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Armed Forces / Hulme Barracks Manchester
« on: Monday 24 June 13 07:25 BST (UK)  »
Does anybody know if any records exist relating to the Hulme Cavalry Barracks in Manchester.
I'd like to research any records of servicemen stationed or working there.
I know it closed down in 1914.
I also believed troops were sent direct to The Crimean directly from the Barracks as well as troops being involved in the infamous Peterloo Massacre in Manchester.
Any advice welcome.

World War One / Request - Pvt 2519 Thomas Price WW1 Died Egypt 8th April 1915
« on: Sunday 23 June 13 18:06 BST (UK)  »
I was hoping somebody can help find PVT 2519 Thomas Price service has been checked some time ago but perhaps I missed it or more is available now?

I'm trying to verify he is my great grandfather and husband of Mary Ann Price........

My great grandfather is Thomas Price born 10/10/1878 Hulme Manchester...I know he was dead by 1917 as his wife remarried as a widow.

Any info appreciated...thanks

MOD COMMENT: See also this thread,538329.msg3920945.html#msg3920945

Lanarkshire / Thorncroft Thorn Road Bearsden Glasgow c1938
« on: Wednesday 22 August 12 18:38 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone advice me how to identify residents of Thorncroft , Thorn Road in Bearsden Glasgow 1938.

My grandmother Winifred Heron was a servant/domestic for a Doctor on Thorn Road when she married in 1938 and Id like to identify the property and see if its still standing if possible.


Lanarkshire / Kathleen Elizabeth Brennan - Glasgow area
« on: Monday 30 July 12 16:44 BST (UK)  »
Look Up request

I am looking for birth details for Kathleen Elizabeth Brennan wife of Robert George Heron Born 1874.

From her wedding certificate she was 22 when she married in 1904 and her parents were James and Margaret Brennan.
They had daughter Janet Winifred Heron B 1912 Glasgow.

I know she died in Manchester around 1963

Worcestershire / General advice for novice researcher
« on: Tuesday 24 July 12 13:48 BST (UK)  »
I am researching the Price family and have a confirmed ancestor John Price born Pershore "about 1813" obtained from Cenus 1851/1861

Some really helpful researchers on here have identified numerous families called PRICE living in Holy Cross Pershore around that time one of which is a definite possible for my relative ( Baptism for John Price 1811)

He is the only John with birth / baptism records shown with a father also called John in Pershore around 1813.

Having researched Pershore itself the population is only around 1600-1800 in the early 1800`s.

On the balance of probabilities will the Price family residents in Pershore around 1800s have to be related and if so is it fair to assume that the John Price baptised Holy Cross Pershore with a father called John IS my great x 3 grandfathers ????   ???

Hope I've not confused anyone but advice of experienced researchers re what stage i can satisfy myself i have identified the correct ancestor welcome!!!!!


« on: Friday 20 July 12 21:18 BST (UK)  »
Is there any way I can find out who was living at 317 Thistle Street Gorbals after 1911.

Im looking for the HERON family.


Lanarkshire / Look Up request GORBALS
« on: Friday 20 July 12 21:16 BST (UK)  »
Looking for any business/trade directory entries for Glasgow Gorbals area for HER(R)ON around 1920....possible trade involved delivery of items maybe a grocery.............May be in name of Robert George Heron or Kathleen Elizabeth Heron


Worcestershire / John Price Baptised 11th August 1811
« on: Thursday 19 July 12 13:17 BST (UK)  »

I have traced my great x 3 grandfather John Price to Pershore born c 1813.
His father was also John Price.
He was living in Manchester by 1850 working as a labourer / bricklayer and remarried in that year and was shown as a widower.
I have discovered a baptism at Pershore Holy Cross from 11 August 1811 for a John Price son of John & Esther.

Can you advise me where I could view actual records from that period....i would love to prove this link and then hopefully go further back as it appears there is a large PRICE presence in the Pershore area of that time.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lancashire / Death Cert Advice
« on: Thursday 15 March 12 17:28 GMT (UK)  »
I have just received a death certificate for my Great x 2 grandmother Winifred Price dated of death 23 December 1904.

Cause of death is heart disease due to natural causes however the informant on the certificate was the Manchester Coroner Ernest A Gibson which indicates she must have undergone a post that correct??

Also her occupation is shown as Wife of John Price ( my great x 2 grandfather) Does this mean he must have been still alive at the time of Winifred`s death??

I cant find either of them in 1901 census still!

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