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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Occupation - What did he clean? *Completed*
« on: Sunday 06 September 09 22:50 BST (UK)  »
I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what exactly Mrs. Hat's relation cleaned.

Railway something?


Technical Help / *Completed* Updates Causing Problems?
« on: Wednesday 26 August 09 13:25 BST (UK)  »
In the past I've usually solved xp problems with a quick format and reinstall - within an hour I'm back up and running; this time I thought I'd throw it open to suggestions.

Only since I started installing updates I've had the following problems:

Internet connection stops, with no warning (USB modem, reconnects after reboot).
IE won't start (Click on icon, a very brief flash of a page, then nothing).

MSPaint won't let me select any colour, apart from white or black.

System Restore shows "Cannot restore, please select another restore point" for all restore points.

I've scanned for viruses and malware.

Any ideas, or should I stick with "Plan A"?



Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Address Unhoused *Completed, many thanks*
« on: Tuesday 18 August 09 13:48 BST (UK)  »
This is given as the address on the census for one of my relatives - I'm fairly sure it says "Unhoused".

If that's so, then where would they have lived - in a wagon, or tent, by the side of the road?

Perhaps that's where my passion for camping came from!



Mrs. Hat has a Cyrus Annison in her "tree" who apparently sailed from Wellington back to England, on the Rimutaka, in 1891 (we didn't even know he'd gone!).

Cyrus was born in Sculcoates, Hull, in 1855.

Is there anywhere I can look that will tell me what he was doing, whilst in NZ?




I'm trying to find Emily Ann Barrow and her parents in the 1861 and 1871 censuses.

She was born in 1856 (Wortley, 9c   170), the daughter of Edward Barrow and Ann, nee Hinchliff.
She married Charles Horsfield in 1872, in Penistone Registry Office (marriage certificate shows father Edward deceased).

I've had a quick look, in the library, but I've been unable to find anything.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Roger The Hat.

Norfolk Completed Look up Requests / Baptism after Marriage? *Completed, Thanks*
« on: Thursday 02 July 09 14:39 BST (UK)  »
A simple question for you all:

I have a William Bubbin(g)s who married a Maria or Martha Flowerday, in Stalham.

The I.G.I. gives the marriage date as 25th Mar. 1811.
The I.G.I. also gives the bride's christening date as 8th Sep. 1833.

That's 22 years later.

Forgive my lack of knowledge in these matters, but is this normal, or is it just a mistake?

Thanks for looking.

Roger The Hat. 

Norfolk / Looking for a book about Ludham
« on: Thursday 25 June 09 13:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi, all,

I'm trying to locate a book, "Ludham, A Norfolk Village 1800 - 1900",
by Joan Snelling. I haven't been able to find one by "Googling".

Does anyone know of any shop where I could find it?

Thanks for looking.

Roger The Hat.  


Could some kind person tell me if William Bubbings (prob. b. abt. 1790) appears in a '41 census for Stalham, in Norfolk, please? For the moment I am just trying to establish his wife's name.


Norfolk / Old Ludham Map
« on: Saturday 13 June 09 21:43 BST (UK)  »
I was wondering if anyone had access to an old map of Ludham, possibly pre-1890, and could tell me exactly where Chapel Row was?

I visited the village recently, but there is no sign of it now.


Roger The Hat

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