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South Africa / Re: Thomas Branston 1849 Cape Colony
« on: Friday 24 May 24 09:33 BST (UK)  »
If you are looking for a birth in South Africa in 1849 - then you need to look at church records. What denomination were they most likely members of? He does not appear in the Baptisms in the Anglican church in George. If they were methodist you will probably need to contact the Cory Library in Grahamstown to do a look up. Catholic records you need to contact the Catholic diocese directly.

South Africa / Re: Anglican Church Records on FamilySearch
« on: Sunday 14 April 24 06:34 BST (UK)  »
If she died before the establishment of Statutory death records (1894) you may not find any records. Burial records are few and far between.

South Africa / Re: PROBATE OF WILL
« on: Thursday 14 March 24 00:52 GMT (UK)  »
That year is not on-line you will need to order it direct from the archive in Cape Town

South Africa / Re: Humansdorp 1850's French community
« on: Friday 12 January 24 11:22 GMT (UK)  »
I dont have any information but looking at the names of  the kids in each family may assist. Families typically named their children after their grandparents - so the eldest son and 2nd eldest daughter were named after the fathers parents and the eldest daughter and 2nd son were named after the mothers parents. So possibly not brothers but probably related

South Africa / Re: Copy of Namibia birth certificate 1934?
« on: Monday 08 January 24 02:52 GMT (UK)  »
The contact information for Western Cape Archives:

The Provincial Archivist

Ms Nomaza Dingayo

Postal address: Private Bag X9025, CAPE TOWN 8000

Street address: 72 Roeland Street, CAPE TOWN, 8001

Tel: (021) 466 8100


South Africa / Re: Copy of Namibia birth certificate 1934?
« on: Sunday 07 January 24 01:58 GMT (UK)  »
As Namibia was a South Africa Protectorate at the time the information may be in the Cape Town archives, you would need to apply to them to verify that.

South Africa / Re: Brixton Cemetery Johannesburg
« on: Sunday 03 December 23 05:02 GMT (UK)  »
Barnet Solomon's grave can be found on a Find a grave - a search on familysearch will give you the link - he was buried in Westpark in the Jewish Section

No photos available - cant find an entry for his wife

South Africa / Re: james henry CLYDE
« on: Sunday 12 November 23 03:38 GMT (UK)  »
MArriage of Sarah Jane Webster and John James Sills

 Given they were married in the Wesleyan Church it is likely their daughter was baptised there - you will probably have to contact the church for her baptism

You can create a login on and view those baptisms - she has links to family search films but the one to the Catholid church does not seem to work - i checked the film no and its not availbale online

Given John Clyde's DN does not indicate a birth location and he has not left an estate file I don;t think you will find his birth as he may not have been born in South Africa

South Africa / Re: Caldwell family
« on: Sunday 22 October 23 02:31 BST (UK)  »
And looking at Gazettes Africa:  page 75

4483 /79/3—CALDWELL, Norman . Gavin, 9807275011004,
Rosetta, First (Mooi River) -~Barclays National Bank, ‘Pie- |

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