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Australia / Re: George Willian Dixon
« on: Monday 12 July 21 13:46 BST (UK)  »
 - his parents were at "Gale Holm, Gosforth" in 1934

Are you sure he was "William"? I think he might have been George Wilfred Dixon:
 - and another reference with Wilfred.
The Reverend George Wilfred Dixon died in Gosforth in 1967.

Hi Jen,

MaggieK has not been on the site since 2015, so is unlikely to respond at this point.

On the bmd indexes (freebmd) I can see a Herbert Shepherd/Shephard   marrying a Laura Daly in 1920, Chelsea (London).  It looks like two children born, 1920 and 1922. Is this the woman you are looking for?

South Africa / Re: Albert Garland
« on: Thursday 01 July 21 13:04 BST (UK)  »
 in 1924 the Miners' Phthisis Board of Johannesburg was attempting to get in touch with Mrs Selina Garland, mother of the late Albert Garland, who they believed in 1916 was living in South Yardley Birmingham, and was 56.

Given that Albert Garland has Silicosis (aka Miners' Phthisis ) listed on his death record, this sounds like the right man. The date of 1916 might refer to when he signed up for WWI, giving his mother as next of kin.
 -in 1881, Albert E Garland born Bedminster, Somerset, is living with parents Edwin and Selina
 - by 1891 there are two younger siblings, Edith Mary Garland and William Ewart Gladstone Garland.

Edith Mary Garland married Frank Broomhall in Aston in 1905. One of their children was Betty Kate Broomhall and a relative has some information about that side of the family here:

Canada / Re: May Powell New Brunswick death
« on: Sunday 27 June 21 03:31 BST (UK)  »
According to James' death certificate, he is buried at RC Shediac Road.
 - and from this, one of their sons is buried at the same place.

I would presume May is most likely buried in a family plot. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an online index that covers all burials at this location and I can't work out who currently cares for this cemetery. - there are contact details here for someone with an offline index, or you might have some luck contacting a local library or genealogy group.

« on: Sunday 27 June 21 03:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi Paul,

Uniondale is a fairly small place, and I can't find any large institution there but there might have been something smaller organised connected to one of the churches in the area.

Do you know the religious affiliation of the family you're looking for?

United States of America / Re: David Allan - Theft of Books
« on: Saturday 26 June 21 08:39 BST (UK)  »
David Allen is listed here a couple times.
 - this definitely looks like him, a bookkeeper, born Ohio, two years served from 1897 to 1899
The full image has a full description including "whiskers worn" (a full beard in his case).
It also indicates he had served a term previously.

So he should have been out for the 1900 census, but quite possibly down as a boarder/lodger or even missed entirely if he was on the move at the time.

Canada / Re: A stamp on "Canadian arriving passengers" list ? GEAC or CBEAG??
« on: Friday 25 June 21 11:31 BST (UK)  »
CGEA, perhaps?
He didn't get the money, the claim would have been made by an agent who had organised his placement at the farm he went to on arrival.

Europe / Re: Helen Ruth Hamilton
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 06:45 BST (UK)  »
According to this she came to Italy at the request of Marco and Rosa Di Marchi to take over the nursing school. When travelling with them, she met Alfredo Corti, who she later married.
This site has many photographs of the extended Corti family including some of their children:

Europe / Re: France - Paul MONTE c1845-1855.
« on: Sunday 06 June 21 13:30 BST (UK)  »
The Paul Jean Hugues Monte found by Dave was born in La Rochelle, 22 April 1846, son of a Hugues Monte, whose profession I read as "menuisier ebeniste" - a cabinetmaker. - and go to page 42.

So probably not your man but could be worth looking to see if Hugues Monte had a brother Hyacinthe who was a mariner,

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