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Irish Language / Gaeilge
« on: Sunday 05 June 05 23:14 BST (UK)  »
       :)Tá an suíomh seo uaigneach go leor fós; mar sin, táim ag cur cúpla focal isteach : an bhfuil éinne eile amuigh ansin le hábhar a a phlé ?

Tyrone / Re: Passenger lists from ireland to England
« on: Monday 29 November 04 22:13 GMT (UK)  »
Like some of my lot, your great-grandparents may have actually set out for US/Canada,  VIA   Liverpool, and stopped-off at Liverpool/Birkenhead...and settled there.

    "Handbook on Irish Genealogy"   by Dónal Begley.....     
        ( Heraldic  Artists Ltd) :

This gives a copy of some lists, and mentions that some shipping lines' own lists survive in the British Museum. There are also some lists in the National Archives, Washington, and US papers/periodicals.

Occupation Interests / Re: What is the most interesting occupation in you family tree?
« on: Wednesday 17 November 04 00:26 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks, Suey...Just wondered. The only local Sturgeon I could find (1850s) was a land-steward, but he was listed as "living in England"...which doesn't help much.   Don't suppose any of yours were  'absentee landlords(or stewards)'...?
                                             Mike W.

Occupation Interests / Re: What is the most interesting occupation in you family tree?
« on: Tuesday 16 November 04 20:20 GMT (UK)  »
Now, that's what I call "labouring the point" !

(Sorry - couldn't resist.......only joking!)

By the way -I notice the name Sturgeon among the list below : Any info on this ? I had a Sturgeon relative in Ireland...but can't be found.

Most interesting site I've come across in ages !
My lot includes :    Farmer
                             Master Carpenter
                             Train Driver
                             Bus Driver
                             Car-man (before Motors)
                             Nailer (Nail-smith)
                             US soldier

   Versatile, weren't we !  

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