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The Common Room / Where do members live?
« on: Monday 29 June 09 12:24 BST (UK)  »
Is there any reason why members' home town/county etc cannot be included in their published details?  It would often be helpful to know how much detail to provide, when posting help.

Occupation Interests / Crockford's Clerical Directories look-up?
« on: Friday 26 June 09 13:02 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone access to the Directories for around 1930-1939 period, and could look for Revd. William Henry  CREER.  He left the parish of Aigburth (Liverpool) in 1928 and may have returned to the Isle of Man.  I am looking for any parishes he may have served post-1928.
Many thanks if you can help.

Occupation Interests / CANCEL Oxford University - Foster's Alumni
« on: Saturday 20 June 09 13:20 BST (UK)  »
Any chance of a look-up in the Alumni volume covering around 1900 for James Mein Hannah, MA?
Some missing detail needed for a potted biog. of a former vicar.
Many thanks in advance

Cancelled,as the publication does not cover this date.

Isle of Man Lookup Requests / Rev.William Henry Creer - IoM & Liverpool
« on: Wednesday 17 June 09 09:48 BST (UK)  »
Revd. Wm. H. Creer was vicar of St Anne's, Aigburth in Liverpool from 1923 to 1928, and previously curate there for a year following other curacies in the Liverpool diocese.
He is thought to have been born in the Isle of Man, and may have died there, though his later career is not known.  He attended Liverpool University before ordination as Deacon (1903) and Priest (1904).
Any information about him would be most welcome.  I have never had to look into IoM  details before!

Cumberland Lookup Requests / John Grant of Maryport, c1785
« on: Tuesday 02 June 09 14:50 BST (UK)  »
Rebecca Grant was married to Thomas Morris on 19 February 1806 at St.Anne's Church, Liverpool (known as St.Anne, Richmond - demolished 1970s).  One of their children was John Grant Morris, my ancestor.
Rebecca was born 18 February 1785 and baptised 17 April at the Scotch Presbyterian Church, Maryport, Cumberland, daughter of John Grant and his wife Ann.  The County Archive Service  at Carlisle told me that their microfilm copy of the church's register includes that baptism and states that John and Ann were ‘of Maryport’.  At that time the west Cumberland ports had much trade with Liverpool and many of Liverpool's ship-owners shipbuilders and merchants had migrated for greater opportunities as Liverpool's trade gradually increased at the expense of its rivals.
I have not found a marriage for this couple listed in the IGI or elsewhere, but a photocopy in Liverpool RO of the registers of Kaye Street Presbyterian Chapel, Liverpool (later known as Hope Street Unitarian Church) show the following baptisms of children of a John Grant and Ann his wife (no mother's maiden name given).
   John   born 19 April       bapt. 18 May 1787
   Sarah   born 13 March      bapt 28 March 1791
   James   born 18 October   bapt.17 November 1793
[probably died young and replaced by a younger brother - see James of 1796/7]
   George   born 12 May      bapt.17 June 1795
   James   born 27 Dec.1796   bapt. 29 January 1797.

If anyone can throw any light on this family I should be thankful.

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Colindale newspaper look-up?
« on: Saturday 09 May 09 10:18 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone visiting Colindale with time to spare who could look up an article in Bell's Life in London a sporting paper of Victorian times.
The issue of 31 January 1858, page 6 refers to Liverpool (Rugby) Football Club and its origins, and I would like to have a copy of the text, if possible.
I'm happy to refund any cost involved or would return the compliment  with a look-up in Liverpool.

Occupation Interests / Clergy - look-up in Crockford's Directory/ies
« on: Tuesday 21 April 09 18:03 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for parishes served by Revd. John [Jack] Strand Jones, a Welsh Rugby International in 1903, who was vicar or curate at Corwen in 1908, spent some time in India in the 1920s, and lived in Lampeter in his later years after WW2.
Would be grateful for help.

Technical Help / IGI old style (pre internet)
« on: Friday 17 April 09 07:52 BST (UK)  »
Since getting online access to the IGI/Family Search I had almost forgotten how useful the old format, on fiche, could be at times.  The county sections could be viewed with all of one surname set out together, making it easy to look for family groups.
Is it accessible via the net?
Advice welcome.

Northumberland Lookup Requests / Look-up please, Earsdon Marriage 1802
« on: Thursday 16 April 09 11:14 BST (UK)  »
Although I have seen the Bishop's Transcript entry, I would be grateful if someone could look for the original marriage entry in the Earsdon parish register for the following:
April 21st 1802 - Robert Daglish and Margaret Twizell.
They were married by licence.  I would like to know if there is any extra info such as occupation, parents, witnesses' names, etc.

Can anyone tell me where allegations/bonds for that period are?  Is it Durham?
Many thanks in advance.

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