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Kent Completed Lookup Requests / Marriage Question ?
« on: Tuesday 26 February 08 00:37 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me if Marriages prior to 1837 have the parents listed?

If not, how does one prove parentage?

I am looking at and old look up that someone supplied for me and it has the witnesses listed but not the parents names.



Lancashire / 1891 Census Help - William & Esther SHEPLEY
« on: Saturday 22 December 07 15:02 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if someone could give me the details of the 1891 census for the following family.  The info is missing from Ancestry.  (Same thing happened to William's brother)


RG11/4083, Folio 4, Page 2
9 Kenworthy Street, Oldham Above Town, Oldham, Lancashire, England

William Hy. Shepley, Head, Mar, 30, Operative Cotton Spinner, Oldham, Lancashire
Esther Shepley, Wife, Mar, 30, Oldham, Lancashire
Mary C. Shepley, Daur, 3, Oldham, Lancashire
Leah B. Shepley, Daur, 1, Oldham, Lancashire
Leah Buckley, Sister-in-law, Unm, 18, Cotton Weaver, Oldham, Lancashire


RG13/3820, Folio 20, Page 32
62 Nugget Street, Oldham, Above Town, Oldham, Lancashire, England

William H Shepley, Head, Mar, 50, Commission Agent, Oldham, Lancashire
Esther Shepley, Wife, Mar, 50, Oldham, Lancashire
Mary Shepley, Daur, S, 23, Hat Milliner Shopkeeper, Oldham, Lancashire 
Leah B Shepley, Daur, S, 21, Dressmaker, Oldham, Lancashire
Leah Buckley, Sister-in-law, S, 38, Clerk, Oldham, Lancashire

Thank you,

Hi All,

I'm trying to locate Isaiah & Emma SHEPLEY on the 1891 census but without luck.  If I could find Manchester Road on the census, I may be able to go through the images and find them.  It must be a transcription error.


RG11/4073, Folio 7, Page 8
86 Manchester Rd, Oldham Below Town, Oldham, Lancashire

Isaiah Shepley    Head Mar 42 Warehouse Man   Rosebury, Lancashire 
Emma Shepley    Wife Mar   29 Reeler - Cotton Mill Salford, Lancashire
RG13/3810, Folio 94, Page 58
98 Manchester Rd., Oldham Below Town, Oldham, Lancashire

Isaiah Shepley   Head M 62 Yarn Maker Oldham, Lancashire
Emma Shepley   Wife M 49   Yarn Reeler Salford, Lancashire

Emma's maiden name was Wilkinson.  Any help greatly appreciated.



I was wondering if anyone had access to the Sittingbourne Parish Registers that may be able to look-up a death for me:

Ann Fletcher, Jan-Mar 1847, Milton  (maiden name may be Daughton?)

Ann's son William was living in Sittingbourne at the time and I suspect that she had gone to live with him after her husbands death.  Her husband was William Fletcher of Maidstone.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Especially if her maiden name could be confirmed.

Thank you,

Canada / How I Made My Search Through Passenger Lists A Little Smaller
« on: Sunday 15 April 07 00:03 BST (UK)  »
I don't know if anyone has posted this before but I thought I would let you know how I made my search a little smaller when looking for two different ships with family members.  I found them both using this method in one day.

This search worked for me because I knew the general time period my families left England and this time period fell within certain indexes on the below mentioned websites.  (I think it will work for 1890-1922)

I went to and did a search in their 1890-1960 passenger lists.  I listed all the possibilities with the year, departure port & arrival port.

Then I went to the Library & Archives of Canada website and did a search for ships leaving the selected port and arrival port in the year you wish to search.  This will give you a list of the possible ships your family was on.  Write down the different ships names.  (

Go back to and do the same index search as before but now add the ships name.  Keep trying with different ships names till you come up with the entry you are looking for.  You have now pinpointed the name of the ship when you find the entry.

Again, go back to the Library & Archives of Canada and fill in the data with the ships name added this time.  If you are lucky, you may now only have 5 to 10 ships to search through rather than 100's.

Good Luck.  I hope this works for you :)


Lancashire / Harriet Attwater & Charles Harrison Married 1922
« on: Thursday 18 January 07 00:44 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering if there is any way to find out if Harriet ATTWATER was married prior to her marriage to Charles HARRISON in Q1, 1922, West Derby?  (Without ordering the marriage certificate)

Harriet may have been born Harriet Yates TITHERINGTON and if so, married Bertie ATTWATER in May of 1917, West Derby.  Sadly, Bertie died in WW1 and I am trying to trace this family line.

Thank you,

Aberdeenshire Lookup Requests / Gibb Family - Looking for any info Please / New Update
« on: Saturday 23 December 06 00:34 GMT (UK)  »
Hello everyone,

My grandfathers brother married Elizabeth GIBB in Canada.  She was born in Fraserburgh in about 1888 to James GIBB and Mary MILL or MILNE.

I am looking for any information about this family as I know nothing.  The parents names and birth year come from the Marriage registration which took place in Toronto, Ontario in 1915.  Any census information would be appreciated as I am trying to see when Elizabeth immigrated to Canada and if she came with family or possibly alone.

Thank you,

New Info:

Looks like Elizabeth had at least two brothers that also immigrated to Canada:

George Dick GIBB born about 1881 in Fraserburgh
James Reid GIBB born about 1890 in Aberdeen.

Both these brothers have MILNE listed as their mothers maiden name.

I hope this added information may be able to help pinpoint this family. 

Thank you,

One Name Studies: A to G / ATTWATER, ATWATER, ATTWATERS, ATWATERS & Variations
« on: Saturday 09 December 06 21:29 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you for taking the time to look at my posting.  I have chosen to undertake the vast task of starting a One Name Study on the Surname of ATTWATER & Variations.  I am hoping to be able to extend my family tree as well as help others that are researching this surname.

Data Bases Available For Lookups Include:

England:  Births, Marriages & Deaths:  Some Prior to 1837
England:  Births, Marriages & Deaths:  1837 to 1950
1841 Census of England:  Complete
1851 Census of England:  Working On It

If you happen to find a transcription with this surname or variations, I appreciate any donations.  At present I am working on England but plan to expand world wide eventually.

Do you know of a store, street or City named ATTWATER?  (Or any other thing?)  I'd like to know the details for an interesting fact section of my One Name Study.

Finally, If you have the ATTWATER surname in your tree, I'd love to hear from you.  I will do my best to try to help answer your questions and extend your family tree.

Nancy Attwater

P.S.:  As data bases become available, I will update this post with the details.

Kent Lookup Requests / Borden or Iwade Parish Chest
« on: Sunday 12 November 06 17:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All,

Would anyone have access to Parish Chest information for Borden, Kent or Iwade, Kent?  I am looking for further information about my GG grandfather.  He was born out of wedlock and was baptised in Borden on December 23, 1804.

Marshal son of Sophia Atwater

On all census (1851 to 1881), Marshal has listed that he was born in Iwade so it is quite possible that he was born there and baptised in Borden.

Surname variations include ATWATER, ATTWATER & HATWATER

Any help is greatly appreciated.   :-*

Nancy Attwater

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