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Renfrewshire / Mauchan/Machan
« on: Thursday 15 January 09 11:59 GMT (UK)  »

Hi I am trying to locate the death records of Clark Machan(Mauchan) and his wife Elizabeth

I have located a birth record for him on 12 Mar 1804 in Eastwood. He married Elizabeth Atera(Altria) in Aberdeen on 09 Aug 1828 where she was born in 1804. His son John was born in Lanark in1837 (haven't found the record) and the family appear on the 1841 Census on as Machon in Lanark
I have found two possible census records for Elizabeth in 1851 in Renfrewshire and in 1861 in Rutherglen
 I would presume he died sometime in the 40's and her in the 60's as there is no trace of her in later census's John was married in 1863 at Craigrownie Castle (house) in Rosneath neither parent is listed as deceased.
Any suggestions I cannot locate death records on SP. He appears to have been a cotton worker or something to do with Cotton mills.


Caithness / Re: Sutherland Annie C 1838 any help?
« on: Wednesday 14 January 09 10:20 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks you could be right - another friend of mine thought it was Quilt Drencher - who knows :D

Caithness / Re: Sutherland Annie C 1838 any help?
« on: Wednesday 14 January 09 09:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Thank you both for the information that is great - I have downloaded the birth image from SP

Pity she has such a common name - "Mauchan" one has been much easier !
I guess I'll stop at this generation as it will be a little difficult to be sure I've got the right family. I did find that census record which was a little tempting. I guess he could have changed jobs or that the transcriber may have go it wrong, I can't quite read the occupation for wither of the parents on the marriage certificate I'll attach a snip maybe someone with with a bit more experience in deciphering writing can help!

Thanks again
G :D

Caithness / Sutherland Annie C 1838 any help?
« on: Tuesday 13 January 09 11:36 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to trace the birth of an Annie Sutherland and to confirm who her parents were.
She was my 2nd Gr Grandmother.
She married my 2nd Gr Grandfather John Mauchan in Rosneath at Craigrownie Castle she was a housemaid and he a Coach driver. I downloaded their marriage record from Scotlands people. The certificate names her parents as George and Margaret (nee Sutherland). The marriage took place on 22nd Dec 1863 and she was 25. She died in 1904 aged 70 (somewhere it's been rounded up or down) parents same fathers occupation farmer. The census record of 1891 has her age 52 and born in Lybster, Caithness. I have been unable to locate a birth record for her.
I found a potential marriage for her parents George and Margaret Sutherland on SUTHERLAND, GEORGE (O.P.R. Marriages 038/ 0030 0040 Latheron)   in 1832
Would love some help in finding her birth record and confirming her parentage.
Any help would be very much appreciated

Suffolk / William & Ralph GUEST Bury St Edmonds
« on: Sunday 11 January 09 02:36 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to locate the ancestry of William Guest from Bury who emigrated to South Africa in 1808/1809 There is an indication that he came from Bury and was the Son of Ralph Guest. I have located a marriage for a Ralph Guest to Sarah Prick in 1769 but cannot see any birth records for William

I have been trawling through Freereg and other records including those on but so far have been unsuccessful


The Common Room / Spain?
« on: Sunday 04 January 09 11:05 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone have any advice on how to trace Spanish Ancestry - my Great Grandfather came from Denia in Spain. I presume he may have been born there (Emanuel Pascual - Parents Vincente Pascual and Mariona Perrez) he turned up in Australia in late 1880's early 1890's no records on immigration we presume he was a crew member who stayed behind. Here he met and married Eliza Warr from Warwick - I am on the trail of her - and they married on Thursday Island and my Great Uncle was born there - the family then upped and moved to South Africa sometime between the birth of Vincent in 1893 and the birth of my grand-father in East London in 1897 - again no shipping record.
Any advice would be great
Gillian :-\

Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Re: Looking for Eliza Warr
« on: Friday 02 January 09 21:13 GMT (UK)  »

Thanks for all that research -I had found the initial census record but was unsure. I'll try and get the Birth certificate and see if it is her. The marriage record from Thursday Island and her death record would have her born in 1869, however the immigration record on the Dacca would have her born around 1865 or earlier. I presume it is possible that the person who wrote the marriage certificate wrote down the incorrect surname and my Grampa transcribed it onto the death report from her marriage certificate.  I guess she may have rounded down her age on the marriage record! She married a Spaniard Emanuel Pascual who came from Denia - that is another avenue I have very little idea of how to chase down!

South Africa / Re: Mauchan Immigration to SA
« on: Friday 02 January 09 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Moira - I found those records they were for some trips the family made back to the UK. They did Emigrate to SA  in 1935-6. I know Grampa came by by Flying Boat so I presume those records will not be available I just  cannot seem to find a record for the rest of the family _ I have a photo of my father aged 6-8 on the ship with his sister but there are no identifying marks for the ship. I guess if the Flying Boat only started landing at the Vall Dam in 1937 that may put the immigration date later - but that would then make my Dad 10 and he didn't look that age in the aforementioned photo! Curious.
Grampa worked for Stewarts & Lloyds I wonder if they might have a record that I could get hold of?

South Africa / Mauchan Immigration to SA
« on: Friday 02 January 09 02:47 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone have access to Immigration recrods from the 1930's. May grandfather (Andrew) came to Vereeneging via the flying boat sometime after 1933 and his wife Margaret and Children Andrew and Sheena followed by boat
I have tried the passenger lists on but can't find those trips :-[

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