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Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Photo of a grave Cemetery Shorne, Kent
« on: Sunday 28 June 20 20:51 BST (UK)  »
thank you Bearkat

Kent Lookup Requests / Mercy Sophia Wilson (nee Pearce)
« on: Sunday 28 June 20 20:49 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

Mercy Sophia Pearce married Benjamin Thomas Wilson in 1867.
Census 1871 has them living in Cliffe with daughter Alice.

After that Mercy dissapears from Benjamin's life.

I know she was in and out of workhouses from 1900 - 1912 (over 50 times)
what could the reason be that someone was in and out of workhouses so often ?
Sometimes a day, sometimes weeks. Always under the name Pearce and not Wilson ! Sometimes Mercy, other times Mary.

Census 1901 she's at St. George's hanover Union Workhouse Chelsea
Census 1911 she lives in Higham
She died in 1918 (name Wilson) in Higham (Poor Law Union Records)

so my questions:

where was she censuses 1881 and 1891.If she was in a workhouse are there any records ?
what could be the reason for so many times in a workhouse.
Excuse my question but is a workhouse a kind of prison or mental hospital ?

thank you

Dutch MissMarple

Hi Pennines,

that could be him !
unfortunately I don't have a subsription to Find My past  :-[

But, if he was in the East Indies for that period of time, was he allowed to go home now and then?
I mean, he did father 3 children who were born in England. the youngest one was born in Madras, so his wife would have been with him.
Not sure if the oldest daughter Rhoda Sarah was his though. She was born in 1856 and they didn't get married until 1858. Besides, Rhoda's father is stated as being Thomas (?????). Maybe George's brother....., but that's another mystery all together...


Kent Lookup Requests / George Willson (Wilson) census lookup please 1841 to 1861
« on: Saturday 27 June 20 15:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

looking for George Willson
Bapt. 1829 Bearsted Kent.
son of Thomas and Charlotte

occupation census 1871 (Plymouth, Devon): Gunner Royal Art.

died before 12 August 1876. Daughter Rhoda Sarah got married that day, father mentioned as being George Wilson, soldier, deceased.

Census 1861 shows wife Ellen and children living in Higham Kent, but no George.
So where was he at that time ?

What I'm looking for....
where was he census 1841, 1851 and 1861 ?
where was he in 1863 ? Daughter Charlotte was born in about 1863 in Madras West Indies
The other children where all born in England

When and where did he die ? obviously between 1871 and 1876. couldn't find him on Free BMD

Also important to me: did Thomas and Charlotte have any more children ?

thank you !

Dutch Missmarple

Essex Lookup Requests / census 1861 lookup please Eliza Wilson
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 15:02 BST (UK)  »
looking for Eliza Wilson census 1861
born 1844 Writtle Essex

father Thomas, mother Rebecca

census 1851 with parents
census 1871 with parents
census 1881 servant in houshold of St. Maur , Wilcott Manor, Wiltshire

but where was she in 1861 ? age about 17 years

thank you

Dutch MissMarple

Surrey / Re: can anyone read the names of the witnesses ?
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 13:04 BST (UK)  »
ok, thank you all.
had hoped that the wittnesses would be relatives.


Surrey / can anyone read the names of the witnesses ?
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 12:20 BST (UK)  »
can anyone read the names of the witnesses ?

Is it: Jeremiah ..... ?

        ...... Wilson ?

thank you

Dutch MissMarple

Cornwall Lookup Requests / Castle Kayle Farm, Hayle, Richards Family 1945-1946
« on: Wednesday 10 June 20 20:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

looking for any information about Mrs. Doris Windley who stayed at the above mentioned farm with the Richards family I believe,  from january 1945 - July 1945.
Would like to know if there is anyone who can tell me anything about Mrs. windley being at the farm.
Mrs. windley lived in Linford Essex before she went to Cornwall.
I think after July 1945 she went back to Linford and moved to Dover sometime in 1946.
Did she visit Castle Hayle Farm again in 1946 before moving to Dover ?
I know it's a longshot, but any help grately grately apprectiated.

Thank you for your time

Dutch MissMarple

Kent Lookup Requests / looking for a photo of a building in Shorne
« on: Saturday 06 June 20 21:19 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for a photo of a building in Shorne.
The House Name was: Keepers House in Lower Shorne. Streetname: Railway Gate.
Can anyone tell me if there is a photo of this house or where I might find one ?

thank you !

kind regards

Dutch MissMarple

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