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Buckinghamshire / Re: Whitchurch family Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
« on: Tuesday 21 April 20 22:44 BST (UK)  »
Taken from BucksFHS - St Mary's, Aylesbury Transcripts CD.

If any of this fits, you can decide what is, and isn't correct for your family tree.

Baptism - 23 May 1800.   Eleanor born 21 Apr 1800 daughter of John & Elizabeth WHITCHURCH
Baptism - 7 Sep 1803.   Henry born 13 Aug 1803 son of John & Elizabeth WHITCHURCH
Baptism - 1 May 1805.   Joanna born 25 Apr 1805 daughter of John & Elizabeth WHITCHURCH

Baptism - 26 Nov 1826.  Sarah baseborn daughter of Joanna WHITCHURCH of Churchyard

Burial - 4 Sep 1829.   Elizabeth WHITCHURCH aged 72 of Aylesbury.
Burial - 20 Jan 1834.   John WHITCHURCH aged 83 of the Workhouse.

Marriage 25 May 1823.   by Banns
                       William Bernard CASTLE, Bachelor otp
                       Eleanor WHITCHURCH, Spinster otp
                       Witnesses - Joanna Whitchurch, Henry Whitchurch.

Marriage - 6 Nov 1815. by Licence
                       Thomas WHITCHURCH, Bachelor otp
                       Jane X GEE, Spinster otp
                       Witnesses Joseph Fellows Nancy Fellows 

Burial - 31 Dec 1835. Thomas WHITCHURCH aged 74 of Aylesbury
Burial - 23 Jan 1840.  Jane WHITCHURCH aged 79 of the Workhouse

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: Anything special about Long Crendon?
« on: Sunday 19 April 20 14:05 BST (UK)  »
Taken from BucksFHS - Long Crendon Transcripts CD.

Burial - 28 Feb 1894. Stephen COOK aged 74 of Long Crendon.

Baptism - 9 Sep 1863.   Elizabeth born 17 Sep 1857 daughter of Stephen & Maria COOK of Long Crendon, Shoemaker.

Baptism - 9 Sep 1863.   Mary Ann born 28 Nov 1859 daughter of Stephen & Maria COOK of Long Crendon, Shoemaker.

Baptism - 9 Sep 1863.   Richard Stephen born 15 Nov 1862 daughter of Stephen & Maria COOK of Long Crendon, Shoemaker.

Burial - 28 Sep 1901. Mary Ann COOK aged 40 of Long Crendon

Banns  - 25 Mar 1888.   
Richard Stephen COOK, Bachelor otp
Harriet Elizabeth THOMPSON of the parish of Haggerstone
Certificate given 30 Mar 1888.

This Stephen Cook was baptised in 1820 in Thame, Oxfordshire, to Stephen & Mary.

Census returns confirms he's not your family. 1841/51/71/81/91.

Steve. :)

Oxfordshire / Re: Oxford marriage index
« on: Saturday 04 April 20 15:19 BST (UK)  »
Robert Taylor to Frideswide Sanders - 23 Jan 1674. Ox St Thomas, both of Cassington.

There is this, but Mary not Martha.!..........

Robert Rogers, to Mary Cowldry. 27 Jan 1664. Wytham, Berks.

That's your lot for SANDERS, as far as I can see from the Index, with matching the brides Christian names.

Steve. :)

One of the joys of Family History, regarding the geography of places, and why they ended up far from their places of birth.

Grand Union Canal goes from London to Birmingham, if I remember correctly, plus all the branches that come off it.
It maybe worth studying it a bit, as his father was a boatman and could have been anywhere along the routes it follows.  Unless he stayed in Tring, or is lost from census being a canal worker/boatman.

I'll leave you at that, but give me/us a shout if I/we can help any further.

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: Sarah Walker of Booker or West Wycombe dob c.1826/27
« on: Friday 03 April 20 13:52 BST (UK)  »
Oh blimey. :o :o,

The Brooks are another can of worms, who regularly swapped, or looked after other Brooks children, sons, daughters and nieces and nephews.  Some of those were regarded as their own children, by the Census enumerator. 
So never as assume the children are of the one set of parents, and don't get me started on the Bledlow/Ridge Allen families, they were just a bad. ::)

Steve. :)

Baptisms have never been a date of birth as so many assume in many trees I've seen. But from my experience baptisms occur even as an adult.

