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Somerset Lookup Requests / Re: Hardington Mandeville - DELAMONT
« on: Friday 17 December 10 20:59 GMT (UK)  »
how about Levi Dollimount b 1757, married Grace Sibley 17 June 1783 & died a pauper on 25 May 1793

The marriage is from the parish registers (my transcription), the rest from stuff on the internet - though the Dorset Online Parish Clerk webiste from Melbury Osmond is really useful hence

Grace Sibley was born July 1758 & baptised on 9th July, (and died 22 Oct 1828 from other research)

I suspect her parents are John Sibley/Syblis & Elizabeth who married in Melbury Osmond on 22 Nov 1742

Hope this helps ( or that you can correct my errors)


Somerset / Re: BARTLETT of Closworth
« on: Saturday 13 March 10 18:50 GMT (UK)  »
updates from the archives - selected highlights, I also have burials fot closworth and some yet unlinked in marriges as well as earlier stuff

Closworth Parish Records   Fiche 2/1/2
Baptisms    1716-1812   
Marriage   1758-1808
Burials   1784-1812

Joseph Bartlett and Merriam Young, both of this parish, banns were published in this church April14th, 21st and 28th and were married in the church April 29th 1782 by me N Bartlett, Rector the marriage being solemnised between Joseph Bartlett [his mark] and Merriam Young [her mark]

James Bartlett and Ann Dolimount, both of this parish were married in the church by banns on this 8th day of October 1805 by me N Bartlett, Rector the marriage being solemnised between James Bartlett [his mark] and Ann Dolimount [her mark]

Closworth Parish Records   Fiche 2/1/5
Marriage   1837-1926

No 6. The marriage was solemnised in the parish church of Closworth in the county of Somerset on 22 Sept 1840 between

William Allen    of full age    bachelor    labourer    Closworth    
father-George Allen shoemaker

Mary Bartlett of full age    spinster            Closworth    
father-James Bartlett labourer

No 18. The marriage was solemnised in the parish church of Closworth in the county of Somerset on 23 April 1850 between

Seth Bartlett    of full age    bachelor    labourer    Closworth    
father- James Bartlett labourer

Maria Ryall Gill of full age    spinster            Closworth    
father- Thomas Gill deceased

No 26. The marriage was solemnised in the parish church of Closworth in the county of Somerset on 26 June 1853 between

John [Boathmarkham] of full age bachelor labourer       Closworth
father- John [Boathmarkham] deceased

Susan Bartlett of full age       spinster        Closworth    
father- James Bartlett deceased

and from Hardington Mandeville Fiche 2/1/2 Baptism 1783-1805

Ann, dau of Levi & Grace Dollimont, born 7 Apr 1783, christened 11 Apr 1783
[Lewis] son of Levi & grace Delamont, born 23 Sept 1785, christened 25 Sept 1785
Jane dau of Levi & Grace Delamont, born 25 May 1788, christened 22 June 1788
Jonathon, son of Levi& Grace Delamont, born 5 Nov 1790, christened 22 Nov 1790

finally good point re benjamin's possible first marriage

Somerset / Re: BARTLETT of Closworth
« on: Saturday 06 March 10 08:52 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry just spotted the typo - it is the correct Ben as he is recorded in the dorset records as born closworth - and I can find no other Ben Bartlett born in closworth ( this is the bit I've checked in detail as it was the most legible)

Looking at things here it would appear from the records that Jame's father is Joseph Bartlett - married to Merriam (who from stuff I got from the S&DFHS) was Merriam Young. Their dates are Joseph ( 1762 - 1833) & Merriam (1749 - 1821), with a marriage on 29/4/1782 in Closworth.

Hopefully a second trip will sort out some of this

Somerset / Re: BARTLETT of Closworth
« on: Saturday 06 March 10 08:12 GMT (UK)  »
Ann is next on the list - was intending to saart looking next week ( lots of annual leave to use up by the end of the month!)

Somerset / Re: BARTLETT of Closworth
« on: Friday 05 March 10 18:18 GMT (UK)  »
Benjamin Bartlett was baptised 8 June 1806. he was married twice ( both times in Dorset and therefore availible via findmypast) - first time to sarah Gillard on 24/2/1822 in Ryme Intrinseca 9 which is the adjacent village to Closworth), and then to Judith Childs on 22/9/1825 in Melbury Osmond. ben died and was bureid 7/12/ 1827 and Judith remarried on 20/10/1829 to James Loader in liilington, Dorset

James Bartlett was baptised on 23/12/1787 in Closworth and was married on 8 10/1805. He wss buried 15/4/1846 again in Closworth

pdf from rootsmagic availible if you message me with an e-mail (though it may take a day or to to find time to sort it all out)

Somerset / Re: BARTLETT of Closworth
« on: Thursday 04 March 10 21:16 GMT (UK)  »
only took 12 months - I have started transcribing the Closworth parish records re the Bartletts - Joseph Paul b 1840 is the illegitimate son of Elizabeth, no father given, and the other young ones in the 1851 census are all cousins ( ie James and Ann's grandchildren) but are all illegitimate. Hopefully I'll finally sort it out after a second visist next week but it looks as if Joseph  Bartlett (1762-1833) was James' father, and he was married to Merriam Young in about 1782. The children of this family seem to be a lot of james and Sarah coupled with a high infant mortality rate as well as a possible Richard. More next week...

Somerset / Re: BARTLETT of Closworth
« on: Thursday 02 April 09 21:07 BST (UK)  »
Thought I'd join in as another bartlett from closworth researcher ( though currently stuck but newly excited by this thread...)

My great*2 grandfather was Joseph Paul Bartlett, born 1841 (though not yet tracked down on a birth cert) He appears with the rest of the clan in the census of 1841 & 1851 and appears to be a grandchild of James and Ann. I had been told that his father was Soloman, unlikely if the original post is correct. Joseph's marriage cert does not record a father so who were his parents? and is he an illegitimate child of Elizabeth, Mary or Sarah?

To confude things further I did find a possibility for Soloman Bartlett, a Royal Marine based in Devonport but of the correct age and origin. He has a family, making Jospeh a child left behind when his possible father joined up?

Any hints greatfully recieved

Somerset Lookup Requests / Re: Connock
« on: Thursday 02 November 06 21:31 GMT (UK)  »
whilst i have no definite link to the above mentioned connocks - my grandmother's maiden name was connock and i can trace things back to a william connock , born 1802 in preston plucknett. I suspect ( from parish records ) that there were lots of siblings. Let me know if this is of any interest

Wiltshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 census Wiltshire
« on: Wednesday 27 July 05 14:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi Kris

finally catching up with all these bits.  WE found his death when Fred was about 3months  old.  Still haven't found him in 1851 or 41.  So still don't know where he came from!
Will keep chipping away.

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