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Hertfordshire Lookup Requests / Ralph Elson lookup please
« on: Thursday 10 September 20 18:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

looking for Ralph Elson, born about 1635 Sandon.
Married a Priscilla about 1655-ish ?
Daughter Elizabeth was born 1663 in Writtle Essex

so my questions:

- Was Ralph indeed born 1635 ?
- Parents ? Grandparents ?
- Siblings ?
- Priscilla who ?

Any help grately appreciated

Dutch MissMarple

England / Re: marriage lookup please
« on: Friday 24 July 20 12:58 BST (UK)  »
I'll have to find out Debra, won't I  ;D


England / Re: marriage lookup please
« on: Friday 24 July 20 10:42 BST (UK)  »
thank you jonw65. I will look into this also in the next couple of days.

Why didn't you?

complete slipped my mind. have so many names to research. Including my dutch ancestors.


England / Re: marriage lookup please
« on: Friday 24 July 20 08:41 BST (UK)  »
thank you all !

looks like Thomas sr. did not marry Emma Adsley, but Sarah Emma Smith.
And that Thomas Adsley Brown was not his son.
All very confusing and it looks like a lot of people just copied the familytree details about Thomas Adsley without any further research.
I will order Thomas Adsley's birthcertificate to be sure 100% who his father was. I don't want any mistakes in my familytree !


England / Re: marriage lookup please
« on: Thursday 23 July 20 20:03 BST (UK)  »
H PaulineJ,

no, I haven't. all the details I have I found on other people's familytrees on Ancestry.
But I must say, there are many familytrees that are not reliable. So much copy and paste work.
Came across this family again and thought give it another try. After reading my earlier post, it's obvious that there are more questions then answers regarding this family. If they are related at all (meaning Thomas Adsley Brown and his "parents" Thomas and Emma).


England / marriage lookup please
« on: Thursday 23 July 20 19:16 BST (UK)  »
looking for the marriage of Thomas Brown (b. abt. 1847, Belfast Ireland) and Emma Adsley (b. abt. 1849, where ?)


Thomas Adsley Brown, 1875 Rochester, Kent
Emma brown, 1877 Winchester, Hampshire
Mary Brown, 1879 Colchester, Essex
Ellen Brown, 1882 South Africa
Alice Brown, 1886 South Africa
Charles Brown, 1888 Gibraltar
Lucy Brown, 1890 Chatham, Kent
Harry Brown, 1893 Chatham, Kent

because 3 children were born abroad, I now know why I couldn't find them in England census 1881

Are there any records of when they moved to South Africa and when they came back ?

But most important I would like to know when and where Thomas and Emma were married.

thank you for your time

Dutch MissMarple

Hi Jim1

All I know about Albert Dennis Wilson (the guy on the left in the other photo I posted):
Attestation Year 1918
Cabinet Maker (Apprentice)
Service Number 247064

Know nothing about the guy on this photo. might be a relative of Albert, but beginning to doubt now. Could be a good friend. In that case it's probably impossible to find out who he is.....


thank you, although he seems very young to have served overseas at age 17 or 18 (if he's Douglas James Houghten)


Hi TreeTotal: thanks for your reply

Hi SiGr: thanks for the info. Since both men were born 1899/1900 they seem a bit young to be active in WWI, but it's possible I guess.
I posted another photo of the man on the left, and someone replied that he served overseas, do you agree with this conclusion ?


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