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Renfrewshire / Re: Death circa 1883 Henerak Hansen
« on: Saturday 19 November 11 22:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Mo,

difficult to tell H Hanson's age on his marraige cert, however, it looked to me like 26. He married 1869.

So the death on board ship 1883 of a Hanson aged 39 sure fits. Wonder if it is him??


Renfrewshire / Re: Death circa 1883 Henerak Hansen
« on: Saturday 19 November 11 20:53 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for that Elaine,

yes I had much of that info. The Susan at the bottom of the list is my gran Susan Owen (nee Jamieson also Hansen or McMillan). the date of birth is out, she was born 1885.

The other Susan Hansen is Susan McMillan, the widow of Henerak Hansen (the seaman).

William John and Hendrick are 2 of the children of Henerak and Susan.

As I said previously elder Henerak is noted as Henry Hendry and maybe even Hendrick and Hansan/Hansen and Hanson all appear for the same people.



Renfrewshire / Death circa 1883 Henerak Hansen
« on: Thursday 17 November 11 15:41 GMT (UK)  »

In 1885 my grandmother was born in Greenock. I have her birth certificate. Gran was the daughter of James Jamieson and Susan McMillan.

On my grans birth certificate it has beside Susan McMillans name [ Widow of Henerak Hansen a Seaman who had died fully 2 years before]

I have viewed their marraige in Greenock 1869 on SP. I also viewed Susan McMillans death on SP.

Trouble is I cannot find a record of the death of Henerak and the spelling of the surname seems to change ie Hansen/Hansan/Hanson. At a guess he died around 1883.

any help appreciated

Tommy ;)

The Common Room / Thomas Clarke 1890
« on: Saturday 22 October 11 12:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi, here's hoping some one can help me with my search for my maternal grand father.

I have been building a family tree for a few years now. On my paternal side, things have gone well. Similarly on my maternal side, my mothers maternal side was fairly straightforward also :) What has stumped me completely is my mothers paternal side.

My mums dad (my grandad) was Thomas Clarke, born 18th Feb 1890 (the exact day of his birth may be out. Thomas, it seems was not born in Scotland-where he had settled and died in 1979, but most likely England, however, as two of his surviving children, my mum and Uncle did not know of the whereabouts of there fathers birth it may have been Wales or Ireland.

The only record from Scotlands People is his marraige to my gran at Glasgow in 1918. On their marraige certificate Thomas has noted his father as being William Clarke (Deceased), occupation Milk Salesman and his mother as Elizebeth Beaumont (Deceased).

I was in my twenties when grand father died and although a kind old man, he spoke little and perhaps because no one asked he never mentioned his past. I would really like to find out more and I have tried but with no luck.
I hope this will stimulate some interest. Many thanks in anticipation

Tommy Clarke Owen

Australia / Re: McPHAIL family
« on: Wednesday 12 October 11 05:59 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for that Kris.

 As it turns out I saw those documents yesterday through an Owen relation in the USA.

I see the wife's maiden name was Chapman and not Owen as I thought, however, as my grandfather was an Owen and born in Renton as was Bethia (and she has Owen in her name), I wondered what the connection was.

thanks again

Tommy  :)

Australia / McPHAIL family
« on: Tuesday 11 October 11 18:59 BST (UK)  »

 looking for any information please on a (*) born 1937/38 in Dunbartonshire Scotland. Emigrated to Queensland Australia with her father Robert McPhail and her mother Bethia Logan Owen McPhail in 1947/48

thanks in anticipation

Tommy Owen

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Stirlingshire / Re: Miller/Millar Lennoxtown
« on: Saturday 25 June 11 08:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ann,

I will do that. I also had a look at the census 1871 for a Hanna/h Miller in Campsie. There is one  but it stated her age as 32, she would have only been around 14 if she was Margarets mother!!


Stirlingshire / Re: Miller/Millar Lennoxtown
« on: Friday 24 June 11 17:58 BST (UK)  »

thanks for that. Yes I have seen the death cert, however, as I said on the marriage cert Margarets father was not noted but seems to be on her death cert?

I was more interested in trying to find out about Hannah.

kind regards

Tommy  :)

Stirlingshire / Miller/Millar Lennoxtown
« on: Thursday 23 June 11 07:47 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to learn a wee bit more on one of my great/great grandmothers. Hanna (Hannah) Miller. Probably born Ireland. Not sure when.

One of my great grandmothers was Margaret Miller born Campsie c 1842.

She married Robert Owens a Coal Miner, from Airdrie, in Lennoxtown according to the form of the Church of Scotland by a Thomas Morrs (Morris) Minister of Campsie in 1862. Margarets residence is given as Main St. Lennoxtown. Occupation. Printwork Hand.

On their marraige certificate Margaret mother is noted as Hanna Miller a Worsted Winder. There is no mention of a fathers name.

I had a look at the 1871 census, there is a Hanna Miller noted in Campsie and born in Ireland, however, her age given does not suggest she is Margarets mother.

Any help appreciated

Tommy Owen

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