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Hi Hibee,

Just a quick play around with PaintShop while I had 5 mins, just to show something can be done.
Hope this helps.
I'll see if I can do more when I have more time.



This is amazing!
I don't know how you do it but thanks again for the help, much appreciated.
I shall be searching again tomorrow night with renewed vigor, but for now I have to get some sleep, early start in the morning :(


Jane - thanks, these look like good possibilities.
I have only been at this for a couple of weeks and have been searching all the free sites I can find and piecing together the various bits one site will let you see with bits from other sites.
I am considering subscribing, but I'm unsure as to which sites have the best coverage vs value for money.
Any advice welcome.


Thanks CaroleW, That's excellent!

This is definately them, John T's marriage cert has William as a furnace man and his age fits with the birth record in Rotherham I have found.

I have seen the BMD record of his marriage to either Mary Godley or Mary Emma Middleton. I found some other record that led me to belive it was Mary Emma Middleton (cannot remember now why) and have since found records of one been born in Sheffield and one in Rotherham.

Looks like I was heading in the wrong direction with her, I will have to search again for births in whilwell/Whitwell.

Re: 1901, I have record of William's Death in Q1 1903, wonder where he was in 1901?

Thanks again for that, I have some new leads to chase now.



I am trying to find my GrtGrandfather John Thomas TOMLINSON, b. 1880/1 probably in Sheffield.
I have a copy of the certificate for his marriage to Constance Ruth PERCIVAL, Sept 1902, this gives his father's name as William Parkin TOMLINSON, and they are living in Carbrook, Sheffield.
One of the witnesses is a Nellie TOMLINSON. I am assuming this could be either his sister or his mother.
I think I have found a record of his birth in Sheffield, but I cannot find him in the Census records.
If anyone can find Nellie and see where/who she is living with, this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I think I may have found GrtGrtGrandfather William Parkin TOMLINSON's birth, Q4 1857 in Rotherham (there aren't many with Parkin as a middle name) but the only possible match I can find in the census is in 1861 census - he is possibly with parents in Carbrook but his age is recorded as 5 and was born in Brightside, Yorkshire.
I know that Brightside is on the border of Sheffield/Rotherham, has anybody heard of anybody being registered as born in rotherham but in the census records as being born in Brightside?


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