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England / Re: Looking for 2 VanToll's on honeymoon!
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 15:09 BST (UK)  »
Post Office London Directory (Small Edition), 1852

Henry Van Toll & Co, wine merchants, 23 St. Mary at Hill

What does Frank's birth certificate say - does it just give 'Henry Delmar' as a father?  You might also want to try finding his baptism record since there may be different information on that.

National Archives also has:
HO 1/31/1033
Naturalisation Papers: Van Toll, Henry Delmar, from Holland. Certificate 1033 issued 9 November 1849.

US Lookup Requests / Re: Bellew emigration from Salford to US?
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 14:42 BST (UK)  »
Some fun info for you from The Times:

The Times, Thursday, Mar 06, 1890; pg. 3; Issue 32952; col F
Mr Evelyn Bellew, a son of the late Mr Bellew, the well known public reader, gave a series of recitations on Tuesday afternoon for the first time in the Steinway-hall.  The debutant proved himself well-fitted to take up the profession of his father, to whom he  bears a close resemblance not only in looks but in voice and in his command alike of touching sentiment and playful humour.  On Tuesday this comparison was all the more readily made from the fact of the reader's including several of his father's favourite pieces in his repertory, such as "Horatius", by Macaulay, and "Cor's Diary", by Thackeray.  He was very well recieved.

Cornwall / Re: marraige cert look up please cornwall
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 09:58 BST (UK)  »
A parish marriage record in 1816 would be unlikely to give his age, unfortunately.  See for examples.  The only time I've seen ages given were in cases where the person in question was not of age (in this case sometimes the father's name is also given as he would need to consent to the marriage).

What you would get would be the names of witnesses, who might be relatives.

How far off is the age on the death certificate from the one you have from other sources (from censuses, I suppose?), and who was the informant on the certificate?

Cornwall / Re: Middle names of children 1800
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 09:47 BST (UK)  »
It would be common to see the mother's maiden name used as a middle name (I've seen several families where a number of children bear the same middle name, and that's generally the mother's maiden)

Often the child is named after a relative, so Mary Smith Brown is named after her grandmother, Mary nee Smith.  There are several suggested 'patterns' for first names - you might want to check if any of your families tended to match up with these:

Another possibility is that the middle name is taken from the clergyman who baptised the child - this apparently was common in some areas.

Sometimes, of course, there's just no pattern.  One of my grandfathers has the middle names 'John Rice'.  His father was John Rice Tong, and the grandfather of John Rice Tong was also John Rice Tong.  The mother of that John Rice Tong, Martha Pascoe, had a brother, 'John Rice Pascoe'.  The paternal grandmother of Martha Pascoe and John Rice Pascoe was Jennifer Rice, who married Anthony Pascoe.  However, none of the children born to Anthony Pascoe and Jennifer Rice carried Rice as a middle name.

Anthony Pascoe = Jennifer Rice
Anthony Pascoe = Martha Heathrington (note this surname was not carried through)
Martha Pascoe = Benjamin Tong    and John Rice Pascoe
John Rice Tong (no children with middle name Pascoe)
William Henry Tong
John Rice Tong
Edgar John Rice Tong

In general, this particular family didn't have surname middle names, so I was happy when I tracked it down!

Cornwall / Re: eliza ann lee/read
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 09:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi, are you looking for living relatives, or her ancestry, or both?

There is this family in 1871

Parish S.BLAZEY District 16 Schedule 027

LEE, FREDK Head  M 40  born Fowey Cordwainer
LEE, SARAH Wife M 37  born Lancellos
LEE, WM Son U 16  born St Blazey Tin Miner
LEE, ALBERT Son 13  born St Blazey
LEE, ELIZA  Daughter 10 born St Blazey
LEE, MARY Daughter 7  born St Blazey 
LEE, SUSAN Daughter 5 born St Blazey  
LEE, SAMUEL Son 2 born St Blazey
LEE, ALFRED Son 2MO born St Blazey

1881 census, she is not with her parents:

 Federick LEE      Head      M      Male      50      Fowey, Cornwall, England      Shoemaker      
 Sarah LEE      Wife      M      Female      47      Lansallos, Cornwall, England      Shoemaker Wife      
 Susan Jane LEE      Daur      U      Female      14      St Blazey, Cornwall, England      Scholar      
 Samuel Charles LEE      Son      U      Male      12      St Blazey, Cornwall, England      Scholar      
 Alfred LEE      Son            Male      10      Par, Cornwall, England      Scholar      
 George LEE      Son            Male      7      Par, Cornwall, England      Scholar      

