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Northumberland / Re: Swans of Northumberland
« on: Tuesday 23 November 21 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi finally got back to this topic My  robert Swan and Mary Law   I think this Robert although living |Blyth is not your Robert Swan  I think mine was son of John born 1705 at Bothal and is buried at Earsdon where as yours I think is the one buried at Horton

Northumberland / Re: Ford, St Michael and All Angels, Northumberland
« on: Wednesday 27 October 21 18:36 BST (UK)  »
on the billiongraves web page there is a robert fullerton headstone at Ford churchyard born 1904 death 1928 with a Margaret also on the headstone It might be what your looking for

Northumberland / Re: Henry Waters, birthplace where?
« on: Tuesday 12 October 21 14:37 BST (UK)  »
this might help
Scremerston in county durham  became Scremerston in Northumberland    Scremerston is classed as being part of the town of Berwick so instead of saying you were born Scremerston you now say you were born Berwick   so  part of your census confusion is solved    there  are wide varieties in Northumberland accents  so if you live at Togston and say  to the census people (don,t forget the census was sometimes filled in by one person for the whole community as not everyone could read and write) that you came from Berwick this can be picked up as Berwickshire     Let me know if you need any information about Isabella Colliery as I knew the area very well      There is a henry Watters birth registered 1845 in the Glendale area which is the next area to Norham parish this might be your Henry

Hi again I ,ve just looked at the Links cemetery memorials  In loving memory of Ann Jane Spink death 25 march 1896 age 74

Blyth Burials  There are a few more places you can  look at  St Cuthberts Cof E in the town
St Cuthberts Catholic at Cowpen  Horton Church at Horton  and Earsdon church at Earsdon  were all places that Blyth people
were buried at

Northumberland / Re: Blyth History.
« on: Tuesday 17 August 21 21:53 BST (UK)  »
the toilets in Blyth are where the have always been   At the top of the market square or you could have gone to Morrisons supermarket on the site of the old railway station
Getting back to Newsham schools the Junior school was by the Black Diamond  The infants school
only took children from the railway crossing down Newsham road Isabella Colliery and Poets corner (Council housing) above the newsham lines went to Delaval school   New delaval senior did not close when Newlands opened  my brother was at New Delaval Senior in 1968 and Newlands had been open a long time then  the school at South Newsham only had a couple of class rooms It was an old school
used as the first year of Newsham junior  A private coach  picked you up and dropped you back at the junior school Newsham Miss Legg was the headmistress at South Newsham  around 1957  the Frost family had the shop opposite the Plaza at newsham and the shop at the top of Plessey road was owned by the Bassams Jenny Bassam being a Turnbull from the Bella Colliery

Northumberland / Re: William Hall = Jane Patterson c.1833, Norham area
« on: Saturday 27 February 21 19:31 GMT (UK)  »
there are a lot of Halls and Patterson headstones in Norham churchyard
Norham covered Berwick ancroft shoredean  Ladykirk and several other villages for Births marriages deaths  There were 2 other churches as well as  St Cuthberts in Norham
coal miners and farm hands  didnt stay long in one place  that,s why children in 1 family  can be born in several villages

Berwickshire / Re: Lamberton Toll
« on: Tuesday 23 February 21 15:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi a couple of names that I checked for you  Peter Drummond death Preston 16 july age 6o 1882
wife Mary son john present on certificate of death  Peter,s father Peter and mother Isabella Bell

Mary Drummond 4 august 1891 age 62 widow of Peter at Preston present was son Archie   
her father John Clazie (joiner)  mother  Margaret Gray
The only Mary Clazie marriage at Mordington I can find was 1832 Mary to John Wilson  but her father was James 
A couple of birth certificates for peter,s children  1 states Peter,s marriage at Paxton Toll another says
Peter,s marriage at Ladykirk which is a church just over the border from Norham inland along river from Berwick 7 or 8 miles  Hope this is a bit of help

Berwickshire / Re: Lamberton Toll
« on: Wednesday 17 February 21 14:36 GMT (UK)  »
i found a david drummond of Edrom married to a Clazie and several more Clazies in the Borders but
not Peter,s marriage .  According to  census   his wife was born Eyemouth and he was born further north. Their marriage is not in the Irregular marriages 1808-1864 but Berwick archives has microfilm which includes dates July1850-November1850 so you might be in luck there Unfortunately the office which is  in the Berwick library has been closed since last March but we hope it will be opening after Easter I,ll check it out if you haven,t found the marriage by then

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