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Wiltshire Lookup Requests / Re: Mary PIKE of Ramsbury
« on: Wednesday 28 September 11 16:07 BST (UK)  »
Thanks. No, I haven't found her in the censuses. The only one that comes up in Ramsbury when I search IGI is Mary Anne Pike (buried 16 Jun 1833). This is one of Mary's daughters (b. 1816).
Cheers, Dizzy

Wiltshire Lookup Requests / Mary PIKE of Ramsbury
« on: Tuesday 27 September 11 20:30 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone in a position to look up the death of Mary Pike of Ramsbury? All I know about her is that her maiden name was Wall and that she married John Pike in Ramsbury on 6 April 1806. I haven't found her own christening - when I was down at Wiltshire Archives some time ago I found that there were no Wall christenings in the parish. All her five children, however, were christened there between 1807 and 1816. I can't find her death on IGI or NBI (not surprising, because NBI doesn't cover Ramsbury) or post 1837 records. So presumably only the parish registers will help, and I'm a long way away from Wiltshire! ::)

Wiltshire / Re: Wiltshire Online Parish Clerks
« on: Tuesday 27 September 11 20:11 BST (UK)  »
I managed to get on to the site earlier this evening, but it won't let me now - keeps saying 'The website declined to show this webpage'. I don't live in the county, I'm afraid, but I'm interested in Ramsbury to which I have traced two completely separate lines of my tree! I have some photos which I'd be happy to upload and would be interested, possibly, in volunteering to do some transcribing.....

Berkshire / Re: Accidental drowning at Padworth
« on: Monday 26 September 11 19:50 BST (UK)  »
PS - have you made any progress heading back in time beyond Daniel Cheeseman, c. 1710, who died in West Ilsley in January 1779? I've been wondering whether he is the Daniel Cheesmund who was christened in Ramsbury, Wiltshire in 1710, the son of Stephen Cheesmund and Frances Phillups. The dates match and this Daniel's siblings include a Stephen, a William, a Martha and a Jonathan, names which recur in the next few generations of the Cheeseman line in West Ilsley / Beenham. The Daniel Cheesmund of Ramsbury disappears without trace in that county. It is only 17 miles from West Ilsley. And there's another tantalising link between the Ramsbury Cheesemans and our lot: one of Daniel Cheesmund's brothers was a Joseph Cheeseman was born in Ramsbury in 1703 and dies in Beedon, Berks in 1780.  Unlike Joseph, his father and siblings all seem to be recorded as Cheesemunds.

Berkshire / Re: Accidental drowning at Padworth
« on: Monday 26 September 11 19:03 BST (UK)  »
Hello. I've gone back to my notes and this was my reasoning at the time:

I looked up the Beenham registers at the archives in Reading and found the following:

   John   s/o  Charles & Elizabeth Cheeseman  lab   b. Nov. 22

Unlike all the other christenings, there was no date given for this having happened. So I wondered whether the vicar was simply recording this birth on hearsay and had got the name wrong, because the census returns record a Jesse who was born in 1827, but not a John.

There are two Jonathans, of course. The first died a year or so before the second was born.

Lot was christened Lot and is Lot in the earliest censuses he features in. I reckon he styled himself 'Charles' after his marriage and he is C.L thereafter. After all, it would be a cruel lot for his wife - to be known as Lot's wife - with all the inevitable jokes about pillars of salt!

I am descended from his first marriage - to Emma Hamlyn. I've just received Lot's death certificate, by the way, and can send you a scan of it if you like. Emma Hamlyn's a bit of mystery. She is the daughter of William Hamlyn, butcher. I've found her christening, I think - 8 Feb 1835 at St Botolph Bishopsgate, and she is in the Shoreditch Nursery for Poor Children in 1841. At any rate, this child's father is a butcher at Seven Dials (featured in Charles Dickens, Sketches by Boz). The father, William Hamlyn is listed as a butcher at that address in Pigot's Directory of 1839. He then turns up in 1841 in the St Giles' Workhouse, where he died in 1843. He is not born in the county, and I've found it impossible to trace where he came from originally. I'd love to know - it remains one of my biggest blocks!

Best wishes,

Berkshire / Re: Accidental drowning at Padworth
« on: Monday 26 September 11 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Sarah Bedford, daughter of George & Mary Bedford. IGI states that she married John Mongar in 1768, whereas according to the transcriptions in the Berkshire County Record Office, she married him in 1788, which makes sense because the first child is born that year. NBI has her burial in Jan 1837 aged 76, which would give her a date of birth around 1761.

I have only 8 children (Thomas, Joel, John (Jesse), William, Jonathan, Jonathan, Stephen Jonas and Lot) for Charles Cheeseman and Elizabeth Monger. The family story is that they had 7 sons, and that my ancestor was the youngest, and Elizabeth said when he was born 'that's the lot' - which is why he was called Lot!

Berkshire / Re: Accidental drowning at Padworth
« on: Sunday 25 September 11 16:44 BST (UK)  »
Thank you very much for this very useful additional information. I notice there's a Towney lock, as well as a Padworth one. I think I'm going to have to find a time to go to Berkshire to look at the canal myself!

Ah yes, I have a George Millson in my tree - the husband of Christiana Cheeseman (1869), d of Charles Cheeseman (1829-1915) and granddaughter of Richard Cheeseman (1791). Christiana's great-grandfather, Richard Cheeseman (1751-1824) is my ancestor - father-in-law of Elizabeth Monger, the daughter of the John Monger who drowned in the canal opposite Towney.

Berkshire / Re: cheeseman of berkshire
« on: Thursday 22 September 11 12:08 BST (UK)  »
Sorry to join this discussion late. I've been working for some time on the Cheesemans of Beenham. I'm descended from Thomas King Cheeseman's grandfather, Charles Cheeseman (1798-1881), so can give you further background if you like. One interesting fact I can add respecting the family you're immediately concerned with is that Thomas King Cheeseman's elder brother Edward Enoch Cheeseman died at the Siege of Mafeking in January 1901. There is a brass plate commemorating him in Beenham Parish Church:

ON 8TH JAN. 1901

Berkshire / Accidental drowning at Padworth
« on: Thursday 22 September 11 11:12 BST (UK)  »
 I've just received the death certificate of my gggg grandfather, JOHN MONGER. It transpires that he accidentally drowned at Padworth at the age of 76 on 10 Dec 1842. I suppose that it is likely that this was in the Kennet & Avon canal. In 1841 he was living just up the road in Beenham, with his daughter's family (Cheesemans). Has anyone access to local newspapers for 1842/3? I suppose it is possible that this incident received a mention and I would love to know more.

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