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England / which school is this ?
« on: Friday 02 August 19 19:56 BST (UK)  »

can anyone tell me which school in East Tilbury, Essex this is ?
I can't read it.

The card was signed in 1941 W.F. Fox (I think) Dioc. Inspr. (don't know what that means)

England / records of people setteling in a new town/city/village
« on: Thursday 01 August 19 21:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,

Just wondering if people in England who are moving to a new town/city/village have to unregister in the place they are leaving and register in the new place they are going to.
That's how it goes overhere in the Netherlands.
If it's the same in England are there any records ?
was wondering when my Nan went from Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex, to Dover, Kent.
I'm guessing just after the war, but not sure.

Dutch MissMarple

England / Redruth Maternity Ward, Trewirgy Corner
« on: Wednesday 31 July 19 22:42 BST (UK)  »

The Maternity Ward Trewirgy Corner in Redruth.
How long has it excisted ? (Or does it still ?)
Wondering if it excisted in the 1920's.
Looking for a possible birth in this region (near Hayle). Between 1920 and 1924.
Surname would have been Wilson.
Were stillbirths recorded in that period of last century ?

Thank you for your time.

Dutch MissMarple

Essex Lookup Requests / Joseph Poole and Elizabeth any children ?
« on: Wednesday 31 July 19 22:20 BST (UK)  »
Hi again

Joseph Poole who married Amelia Wright in 1806, was married before.
He married Elizabeth Perry in 1796 in Great Waltham.
Elizabeth died in 1805.
5 months later Joseph married Amelia.
Could it be that Joseph and Elizabeth had children and he needed a wife to take care of the children quickley ?

so….: did Joseph and Elizabeth have any children ?
And when and where was Elizabeth born ?

Any help grately appreciated.

Dutch MissMarple

Essex Lookup Requests / Joseph and Amelia Poole, how many children ?
« on: Wednesday 31 July 19 22:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

Joseph Poole and Amelia Wright married in 1806 Rattclif, Stepney, Middlesex
They had (as far as I know) 4 children:

Amelia 1813
Joseph Henry 1817
Eliza Ann 1819
Elizabeth 1821

All children born in Woodford Bridge, Essex

I'm wondering if there were any other childern born between 1806 and 1813 ?

Thank you for your time

Dutch MissMarple

Hi all,
I'm trying to find out where my Grandmother Doris Blanch(e) Windley (nee Wilson born 1905) lived in 1937 to about 1950

I have found her in the Electoral Registers 1934, 1935, 1936. She was living in Dorking with husband Frederick Jack.

In 1939 she was living in Thurrock Essex (England & Wales Register)

Grandfather Frederick was killed in action 1940 at Dunkirk during operation Dynamo.

So where was Doris living in 1938, 1940 to 1944 ?

In 1945 she lived in Stanford le Hope Essex

Where was she from 1946 to 1950 ?

As you can see, she moved around a lot....

Are there any Electoral Registers for these years ?

thank you for your time.

Dutch MissMarple

oh I just rememberred she also lived in Dover for quite some years but I don't know if she moved there before  or after the war.

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Trewirgie Corner, Maternity Ward in Redruth
« on: Thursday 18 July 19 08:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

looking for any information as well as photos of Trewirgie Corner in Redruth. It is (or was ?) a Maternity Ward.
Does anyone know if the records of this Maternity Ward from the year 1945 are public ?
Looking for the birth of a relative of mine. I have his birthcertificate but looking for additional information (as much as possible).

Any help grately appreciated.

Dutch MissMarple

England / Looking for a British Officer Royal engineers WW II
« on: Friday 12 July 19 11:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm not sure if the man I'm looking for really excisted. I found the name of this man in a letter my Nan wrote.
He could be the father of my uncle. My Nan never really wanted to say who his father was and told different stories/names. So this might be another ghost hunt. But I can try anyway.
What she said in this letter:

He was a British Officer R.E., attached to the Czech Army than in England. He was in London (we are talking about 1943/1944). He was suddenly posted in France, where he was killed in action just before X-mas 1944. My uncle was born July 1945.

His name was (according to Nan) Frederick Charles. Surname she wouldn't mention, or Charles might have been his Surname.

There is a (small) possibility that Frederick had a connection to Cornwall (either born there, or live there), but I'm not sure about that.

thank you

Dutch MissMarple

England / Polish soldiers or officers in England ww II ?
« on: Friday 12 July 19 11:09 BST (UK)  »
I'm wondering if there were any Polish soldiers or officers in England during WW II, 1944/1945.
If yes, why were they in England and where would they have been (which places).

thank you

Dutch MissMarple

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