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London and Middlesex / London marriage licences
« on: Tuesday 02 August 11 16:25 BST (UK)  »

I have a query.

I have found a marriage that I'm interested in on the Pallot's marriage index on Ancestry for a Hy Clement (Paddington Mdx) = Charlotte Eade (w).

They were married by lic. in 1830 at St Giles in the fields.

I then tried to look up the details of the licence on Ancestry on this database:

All London, England, Marriage Licences, 1521-1869 results for Clement

No trace. Presumably the marriage took place as it's on Pallots.

Question:  Why can't I find it?

Any help appreciated, and a nudge in the right direction.

I understand the records for this parish are not readily available on the Internet.  :-\


Shropshire Lookup Requests / Registers of Ditton Priors
« on: Monday 28 March 11 17:31 BST (UK)  »
I'm hoping you can help me.
I have been looking for the baptism of a George Hodnet(t) for over 10 years now. I believe he came from the Burwarton / Ditton Priors area of Shropshire.
The puzzle I have is that for 10 years he has not been on the IGI although the register for Ditton Priors is included, and now all of a sudden he has appeared. I know that not all entries are included, but a distant cousin of mine paid a  researcher to look for him in the registers for Ditton Priors some years ago with no luck.
I also know that sometimes entries are submitted to the IGI by family members, and that these can be at times dubious.
The information I have is (from the new IGI):
George Hodnett
Baptised 24th Feb 1724
Ditton Priors Shropshire
Father = Richrd Hodnett
Mother = Elisabeth

Can anyone tell me if this register is available online?
If anyone has these registers, would it be possible to check if he is there?
I just need verification that this entry exists.

Does anyone know why all of a sudden this entry has appeared? The other batch numbers I've found for Ditton Priors are C037411 & C037413. It seems to be very hit and miss as to what is included and what results are found on any given search using these numbers.

Heeelp ....  please?  :-\


Wales / Can anyone identify this place?
« on: Thursday 10 February 11 14:45 GMT (UK)  »

Please could somebody help me with a place name.

I have an Elizabeth James, who married a Daniel Bond in Sunninghill Berkshire in 1805. In the 1851 census Elizabeth (now Bond) gives her place of birth as Brecknockshire. She also gives a parish/area.

It has been transcribed as Givendor, and it does appear that way to me, but I am unable to find a Givendor area in Brecknockshire.

I am hoping someone may know of an area that may sound like that to an English ear, and point me in the right direction.

I have attached the image for you to see.

Sorry, I can't get the attachment to work!

Sussed it!  ;)



London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / 1891 lookup in Holborn Please
« on: Thursday 13 January 11 16:31 GMT (UK)  »

would somebody be so kind as to look up the details of a Caroline England born about 1826, living with a Joseph England (bn. about 1852) and a Jane Carr (bn. about 1875), living in the Holborn district of London.

I would like to know their place of births and also their relationship to each other if possible.

Many thanks


Shropshire Completed Look up Requests / 1851 census lookup please *completed*
« on: Sunday 03 October 10 12:00 BST (UK)  »

Please could someone tell me which village the couple below can be found in.

Emmirah Dodson bn c. 1795 and
Francis Dodson bn. c. 1795

I know in 1851 they were living in the registration district of Church Stretton, but I don't know precisely where.

Any help would be appreciated



Suffolk Lookup Requests / suffolk marriage
« on: Wednesday 19 May 10 23:09 BST (UK)  »

Does anyone know if there is a Suffolk marriage index online?

I'm looking for the marriage of Charity Fisher to James Battram (Bartram/Bertram or other permutation).

The marriage probably took place in the 1st decade of the 1800's around the Southwold area.
I have a son John for them born 1809 in Southwold. Their dates of birth from the census records are: James c.1781 and Charity c.1779.

Any help would be appreciated.



London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Was he a Chelsea pensioner?
« on: Thursday 18 March 10 16:23 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering whether someone could give me some advice. I have just been searching some new records that have been put online with regard to the Chelsea pensioners.

I made a search of a George England born in Middlesex in 1861.

One did seem to match.
Other info I have from my own research is that he was born in Pancras, his father was called john, and he married in 1881 to a Jessie Jones.

Can anybody tell me whether it would be worth my while paying for this information, or would I just be wasting my money?


Kent Lookup Requests / Isle of Thanet
« on: Tuesday 02 March 10 11:35 GMT (UK)  »

I'm hoping somebody can help me find  a Sarah Colibeare Evers. Possible date of birth 1772 - 1776.

I have a record of a marriage for her to a John Saunders in London in 1798. She is listed as a widow from the Isle of Thanet.

I don't know her maiden name. From another posting, it seems Evers may have been her married name. Whether Colibeare was her maiden name, a middle name or part of her husbands name is not known.

Another rootschatter recommended looking for an Ever's man in and around the area of the Isle of Thanet that married a Sarah, and died  prior to 1798. If this can be found, it may become clear what Sarah's birth name was.

The name Colibeare seems  to have been quite rare. They seem to be mostly concentrated around the Devon Somerset area, but there are a lot of Coolbears in Essex.

Any help would be appreciated.


Kent / Isle of Thanet
« on: Monday 01 March 10 15:34 GMT (UK)  »

Can anybody tell me whether there are any parish registers online for the Isle of Thanet and surrounding areas?

I'm looking for a marriage prior to 1798 and possible burials in the area of the name EVERS.

Any help would be appreciated.


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