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Australia / Re: South Australia - McRITCHIE, Sqn Ldr Alexander Ian
« on: Thursday 21 February 19 10:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Anne,
Quite a few Anne McRs on Facebook, have sent PM to the one mentioning Joy of Ageing and Uni Melbourne.

Australia / Re: South Australia - McRITCHIE, Sqn Ldr Alexander Ian
« on: Wednesday 20 February 19 12:40 GMT (UK)  »
Great to hear from you! I think your branch came to Oz via St Helena though I would be very interested to hear otherwise. While I never spoke to him, clearly your father and I shared a passion for aviation and I may have some info of interest to you. I have sent you a PM.
Best wishes

Australia / Re: Immigrants to Melbourne
« on: Thursday 05 January 17 16:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hello everyone

I'm very touched that so many of you are still prepared to share news of your findings. I am not following up the Sichlau connection as I tied up the last McRitchie link in 2012 and published our family history in a book FERRIES TO FINERY: the McRitchie Family 1650-1914. A copy was sent to the Victoria State Library.

The most fascinating chapter is the one dealing with my gt-gt-gtaunts Margaret and Christina who emigrated to Australia in 1847. At that time so many Scots were emigrating that a steamer ran between Leith north of Edinburgh and Tilbury near London. Britain's railway network was only beginning and the emigrant sailing ships left from Tilbury because steam did not have the range. They then continued around the world for the return journey to take advantage of the prevailing winds, calling at St Helena for provisions en route.

This chapter could not have been written without the help of the Rootschat community, particularly Sue and Jenn. The emigrants' story now forms a 19Mb PDF file and I would be delighted to mail it to any Rootschatter who sends me their email addy by PM.

Best wishes everyone, and thanks again!   Michael

Australia / Re: Immigrants to Melbourne
« on: Tuesday 03 January 17 12:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Roma, hello Judith. Yes I'm still around, just about, having personally discovered our history of heart disease like so many Scottish families. I did notice its prevalence in many death certificates during research but 2014 really brought our medical history to life ... er, maybe that's not the phrase but my surgeons did a wonderful job on my plumbing.

The story of my family's Australian emigrants was by far the highlight of our history. In 1872 my greatx3 aunt Margaret Goddard's daughter Louisa married Emil Theodore Sichlau (1844-1910) a Norwegian emigrant from Oslo and the family moved to Geelong, where they had three children. Louisa died in 1902 aged only 50, and her son Louis died at 35, which makes me wonder if they too inherited our cardiac history. Her husband Emil died in 1910 aged 65. All are buried in Geelong Cemetery, where the very kind staff sent me a picture of their headstone.

I did not follow the Sichlau connection further but I would like to have copy of the obit. If the Sichlau family would like to have our story from North Queensferry in Fife to Australia, which is part of their history too, they would be very welcome, as indeed is anyone else as it could never have been written without the help of so many in Oz -- thanks again!

Roma, I shall send you a PM.  Best wishes for 2016 to you all.

Fife / Re: Fife Herald 1833 - McRitchie
« on: Monday 18 March 13 10:53 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the letter, another piece in the jigsaw! We have a lead to your Helen McRitchie, and have sent you a PM.

Fife / Re: Fife Herald 1833 - McRitchie
« on: Sunday 17 March 13 10:41 GMT (UK)  »
I and my family would be very grateful for this link, thanks very much!

World War Two / Re: Arandora Star
« on: Thursday 24 January 13 17:35 GMT (UK)  »
Many of the victims were washed ashore in Ireland. You'll find a 40-minute documentary on the terrible aftermath on Youtube

Angus (Forfarshire) / KIDD and McRITCHIE families Dundee
« on: Friday 27 April 12 18:09 BST (UK)  »
Our family history which began in North Queensferry is nearing completion (after six yrs!). We would be very grateful for any info on Walter McRitchie of Dundee and his daughter Helen McRitchie who we believe married a Derek Kidd in Dundee East in 1967.

Helen was the daughter of Walter Lewis McRitchie who in 1946 married Alice Third, then 36 years old, in her home parish of St. Clement, Dundee East. They had three children, Helen (b. 1946), Anne (b. 1948) and William (b.1950, d. 1951). Walter worked as a car salesman. We think Anne and William died young, but we think that Helen married. We have tried ringing all the Kidds in Dundee and placed an ad in the local paper without success.

On retirement Walter and Alice returned to Barry Road, Carnoustie where he had been raised. Alice died in 1980 and Walter died at the age of 83. Any info would be very much appreciated.

Fife / Re: Fife Herald 1833 - McRitchie
« on: Tuesday 28 February 12 18:18 GMT (UK)  »
Rootschat to the rescue once again, this is exactly what I was looking for! My ancestors named children Alexander, David, James or John so we'll never know his relationship but it's one of the last pieces in our jigsaw.
Many, many thanks to Dod and everyone who has helped.

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