I have had many children baptised on the same day, no matter what their ages are.(A block booking, if you will).
In one instance a wife has been baptised long after her marriage, as 'wife of ??', and also my Gt Gt Aunty was baptised a week before her marriage at the age of 22.

I may suggest that you look for siblings of William Hawkins/Hawkings in Tring, then see if the ages match or not in the Census returns.  Or at least in a time frame that is reasonably close to William's 'discrepancy' for his y.o.b and baptism..

The death cert or burial is a better indicator of the correct age, but even that could be rounded up or down a year or two, sometimes 3 years.  It all depends who gives the information. 
I would think that Williams wife Maria, as she survived him, or child gave the information to the registrar for his death so may possibly be more accurate.

Sometimes an age at death is different from burial age, again it's who gives the information.

If it's some poor old soul who's so old, that he's outlived most of his neighbours of his generation, then it's usually a best guess by those that knew them.  Luckily for you William Hawkins had family surviving him. ;D

Your William was living in Walton, Aylesbury, which is very close to the Canal.  Baptisms give his occupation as a labourer, even though in census returns he was Boatman.  That's no big deal in it's self.
Aylesbury Canal was a branch of the Grand Union Canal, which i believe passes Tring quite closely, hence, ending up in Aylesbury.

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: Sarah Walker of Booker or West Wycombe dob c.1826/27
« on: Thursday 02 April 20 22:52 BST (UK)  »
Not that much for Joseph Martin(1765, Bledlow) & Tamar Scott(c1763 Unkn. - d1808, Bledlow).

Joseph Martin, 3 Nov 1765, Bledlow. Parents John & Sarah Martin

Joseph Martin & Tamar Scott. 13 Sep 1789 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.

Anne Martin.
BIRTH 26 MAY 1802 Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.  Daughter of Joseph & Tamar.

25 Aug 1808 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
Tamar, wife of Joseph Martin, aged 45.

23 Mar 1823 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
Jesse, son of Anne Martin of Bledlow Ridge. Spinster. illegitimate

5 Jul 1837 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
Joseph Martin of Bledlow Ridge. age 71.

15 Apr 1811 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
Joseph Martin, widr. & Anne Bowen(Bowers.?), spin. Both of this parish.

7 Feb 1813 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
Thomas son of Joseph & Anne Martin of Bledlow Ridge. Labourer

25 Oct 1831 Holy Trinity, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.
James Batten of this parish bachelor and Anne Martin of this parish spinster. . By banns 25 Oct 1831 in presence of Rich. Brooks, William Fryday

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: Sarah Walker of Booker or West Wycombe dob c.1826/27
« on: Thursday 02 April 20 18:27 BST (UK)  »
More like a needle in a stack of needles.

Walkers are everywhere.......Princes Risborough, Monks Risborough, Kimble, Saunderton, Dinton, Bledlow, Longwick, Chearsley, Great Hampden, Loosely Row.

I have 42 Walkers in my tree, all from the above locations.

The Martins are everywhere again. Bledlow, Amersham, Penn, West Wycombe, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Great Hampden, Bledow Ridge, Hughenden, Downley.

I have 72 Martins from the above locations.

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 Marriage William Hawkins Maria Langston
« on: Thursday 02 April 20 18:19 BST (UK)  »
From BucksFHS - Walton Church(Aylesbury). Transcripts CD.


12 Sep 1858.  Kate, child of William & Maria HAWKINS of Walton, Labourer
11 Mar 1860.  William George, child of William & Maria HAWKINS of Walton, Labourer
14 Sep 1862.  Ann Maria, child of William & Maria HAWKINS of Walton, Labourer
17 Nov 1864.  Joseph Charles, child of William & Maria HAWKINS of Walton, Labourer, private baptism, since brought to Church.

Steve. :)

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