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Essex Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage look up for Gullock Please
« on: Monday 22 May 17 19:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi Merryl,

Yes we have spoken before.

I haven't done much in the way of family history for a couple of years now. You get to the point where there are not a lot of records left to search, but this may just draw me back in again.  :)

I'm a bit busy at the moment so will try to look at in the next couple of weeks.

It was Jane, (little fish) that gave me some info. She seems to have a lot more that I have. I think she said that Robert Gullock went to Gravesend.

Something I'll have to look into.


Shropshire / Re: Can any one help with the alias' of Brecknock/Coltons & Breakwells
« on: Monday 26 December 16 00:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Helen,

 Sorry,  no,  I never did find out.   :-[


London and Middlesex / Re: Help needed with a Middlesex marriage
« on: Thursday 15 December 16 20:09 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Louisa! :D

London and Middlesex / Re: Help needed with a Middlesex marriage
« on: Thursday 15 December 16 20:08 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the response. Sorry I have taken so long to reply, It's an email that I use less these days. I've looked for every permutation but have had no luck. I am pretty sure that I have connected her into the right family, but have no proof as I have been unable to find her marriage, or birth entry.  :o

I think her father was William Whitethread a Plasterer from St. John's Hampstead. If you find out there is a connection Please get in touch.  :)


Hi Dawn,

Sorry about the post. I didn't realise you had this policy, it's been ages since I visited the site.

I did know about this marriage, but I assumed it was the son's marriage.
This could put a new twist on it if it is the father that remarried.



Hi Jennifer,

She died in the Lambeth registration district in 1990. She was aged 41.

Hi everyone,

Could I please ask a big favour and ask if some kind sole would look up the following person on the electoral registers.

I am looking for a J P P J Shaw (born around 1945 in Ireland). He was living in the Stockwell area of Lambeth in the 1970's and 80's.

He was married to a May Shaw. They had 2 children that would have been eligible to vote in the 90's.

1. Removed
2. Removed

I believe the wife May died in 1990.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as a friend is trying to trace her father.



World War Two / Re: Royal Artillery
« on: Monday 17 August 15 00:53 BST (UK)  »
Thanks everyone.

The information that I gave previously is all that I know, so I think applying for his records is probably the way forward.


World War Two / Re: Royal Artillery
« on: Saturday 15 August 15 20:23 BST (UK)  »
Ok, thanks all.


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