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The Common Room / Alnwick newspaper
« on: Tuesday 09 February 21 15:59 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know if there was a 'newspaper' of any description prior to the founding of the Alnwick Mercury in 1854, please? 

Gloucestershire / Death sentences
« on: Thursday 28 January 21 15:47 GMT (UK)  »
I've just come across a page in the account of the Summer Assizes, 1818 in Gloucester where 5 men were sentenced to death.  The crimes were Housebreaking (2), Horse stealing, Sheep Stealing and Burglary.  There is an annotation against the Burglar stating "Executed".  Not even transported, but sentenced to death?  The man who may be my relative received 7 years for larceny; I'm not sure how larceny (theft) is different to any other type of stealing but it seems he was just lucky.  I don't think that, bearing in mind just how many crimes were committed in this one area and tried at the Assizes, there was any effect on the crime rate.  Am I jaded in thinking that these sentences were very harsh.  I know we all (well most people) reckon we are too soft these days but I don't think we should actually go back to the early 19th century, do you?

The Common Room / Ancestry - Why do I need Premium membership?
« on: Saturday 16 January 21 15:46 GMT (UK)  »
I have found several of our (mine and Himself's) rellies amongst the WWI records on Ancestry.  Today, I found another under "WWI Pension Ledgers and Index Cards, 1914-1923".  Why would they say that for this particular record card I need Premium Membership?

The Common Room / Banns and marriage
« on: Thursday 31 December 20 13:53 GMT (UK)  »
I know there is usually - these days - only a short while between the 3rd reading of the Banns and the actual marriage, but would there be a limit now or at any other time?  In one of my lines, I have a reading of the banns in the middle of one year (mid-1800s) and a marriage just over 2 years later (same couple).  Would the vicar/priest have insisted on a re-reading - especially if the 'living' had changed hands and he didn't know the couple?  And is it Church Law or English Law that Banns be promulgated 3 times before the marriage?  It is possible that there was a reason for the hold-up - maybe family illness, or one of the couple being ill for some time, etc. - but I haven't found anything to suggest this.  This is more idle speculation than anything that's necessary to the tree, but I was intrigued.

Northumberland / Irregular marriages
« on: Wednesday 23 December 20 14:31 GMT (UK)  »
I understand about 'irregular' marriages in the Borders.  What I do not get is, why would a couple who participate in an 'irregular' marriage then have all their children baptised in the CoE?  This has happened a few times in one of my family lines in Northumberland and it seems a little strange that they would travel up to Lamberton Toll to marry and then have all their children baptised in Alnwick, where they lived and where they were - in the main - born.  Or am I missing something here?

The Common Room / An epidemic maybe?
« on: Tuesday 15 December 20 15:38 GMT (UK)  »
Place: St Matthews, Little Lever, Bolton.  1796-97

The parish records show that 24 burials took place over 9 months: 21 from Little Lever, 2 from Darcy Lever and one from Great Lever.  Apart from 5, they were all of children aged 3 years and below; the others were 39, 34, 25, 24, and 17.  There is nothing to suggest why...possibly smallpox? Cholera? Diphtheria?  There is also nothing to suggest social status but I'm guessing overcrowded conditions with poor sanitary arrangements.  How sad is that?  And how did a parish priest cope with all those little children, one after the other?  It doesn't bear thinking about.

Technical Help / Help! Windows 97 to 365
« on: Saturday 29 August 20 15:51 BST (UK)  »
Oh dear, oh dear!

Our Windows 10 licence was running out and because of other stuff we do on the PC, we decided to go for the full Office suite running Windows 365.  Before we did so, I tidied up some very messy file folders under my Genealogy heading and put every document/certificate/registration/'story' that wasn't already there on the appropriate tree on Ancestry.  Because they were all 'safe' (and every one readable  at that time on Ancestry) I deleted the originals.

