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Other Countries / Re: Emigrants to Gilbert Islands, South Pacific
« on: Saturday 29 November 08 02:56 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Pauline,
Sorry I don't think I replied to you, answering your question.  Thanks for the info.

That was indeed the correct Robert Corrie as I knew year of birth and that it was in Liverpool, although you could add further to that.

His parents were Alexander (Brice) Corrie and Elizabeth (nee Dawson).  He had six siblings, born in various parts of England.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Corrie family
« on: Friday 28 November 08 10:48 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Kea,

Not sure I did it exactly as was described but after a bit of a hassle, found Alexander b. about 1874.  He is definitely Robert Corrie's son as the year would be about right.  I could not find any of the other 11 children though which was a bit surprising.

The Alexander b. 1903 would be related I feel sure.  There are 6 Corries listed in the Fiji white pages and I have been in contact with one of them recently and they were related.  The other 5 probably are also.

The Alex Corrie marriage to Maria Wai is interesting.  I see she was born in Tonga about 1882.  I had letter from as relative a couple of weeks ago and her grandfather was Alexander Corrie who married Wai Lolo Moli and she says this is a Tongan name. 

Ruby Agnes Corrie was b. 1924 and her father was Alexander too. 

I am at the point where I think all the Alexander Corries from the South Pacific region are probably related to me!!  When they have a family reunion in Suva late next year, with my Scottish complexion, I will stand out in the crowd!!

The Corries were originally from Scotland.  All migrated to Australia except Robert who went to the Gilbert Is.  I would just like to know when all the 12 children were born, although I have a rough idea of two of the girls, as one did an article for a Pacific Is. magazine aged 81 in 1969 and the other died in Sydney (sent here for schooling) in 1882 aged 8 years.  She would have been b. c.1874.  Wonder if she was a twin of Alexander who was also b. about 1874?

Thanks for your help.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Corrie family
« on: Friday 28 November 08 03:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Kea,

What a breakthrough - on your part!  I had not checked the IGI - was not aware it could be done online.  I have just looked but cannot find what you found.  It brought up the page "Family Search" and I put in Corrie (no Christian names), left "event" as "any" and year range as 1860 - 1920.  When I put in South Pacific as region, I came up with one Correa in Mexico!!

Tried Kiribati - in several forms, Fiji likewise, Gilbert Is. same and all came up with 0 records.  What am I doing wrong please?

The Alex Corrie you found with birth 1874 would be my g. uncle's son.  I know OF his grand-daughter who is currently travelling around NZ, but have not been able to make contact with her.  You said he married someone with the name Wai.  I know that name is in the family by marriage too, as I have seen it before, although I thought her maiden names was Knowles.

If you can tell me what I am doing incorrectly, I would be most grateful!


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Corrie family
« on: Friday 28 November 08 00:50 GMT (UK)  »
I was just looking at the information on Western Pacific High Commission and the person to contact there is (*).  He is the gentleman I mentioned above, so unless there is somewhere else that someone might know about, I would not bother to contact him at this point in time.  I just thought there might be someone else who could help other than (*).


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New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Corrie family
« on: Friday 28 November 08 00:34 GMT (UK)  »
I believe the records of BDM (post 1877) for the Gilbert Islands are kept at the Western Pacific High Commission (presumably in Auckland).  A gentleman from from the Auckland University was going to check (or have someone do it for him) for me, but that was weeks ago and I have heard nothing since.

I know some of the births will not appear, as they are pre 1877, but most I think would be afterwards, certainly all children from the second marriage and at least a couple from the first marriage.

I believe Robert David Corrie died c.1915 according to the magazine article, but I have found a couple of dates in that same article that I know are incorrect.  His (then) 81 year old daughter may have been a bit muddled with dates!


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Corrie family
« on: Wednesday 26 November 08 20:32 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks CharlotteCH and Gillg,

You are right Gillg about the Protectorate in 1892 and Independence in 1979.  My g. uncle was actually a witness to the signing of the Proclamation, according to the website info on the G. Is.

I have looked for BDM records at the PRO and GRO in London, obviously tried the G.Is. (I think it is all too hard for them as I doubt they have ever had anyone ask for them in the past) and Fiji.  The lass at the latter, was helpful and said they are now kept in NZ.  Gave me a contact there.  Although we exchanged a couple of emails, it seems to have fizzled out and I am no further advanced! 

I know it is a challenge, but one I hope to sort eventually.  According to an article in a Pacific Is. magazine I have from 1969, his daughter who was still alive then, said Robert Corrie had 12 children.  First wife died in childbirth with their 6th and then he remarried and had another 6!!

I "found" a g. grandson of Robert Corrie a couple of months ago in Qld. but they do not have much info on his g. grandfather unfortunately.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Corrie family
« on: Tuesday 25 November 08 21:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Charlotte,

I think possibly Germany may have been involved with the Gilberts at the time, although it was under control of Britain as from 1892.  It became independent in 1979.


The Common Room / Hazel Tinker
« on: Tuesday 25 November 08 12:13 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to locate the descendants of a Hazel Tinker who possibly lived in Dudley Street, Coogee NSW c. 1918.  My mother lived next door and has photos of a possibly 12 month old girl and written on back is "Hazel Tinker". 

I would love to be able to hand these photos over to an interested member of the family.

Whether she actually lived next door (certainly Tinkers did according to Lands Title Certificate I have).  My g. grandmother previously owned the house.  She could have been a niece or grandchild of the Tinker family who lived there.


Other Countries / Emigrants to Gilbert Islands, South Pacific
« on: Sunday 23 November 08 05:52 GMT (UK)  »
Robert David Corrie went to the Gilbert Islands c. 1859.
He married twice to native ladies (his first wife dying in childbirth with their 6th child).  His second wife also had 6 children.  The children were sent to Sydney for schooling.
I believe Robert Corrie died c. 1915.
If anyone can tell me where I can find birth, death and marriage records for the Gilbert Islands and give me any info on the family please?


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