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Thank you for that.  Iíll have a search on that name to see if anything comes up.

Yes, those details help but stop short of real value.  I have other 15th Hussars people in that part of the family, and will put all their bits and pieces together before launching into the Armed Forces dept.

Thanks very much for the background and hints for progress which Iíll follow up when possible.
Trafalgar seems to have been on uk/Australia via India voyages and described some where as a freighter.

I am interested in the fate of two children of Troop Sergeant Major Michael Joyce of 15th Regiment of Hussars, and his wife Mary, who were returning, with their children, from India in the sailing ship 'Trafalgar' in 1854.  Their eight children are all recorded as born in Bangalore, and two had already died there.

Ancestry has several trees which include this family.  In one or two there are suggestions that the youngest child, Catherine Helena Joyce was born at sea, and a narrative includes information that she was baptised by a RC chaplain at St Helena, when the vessel called there.  I have found that baptism recorded, on FindMyPast, 'British Armed Forces & O'seas  Births & Baptisms', vol 280, p.9.

There are are also suggestions that Catherine and a son, James Charles Joyce aged 5 or 6, died on this voyage.  I have been unable to track down anything about their deaths and would welcome suggestions about possible sources.
Many thanks

World War One / Re: Identify cap badge please
« on: Sunday 22 March 20 13:06 GMT (UK)  »
I think the reference to West Riding Regt is a red herring, and the poster meant the W R version of the Gunner badge.

Technical Help / Re: Big thanks to Trystan and Sarah
« on: Sunday 22 March 20 10:29 GMT (UK)  »
Hear, hear from here, too.

Dublin / Re: Dublin directory in 1852?
« on: Wednesday 18 March 20 17:02 GMT (UK)  »
That is all interesting.  I see the Leeds connection to the Horncastles, and that could tie in with the Gould link, as they were based there for many years.

Interesting link between the house and artillery!

Thanks to you both.

Dublin / Re: Dublin directory in 1852?
« on: Wednesday 18 March 20 10:58 GMT (UK)  »
My, that was quick.  Thank you very much.  As my relative was a servant according to her marriage entry, I do not think she was related to the undertaker.
Useful link to the directory noted, thanks again.

Dublin / Dublin directory in 1852?
« on: Wednesday 18 March 20 10:42 GMT (UK)  »
A relative married a soldier in Dublin in April 1852.  Her addressin the register was 75 Cooke Street.  If anyone has access to a directory, could they kindly see who was living there? 

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