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What I meant to convey was, that due to misinterpretation of cursive script on several transcribed census returns, I had discovered and wrongly assumed that a chap with the same name, date, place of birth and occupation...printer, as my gt gt grandfather, was my gt gt grandfather. As I knew from birth and marriage records that my gt gt grandfather was a compositor, I assumed that seeing the occupation of printer, for someone with the same name, dob, etc, was him.
But, by looking at the original document and not just taking the transcription at face value, I discovered that this other chap was in fact, a painter, and therefore, not my great grandfather.

I have learnt a lesson, in that, it is always worth the time to double check the original document.

The Common Room / Re: The working class in late 19th Century London
« on: Friday 16 October 20 00:26 BST (UK)  »
Thank you locksmith.
I will edit it

Thank you johnhood, kanscar, Ladyhawk and heywood.  :-*

Nellie d, you say he "married 3 women" do you have any evidence he actually married any of them. How have you established his approx birth year please, do you know when he died?



With the latest info from Ladyhawk, I am starting to think that maybe John was right...did he actually marry his first two ďwivesĒ. We know he married Emily Freeman abd Georgina Skeet, but Lois Clark and now, possibly, Mary too! What a scoundrel!
Looks like he dropped Mary and three children to go off with Lois!
Women certainly had a tough time back then.  :(

Thank you Ladyhawk.
Now that is interesting...Francis Joseph, compositor, with that family!
Hmmm...apparently he had a reputation as a bit of a womaniser!

Thank you for pointing out my glaring errors! :-*
I must learn to check, check and triple check!
How on earth I got the names John and Joseph mixed up?
I originally, like a lot of us, did my research years ago, by visiting local records offices. Itís all written in pencil in tiny writing in a big book, with bits crossed over and rubbed out, so I suppose itís inevitable that I made some errors.
How things have changed with all the online access now!

I will go and look with a tidier brain! ;D


Francis Francis also of Sutton street buried April 22 1850

Thanks Mckha489
My Francis Francis died in 1907

The Common Room / The working class in late 19th Century London
« on: Thursday 15 October 20 10:17 BST (UK)  »
I just had to share this excellent book with you all.
Itís called The Five and is written by Hallie Rubenhold.
It is a nonfiction account of the lives of the five main Ripper victims.
But it doesnít look at it from the perspective of their murders, but as women in late 19th Century London.
It covers childbirth, employment, housing, health, marriage, workhouses, etc.
For anyone interested in how their working class  ancestors lived, I cannot recommend thus book highly enough.
If you are a member of your local library, you should be able to access ebook and audiobooks online, through Bolinda Digital and BorrowBox. It is currently available on there in both formats!
My great grandmother lived in Peabody Buildings in Southwark and was later admitted to Walworth Workhouse and on to the Hanwell Schools. This book bought to life, just what it might gave been like, and in so doing, it lead me to think of further clues towards their situation and where they ended up where they did.

Hi Nellie d, can I suggest you hold off ordering birth certificate for a couple of days as we on rootschat May be able to find out more about that birth before you do order


Okay, John. Thank you!
I suppose itís been waiting all these years, a bit longer wonít make a difference!   ;D

Dundee...what a good observation. I went back through everything and he isnít Francis Joseph anywhere. I am not sure how he gained that middle my records. Itís been that for that was a very helpful insight. With that in mind I did another search and found francis Francis , June Q 1849,
Lambeth V 4 P 352. I think that must be him. So I will send off for the birth certificate! ;D

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