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One Name Studies: N to S / RICKHUSS rickhus rickhouse rickards ricas
« on: Monday 09 February 09 11:49 GMT (UK)  »
i wish to start a one name study covering the areas of shropshire, stafforshire, warwickshire, worcestershire,
any families in yorkhire, lancs, london, and victoria australia will be connected.
please do get in touch.

Australia / any RICKHUSS surname leads back to my ancestor
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 17:23 GMT (UK)  »
please get in touch and decendants of thomas and martha. :)

Shropshire / rickhuss surname interest
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 16:26 GMT (UK)  »
 :)would like to hear from anyone who has links to this name or has any info they would like to share. since it is a rare name i am thinking of doing a one name study.
its variants are ricas, rickhus, rickhouse, rickards. plus mispelt ones.

Worcestershire / Re: parish registers dudley worcestershire
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 16:21 GMT (UK)  »
the dudley parish registers are in
 Worcestershire History Centre

Trinity St
Worcester, WR1 2PW
01905 765922

Worcestershire / Re: Bridport Worcester
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 16:01 GMT (UK)  »
some of my ancestors were born in birdport and in 1851 they were living in Birdport area.
The quaysides were full of watermen’s taverns, dingy and squalled. The area was a maze of narrow alleys. In Copenhagen St, there was a mix of good merchant houses and squalid tenements. The Cock inn had a passage running under St Andrews church to the Bull Entry and the Red Cow where smuggling from Bristol went on. the only thing left of the original area is the countess of huntingdons chapel  now a music venue the rest is a shopping mall called crowngate. the churches used for this small area was st andrews or st albans churches. i live in worcester so i can answer any queries about the city.

Worcestershire / Re: Worcestershire Regiment Query
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 15:44 GMT (UK)  »
hi i work at the worcester museum
they don't hold the records only the medals you need to contact col lowels at hq norton barracks if you havn't already. i will find more details if you want.

Worcestershire / Re: St George-RC Church, Worcester
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 15:39 GMT (UK)  »
since i live in the area and have conections
check out the web link
A warm welcome to St George's Catholic Parish
1 Sansome Place, Worcester, WR1 1UG
Tel:01905 22574 Fax:01905 22635
Parish Priest : Rev Brian
Assistant Priest: Rev Fr Keith Enston
Permanent Deacon: Rev Mr Reg Lewis

if you need more info let me know


Worcestershire / Re: Maund
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 15:18 GMT (UK)  »
i am researching the maund family in worcester as i am connected through
2.  Edward Maund was born in 1771 in Worcester, was christened on 28 Oct 1771 in All Saints Worcester, and died on 25 Sep 1831 in St Andrews Worcester at age 60.
Edward married Elizabeth in about 1795. Elizabeth was born in 1771, died in 1827 in Clapgate at age 56, and was buried on 6 Sep 1827 in St Martin Worcester.
Marriage Notes: no trace of marriage there is an Edward and Elizabeth Morgan married at avenbury 2 jun 1791.
Children from this marriage were:
   Rebecca Maund was born in 1799 in Worcester, was christened on 3 Mar 1799 in Birdport Worcester, and died on 22 Jan 1837 in Claines Worcester at age 38. Another name for Rebecca was Rebecca Mound.

i wonder if you have my family in your tree.
i have this info on your line could you check it for me.
8.  James Maund was born on 12 Mar 1807 in Birdport Worcester, was christened on 19 Apr 1807 in Countess of Huntingdons Chapel, and died in Dec 1888 in Worcester at age 81.
James married Mary Arton, daughter of William Arton and Sarah, on 21 Dec 1829 in Claines Worcester. Mary was born in 1809 in Cheltenham, Glos, was christened on 9 Apr 1809 in St Marys Cheltenham Glos, and died in Jun 1897 in Worcester at age 88.

Children from this marriage were:

       i.   Cornelius Maund was born in 1831 in Worcester and was christened on 25 Sep 1831 in St Peter, Worcester.

General Notes: may have married Rachael Tandy on 31 aug 1856.

    ii.   Emma Maund was born in 1833 in St Peter, Worcester and was christened on 8 Dec 1833 in St Peter, Worcester.

 iii.   Eliza Maund was born in 1838 in Worcester.

    iv.   James Arton Maund was born in 1841 in Worcester, was christened on 7 Mar 1841 in St Martin Worcester, and died in Dec 1888 in Worcester at age 47. In 1841 he was a glover. By 1881 he was a french polisher and was living at home James married Elizabeth Mary Cox Hardy on 28 Dec 1880 in Whittington Chapel, Worcs.

    v.   George Maund was born in 1843 in Worcester and was christened on 19 Mar 1843 in St Martin Worcester.

   vi.   Esther Ambrose Maund was born in 1845 in Worcester and was christened on 21 Sep 1845 in St Pauls Worcester. Married mar 1871.

    vii.   Samuel Maund was born about 1854 in Worcester.
Samuel married Annie Wall in Mar 1875 in Worcester. Annie was born in 1854 and died in Sep 1880 at age 26.
General Notes: he was a turner in 1861-71. and a iron fitter in 1881 and widowed. in 1886 he was a commercial clerk.
He married Mary Ann Churchill at Whittington on 4 dec 1884
Child born Ethel una in London rd chr 1 aug 1886 Whittington.
General Notes:
 James was a glove cutter living in Wylds Lane in 1831.
He was a leather parer in 1851 living at no 1 Carden St.
In 1861 they were in the blockhouse Mary as a shopkeeper, and James a glover and he was a newsman by 1881.

1881 Census
James MAUND   Head   M   Male   74   Worcester, England   Newsman   
Mary MAUND   Wife   M   Female   72   Cheltenham, Worcester, 
James MAUND   Son   M   Male   40   Worcester, England   French Polisher   
Samuel MAUND   Son   W   Male   27   Worcester, England   Iron Fitter
 Census Place 2 Carden St (Toy Shop)Worcester Blockhouse, Worcester, England



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