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When having problems looking for a family in the census I have sometimes been able to find them using just their given names.  This assumes, of course, that you know how the family is made up but names, birth year and place of birth can often come up trumps.

Brilliant  idea. Thank you Suffolkgal x

Thomas could be a mis-read for Francis.

(and vice versa)


Thank you JM. I will try that! Donít think I will be sleeping much tonight!  ;) ;D


Are you expecting a list?


Thank you majm.
I expect it would be a very long one!  :D

I was taught various styles of writing at school  (various teachers wanting their own standards), so I've written down a few styles and

"Fr" could have been mistaken for an "H" , or "Kr", or "Fia"

Hopefully others will come along who have experience of the most common errors found in the 1881 census..

Thank you so much Rena. That will get me started! ;D

I am having trouble locating a family name...Francis.
I wonder if it may have been read as something  else and transcribed incorrectly!
The reason I wonder, is that I was trying to find Rowlands for years on the 1891 census and through the help of this group they appeared as Dowland.
My Francis fathers was a compositor and I have been led up the garden path by the occupational description on Printer on the census transcription, only to see that it is actually painter.
So, it got me wondering...with cursive scrput are there any particular letters that sometimes get mixed up?

I have also looked for him as Frank!

Possible 1851 census

HO107; Piece: 1491; Folio: 726; Page: 41;


Thank you johnhood.
I saw that and kept a note as it is the only census with possibly him on, before 1891.
I have scoured everywhere for his fatherís...also Francis Joseph Francis, Shipping Agent...marriage to a Jane, but as with Francis Joseph Jr it is proving elusive!
Maybe they were out of country...maybe he was in the military. Being a shipping agent, maybe he was away a lot?

Thank you CaroleW.

Thank you Ladyhawk.
I replied...a lengthy reply to johnhood, then went down to further entries and saw you had already answered! I am always in such a rush!  ;D

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