852, son of Elizabeth Bainbridge of Nursery Lane, Ovenden. Then John Crudace Bainbridge surfaces in 1861 as John Crudace age 9 (not 8 ?) as Grandson of James and Mary Crudace in Bishopton, County Durham. Subsequent census entries confirm his birthplace as Halifax, so I know I have the right John Crudace/Cruddace, but who is this Elizabeth Bainbridge?

Problems - His Granddad James married Mary Bainbridge and their first child was Elizabeth born a few months before they married and she was baptised as Bessie Bainbridge. She was raised as a Cruddace so would she be likely to revert to Bainbridge especially as she had earlier had an illegitimate daughter baptised in Bishopton.

Another suspect for his mother was Bessy Bainbridge of Bishopton, but she was getting on a bit (about 48) when John was born, and housekeeper of the local vicar Thomas Burton Holgate.

She was discounted almost immediately, for obvious reasons, but I've just been checking Historical Directories to see if there was a street directory for Ovenden and noticed that the Master and Matron of Halifax Union Workhouse were Mr Benj. & Mrs Holgate.

Could this be the connection I'm looking for?

Too late for me to look now but at least I have recorded it  ;D


Hi all,

The NBI 3 shows a burial in Sedgefield, Sept 1887, of Thomas Cruddace age 76, and the GRO Index confirms name and age. However, I can't seem to find a likely candidate in any census index search.

Can anyone find him?


Northumberland / 1909 Burial, could it be Whitley Bay?
« on: Friday 24 February 12 01:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I am trying to locate the burial of my Great Uncle Charles Henry Cruddace who died 28.1.1909 at Blencathra Sanatorium, Threlkeld, aged 29.

His last known address was in Gateshead but he isn't buried there, nor is he buried in the local Church of Threlkeld, St Mary's, so now I'm grasping at straws. His official next of kin would be his step-mother who by then had probably moved to Whitley Bay from Gateshead.

Would anyone be able to help by checking death notices in the local papers?


Durham / COMPLETED Thanks - 1901 Gateshead address
« on: Wednesday 22 February 12 23:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Could anyone please let me know who was living at 3 Tynevale Terrace, Gateshead, and any occupations in 1901.
This is the address where my GGrandad died the following year. In 1901 the family were living at East Boldon but I suspect this was a temporary address connected with his work as a Clerk for NER.


Durham / COMPLETED Thanks - Gateshead Address c1907
« on: Thursday 16 February 12 02:50 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I've been looking at historical maps of Gateshead but can't find Burt Terrace. If anyone can find it through census details I would appreciate it.

I am tracing my grandad's brother to try and find his burial and 59 Burt Terrace was his last known address. He died of TB at Blencathra Sanatorium in Cumberland in January 1909 and his admission record in Oct 1907 (and death cert) gives that as his address.

Gateshead have been extremely helpful but haven't found his burial record, nor have the records of the local Church for Blencathra.

He wasn't married so I'm wondering what sort of address he was living at. Was he still with his family or just lodging there?

Does the 1901 census give a clue as to occupation?

Appreciative of any help,

The Common Room / Can you find Elizabeth?
« on: Monday 10 October 11 01:41 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

When I had a subscription to A*** I couldn't find Elizabeth Crudace after 1851, so I would like to throw it open to you.  :)

There are a few complications to her story which might have distracted me, so I'll give the basic relevant details. She was baptised 9.9.1823 at Great Ayton, North Riding Yorks., her mother's parent's Parish, but her parents lived at Bishopton in County Durham where she was raised.

In 1841 she is Elizabeth Crudace, a female servant at Whin House, Embleton, aged 15+
In 1842 she gave birth to illegitimate daughter Ann Cruddace at Bishopton, who was raised as the daughter of Elizabeth's parents.
In 1851 she was Elizabeth Cruddice, an unmarried 28 year old servant in Stockton-on-Tees, born Yorks. Ayton.

This is the last known sighting of her, and the reason I have posted in the Common Room is that there was a Peter Crudace living in Stockton-on Tees, with the same trade as Elizabeth's father (Carpenter and Joiner), who emigrated to Australia in 1853. It seems obvious that they must be related but I haven't been able to connect this Peter to Elizabeth's family.

Over to you Please  :-* :-*

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