Par Green
Tywardreath, Cornwall, England

RG11/2299 Folio 123 Page 16

But living in Hampshire:

 Theophilus RICKETTS      Head      M      Male      49      Clifton, Gloucester, England      Farmer (South America)      
 Henrietta C. RICKETTS      Wife      M      Female      39      Clifton, Gloucester, England            
 Edith L. RICKETTS      Daur      U      Female      18      Clifton, Gloucester, England            
 Henrietta L. RICKETTS      Daur      U      Female      16      Montevideo, South America      Scholar      
 Thophilus F. RICKETTS      Son      U      Male      15      Montevideo, South America      Scholar      
 Harry F. RICKETTS      Son            Male      11      Montevideo, South America      Scholar      
 Seymour T. RICKETTS      Son            Male      6      Montevideo, South America      Scholar      
 Eliza A. LEE      Serv      U      Female      20      St Blazey, Cornwall, England      General Serv      
 Eliza CALVERT      Serv      U      Female      19      Birmingham, Stafford, England      General Serv      

Hill Lane
Millbrook, Hampshire, England
RG11/1221 Folio 35 Page 14

1891 census, back visiting/living with her parents:

RG12/1821 Folio 112 Page 15
St Austell-Cornwall

LEE       Frederick J.       Head       M       M       60       Bootmaker(Em'ee)        Cornwall - Fowey           
LEE       Sarah       Wife       M       F       57               Cornwall - Lansallos           
LEE       Minnie       Grdau       -       F       3               Cornwall - Tywardreath           
READ       Eliza Ann       Dau       M       F       30               Cornwall - St Blazey           
READ       Frederick E.       Grson       -       M       7               Hampshire - Portsmouth           
READ       George T.       Grson       -       M       1               Hampshire - Portsmouth       

Cornwall Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Hannah Carter 1851 census look-up
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 08:48 BST (UK)  »
1841 census has:

HO107/141/5 Folio 40 Page 7

 CARTER       James       M       35       Cop Miner        Cornwall        
CARTER       Jane       F       40               Outside Census County (1841)            
CARTER       James       M       12               Cornwall            
CARTER       William       M       10       Dressing Cop Ore        Cornwall            
CARTER       Hannah       F       8               Cornwall            
CARTER       Thomas       M       6               Cornwall            
CARTER       Samuel       M       4               Cornwall            
CARTER       John       M       4m               Cornwall            
HOSKING       Jane       F       25       Dress Maker        Cornwall        
HOSKING       Henry       M       20       Cop Miner        Cornwall        
HOSKING       John       M       15       Cop Miner        Cornwall        
HOSKING       Daniel       M       10       Cop Miner Boy        Cornwall

Age is a little off, but a possiblity?  She's the youngest Hannah Carter listed in 1841.

Cornwall Completed Lookup Requests / Re: 1841/1851 Census: Dionysius Tremewen
« on: Tuesday 16 August 05 08:18 BST (UK)  »
1841 census:

Buriton Row
Place: Penwith-Cornwall

TREMEWEN       Donitious       M       32       Carpenter        Cornwall            
TREMEWEN       Matilda       F       27               Cornwall    
TREMEWEN       Dinitious       M       8               Cornwall
TREMEWEN       Mary       F       6               Cornwall            
TREMEWEN       Ann       F       3               Cornwall

1851, the father?

HO107/1918 Folio 607 Page 11
East Side of North Street

CARBIS       Benjamin       Head       M       M       48       Mason        Cornwall - Gulval           
CARBIS       Phillis       Wife       M       F       43       Milliner        Cornwall - Germoe           
TREMEWEN       Dionysius W       Visitr       M       M       41       Lodger        Cornwall - St Buryan           
BELINE       Phillis       Lodger       U       F       47       Spinster        Cornwall - Penryn           
BELINE       James       Lodger       U       M       17       Hatter        Cornwall - Penryn       

Cornwall Completed Lookup Requests / Re: birth records for fanny smale
« on: Monday 15 August 05 23:04 BST (UK)  »
See also - Fanny Smale and George Cluard are both listed in September Quarter 1852 marriages for Plymouth, volume 5b, page 447.

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Re: Arthurs of Hayle
« on: Monday 15 August 05 22:58 BST (UK)  »
Is there a particular reason why you think this family are connected to your Sydney Alexander Arthur and Thomas Sydney Arthur?  Is your information about Thomas and Sydney from Thomas' marriage certificate? (And if so, does it give Sydney A. Arthur's occupation?  That could be a key to identifying him.)

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