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Buckinghamshire / Re: John GARRETT
« on: Friday 08 May 20 23:25 BST (UK)  »
Oh yes, sorry about that.  I did assume that it was his second marriage. But the link with the I.o.M was what made me think about looking there for wife No.1.

Cannot pin down John Garrett in the 1841 census with any certainty, nor his parents(absolutely nothing). Perhaps his siblings may bare some clues.?

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: JOHN GARRETT
« on: Friday 08 May 20 00:09 BST (UK)  »
I checked BucksFHS - Long Crendon Parish regs transcripts CD.

No marriage in Long Crendon, just his baptism along with his siblings. No other records concerning the family of Samuel & Martha.

So my guess, the marriage occurred between Long Crendon & Liverpool. :o ;D

According to the Irish 1901 census, Elizabeth was born c1828 (Methodist), Isle of Man. That could be the best place to start a search for the marriage.

How about this from Ancestry........??

Name: John Garrett
Gender:   Male
Marriage Date:   13 Mar 1848
Marriage Place:   Kirk Michael,Isle of Man,England
Spouse:   Elizabeth Corkill

Name:   Elizth Corkill
[Elizth Woods]
Gender:   Female
Baptism Date:   30 Aug 1829
Baptism Place:   Maughold,Isle of Man,England
Father:   Chas Woods
Mother:   Margt Corkill


Name: Eliza Corkill
Gender:   Female
Baptism Date:   16 Oct 1826
Baptism Place:   Saint Marys,Castletown,Isle of Man,England
Father:   William Corkill
Mother:   Margaret

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: William PAXSON - St Mary's MARSH GIBBON
« on: Wednesday 29 April 20 14:38 BST (UK)  »
Pensylvania, plus meeting house would indicate the Quaker faith.  Baptisms and marriages may occur in several different places other than the one they live in.

Once again, I would suggest a look up from BucksFHS.  They do have some non-conformist registers/transcriptions. Look them up on FaceBook and ask the question.

Also, as Marsh Gibbon is very close to the Oxfordshire County line, so perhaps an enquiry to OxFHS, as well.

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: William PAXSON - St Mary's MARSH GIBBON
« on: Tuesday 28 April 20 18:17 BST (UK)  »
Find My Past will possibly have transcripts for Marsh Gibbon, or BucksFHS can do you a look up for a small fee.

It doesn't seem to appear on the Ancestry web site, in their limited collection of Bucks transcripts.

Steve. :)

Whoa. ;D  Nice to put a face to a name. :)

Ridgely....what a surname to research. So many ways of spelling it. :o

Yes it seems so.  :)

Does Florence Lunnon(1886, Coleshill - 1978), ring any bells. ???

Steve. :)

Several of the names mentioned have pricked my interest.  I have the same/some names in my tree.

I'll check back in a while.

Just for ages given.

Burial  - 15 Apr 1775.   John NEWENS, buried in woollen, affidavit made.
Burial -  25 Jun 1792.   Mary Nash NEWENS of Long Marston
Burial  - 30 Sep 1804.   Mary NEWENS of Puttenham in the parish of Tring.

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: Whitchurch family Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
« on: Tuesday 21 April 20 22:44 BST (UK)  »
Taken from BucksFHS - St Mary's, Aylesbury Transcripts CD.

If any of this fits, you can decide what is, and isn't correct for your family tree.

Baptism - 23 May 1800.   Eleanor born 21 Apr 1800 daughter of John & Elizabeth WHITCHURCH
Baptism - 7 Sep 1803.   Henry born 13 Aug 1803 son of John & Elizabeth WHITCHURCH
Baptism - 1 May 1805.   Joanna born 25 Apr 1805 daughter of John & Elizabeth WHITCHURCH

Baptism - 26 Nov 1826.  Sarah baseborn daughter of Joanna WHITCHURCH of Churchyard

Burial - 4 Sep 1829.   Elizabeth WHITCHURCH aged 72 of Aylesbury.
Burial - 20 Jan 1834.   John WHITCHURCH aged 83 of the Workhouse.

Marriage 25 May 1823.   by Banns
                       William Bernard CASTLE, Bachelor otp
                       Eleanor WHITCHURCH, Spinster otp
                       Witnesses - Joanna Whitchurch, Henry Whitchurch.

Marriage - 6 Nov 1815. by Licence
                       Thomas WHITCHURCH, Bachelor otp
                       Jane X GEE, Spinster otp
                       Witnesses Joseph Fellows Nancy Fellows 

Burial - 31 Dec 1835. Thomas WHITCHURCH aged 74 of Aylesbury
Burial - 23 Jan 1840.  Jane WHITCHURCH aged 79 of the Workhouse

Steve. :)

Buckinghamshire / Re: Anything special about Long Crendon?
« on: Sunday 19 April 20 14:05 BST (UK)  »
Taken from BucksFHS - Long Crendon Transcripts CD.

Burial - 28 Feb 1894. Stephen COOK aged 74 of Long Crendon.

Baptism - 9 Sep 1863.   Elizabeth born 17 Sep 1857 daughter of Stephen & Maria COOK of Long Crendon, Shoemaker.

Baptism - 9 Sep 1863.   Mary Ann born 28 Nov 1859 daughter of Stephen & Maria COOK of Long Crendon, Shoemaker.

Baptism - 9 Sep 1863.   Richard Stephen born 15 Nov 1862 daughter of Stephen & Maria COOK of Long Crendon, Shoemaker.

Burial - 28 Sep 1901. Mary Ann COOK aged 40 of Long Crendon

Banns  - 25 Mar 1888.   
Richard Stephen COOK, Bachelor otp
Harriet Elizabeth THOMPSON of the parish of Haggerstone
Certificate given 30 Mar 1888.

This Stephen Cook was baptised in 1820 in Thame, Oxfordshire, to Stephen & Mary.

Census returns confirms he's not your family. 1841/51/71/81/91.

Steve. :)

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