We've now got 365 up and running and everything was hunky-dory...UNTIL (there's always an 'until'!!) I opened one of the Word documents, which was actually the transcript of an 1853 letter which contains A LOT of information.  I couldn't read it!!  It puts up an Error Message telling me to "Open the file with Text Recovery Converter".  Now this is one of the very few I missed in the deletion process so I still do have a copy of it (phew...).  I opened it up from File Explorer, all good and readable.  I deleted the one out of Ancestry and re-attached the File Explorer copy.  It still gives me the same message.  And all Word documents are the same throughout the various trees.  Every other type of 'picture' in the Galleries are fine - census forms, BMD registration documents, etc.  So what can I do?  Can anyone help?  Please... (and can you hear that I'm relapsing into a whine :'()

Any assistance would be most gratefully received.  Thank you.


Northumberland / A possible irregular marriage?
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 16:04 BST (UK)  »
Hi, there Chatters:  I do hope everyone is staying safe and well.

I have come across a baptism in Alnwick of a John Craven Robinson dated 10 Aug, 1864.  His parents were Henry Robinson and Mary Ann ??  Later censuses show that J.C. was the 5th of 6 children, the first being Elizabeth, born in 1840...bearing in mind large gaps, there may have been more who were born and died in between censuses.  Mary Ann's dob show as ca. 1818 in these censuses in Alnwick and I am assuming she married ca. 1838-40.

I have a Mary Ann Craven who has gone 'missing' from the large family of John Craven and Elizabeth Lindores.  We have all the information on the family EXCEPT for Mary Ann, who was born in Alnwick ca. 1816 (baptised in the October of that year according to Durham Bishop's Transcripts and the only record we do have of the 1841 census she is out of the picture).
Mary Ann's mother was Elizabeth Lindores; this Mary Ann Robinson called their first daughter Elizabeth.  With the old naming patterns being used from the 18th century right through to me, it makes me think that this Mary Ann is 'mine'.  One of her sisters (Isabella Charlotte) married irregularly at Lamberton Toll.  Is there any way of finding out if Mary Ann and Henry Robinson did the same?  I have checked Ancestry, Scotland's People and LDS to no avail.
I have tried to find her through her death and have discovered a Mary Ann Robinson who died in 1892 in Alnmouth (England Select Deaths & Burials), but so far no FindAGrave record that matches up.  Is there any way of finding Lamberton Toll information? 

Thanks in advance for any ideas, however crazy!

Dumfriesshire / Agnes Paterson & her ever-changing family
« on: Monday 27 April 20 15:47 BST (UK)  »
All the following relates to Dunscore, Dumfriesshire or its environs.

1841 Agnes Paterson, aged 20, a dressmaker (and continues to be so in following censuses).  Lives with Mother Agnes (nee Kirk) aged 55 and brother James, aged 20.

1851 Agnes Paterson, aged 30, living with mother Agnes, aged 66 and MARY GIBSON, aged 12 mos, noted as 'granddaughter' to head (i.e., Agnes the Elder).  As Agnes had 2 brothers named Paterson, it is assumed that Mary is her daughter.

1861 Agnes Paterson, aged 40, living with 'daughter' MARY BOYES, aged 11 and son WILLIAM McConvile, aged 9 mos.

1871 Agnes Paterson, aged 50, living with 'daughter' MARION JOHNSTON, aged 21, son JOHN JOHNSTON, aged 17, and son WILLIAM CONVIEL, aged 10.

1881 Agnes Paterson, aged 60, 'Pauper, formerly seamstress' living with son THOMAS W. G. CONVILLE.

We start with Mary:  starting as GIBSON, then becoming BOYES, finally moving to MARION JOHNSTON.  As the ages and birthplace (Dunscore) are common through 3 censuses it is assumed they are referring to the same girl. 

Next, William.  Starting as McConville, then becoming CONVIEL, and finally moving to CONVILLE (as well as adding 2 forenames).  I understand that, owing to enumerator and/or reporter failings, changes as close as this can happen. 

Finally John, where did he suddenly appear from?

I've tried SP, FamilySearch and Ancestry for births of these 3 children to no avail.  I've looked for marriage(s) for Agnes, still no answers are forthcoming. 

Any clues, anyone - pretty please?  It's doing my head in!! ??? ???

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