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The Stay Safe Board / Mother's Day
« on: Saturday 21 March 20 17:01 GMT (UK)  »
May I have the honour of wishing all mothers a Happy Mothering Sunday tomorrow?  This will be the first time ever I have not had to buy a card/flowers/gift.  My mum left us over 30 years ago, but my mama-in-law died this year aged 96 in a care home in Canada.  Of course, we used to send her the card in May BUT, while in the UK (we did spend 20 years in Canada) I also used to send her the Mothering Sunday card.  So I, too, feel saddened this year.  I have no children of my own (no regrets) but it still tugs when I see the card displays this year.

The Stay Safe Board / Tips for safe shopping
« on: Friday 20 March 20 16:07 GMT (UK)  »
May I propose a good tip for those who cannot find gloves/wipes etc. and are worried about hand hygiene. Get a clean, absorbent cloth (such as an old face flannel).  Soak in hot water and then wring until damp.  Using a sponge soaked in  disinfectant, dab all over until the cloth is fully 'treated'.  Seal in a bag, take to supermarket and before collecting trolley, wipe the handle over several times before touching.  Re-treat during shop.   You can use it for door handles, etc. too.  Who needs wipes?

The Lighter Side / Spring cleaning
« on: Sunday 08 March 20 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
When I started researching - some 12 years ago now - I was very organised.  However, as time has gone on and information has flooded in, my files have become jammed with registrations, parish records, 'stories', etc. etc.  The other day I was looking for some information that I thought I had and realised that the one Genealogy folder with all of its sub-files was a MESS! I had files in sub-files, 2 folders for 3 of the families, etc.  No wonder I used to get confused when I was looking for info I 'knew' I had! Coupled with the foregoing, I'd recently been told by someone about how they'd had to clear out their spouse's files on the computer their death and it was taking them weeks and weeks, because they had to read everything to make sure that it was either unimportant and could be deleted or had to be kept for whatever reason and I didn't want anyone to have to go through that with my stuff.  Also, my lines have all 'dried up' at the moment.  So, I started to check everything, against every person named in those files, on 'the site'. I found that most of the documentation IS recorded (usually in a couple of places, as for example marriage info being on both partners Profiles) so it has all gone now.  I did find several pieces of information which I have duly entered - and found some secondary information because of that.  Result!!!  I have cleaned out over 100 pieces of information and moved about another 20.  Only about 30 to go now!

I am now looking at my Shoebox on the site.  There are 26 pages of information that 'might' be useful, so I guess I should start on that too as it is going to benefit nobody but myself to hold it there.  As a lot of it is in those first years, I'm wondering if I may come up with something 'new' that will kick-start the process all over again.

Has anyone else gone through this exercise?  It is quite cathartic, honestly!

Cheshire / The Hardmans' House, Liverpool (NT)
« on: Saturday 11 January 20 15:49 GMT (UK)  »
Are there any NT members out there who have visited the Hardmans' House, please?  What I want to know is whether there are any details available at the house in regard to the Hardman ancestry.  I have 2 lines of Hardmans (mainly Cheshire) in my trees and I was wondering whether or not they connect with this family in Liverpool.  As the photographer, Edward Chambre Hardman, has a fairly unusual name, I could go about this by setting up his tree, but as we are probably going to be in that area in a couple of months' time, I just thought I could save myself some hassle!!

Lanarkshire / James Walker: Date of death & burial details COMPLETE THANKS
« on: Friday 20 December 19 15:22 GMT (UK)  »
I gave up on this about 4 years ago but now EVERYTHING seems to have come to a halt in the 5 lines I am following.  So, I decided to re-investigate branches that had been abandoned earlier because of lack of documentation, and a quick look at my notes from back then shows the following:

James Walker, b. 16 May, 1863 in Irongray, Kirkudbrightshire. 
Mother: Isabella Paterson and father William Walker. 
Married Helen Crouther (or Carruthers - 6 Jun, 1865-31 Mar, 19300) on 3 Oct, 1887 in Glasgow.
Offspring:  William, 1889-?; Jessie Carruthers,1891-1918; James, 1896-?; and Annie Carruthers, 1897-1960.

I have chapter and verse on Jessie C. and Annie C. (but not on the boys)  However, I can find no date of death or burial details on James Sr.  I have Helen's death reg'n, which shows he was still alive in 1930 when she died (he registered the death).  My notes taken at the time of starting research show that his granddaughter stated he was buried, along with Helen, in Riddrie Cemetery but no records show that.  Mind you, she was beginning to show the first signs of the dementia that would finally take her life earlier this year, so I am not sure if the cemetery details are correct.

Any idea, anyone?  I'm not too worried about the sons as yet but the dad's details (not to be found on SP, by the way despite the fact that they are fairly 'recent') are puzzling me.

Thanks in advance, Chatters - hope the Christmas prep is going well!


Lancashire / How good is your knowledge of Blackburn?
« on: Wednesday 13 November 19 15:19 GMT (UK)  »
In 1951, we used to live in Florence Street, Blackburn, at No. 49.  This was a corner shop selling mainly groceries.  The whole street was terraced housing, both sides, in those days.  Looking at the street now on Google Maps, it has obviously been pulled down completely and rebuilt...they've even got gardens!! (Of course, we all had back yards with the privy in the corner although our place had all the mod cons, i.e. an indoor bathroom, very posh!).  It looks as though we were on the corner of Pelham Street, I think.  The area at the bottom of the street that is all industrial is where I believe used to be a mill.  I remember 'girls' rushing in to the shop to order something to be ready for them coming back in the evening having tried to tell my mum from the other side what they wanted and failing:  of course, they could lip-read, she couldn't!!  Even Moss Street has been modernised... across the road from Florence Street used to be a pie shop.  I distinctly remember, when my dad was in hospital in his final weeks of life, mum used to send my eldest brother (13) and me (6) to the pie shop and my other brother (11) to the chippie - for Saturday lunch.  She was way too busy trying to run the shop and get everything done so she could close 'early' (5 p.m.) so she could visit my dad. Does anyone have anything to gainsay my 'geographical' knowledge of the place?  I know the memories are correct because I remember my mum talking about it not long before she died in 1987.  We were spring-cleaning her kitchen and she still had a couple of pudding basins and an enamel 'ashet' from those days - and was still loath to get rid of them.  Indeed, I had one of the basins for years after that!

Technical Help / Software problem - need help from 'those in the know'
« on: Monday 26 August 19 15:22 BST (UK)  »
I don't use my laptop very often, apart from an accounting program, and I find I have lost my Office products (Word, Excel, etc.) as my licence has run out by around 6 months.  If I buy another one, will I be able to retrieve any documents etc. that are now lost to me but should be within my directories?  I like to work on Ancestry stuff on it occasionally (mainly when Himself is using the desktop) and now find I am stymied in a lot of cases.  Pretty please, tell me it will all be okay... :'( :'( :'(

Derbyshire / Hatton
« on: Sunday 11 August 19 16:30 BST (UK)  »
A repeat of Homes Under the Hammer yesterday showed a house in Hatton going UTH.  This awoke a memory which was confirmed by searching through very old photos and finding one which, unusually, had actually got a location written on the back (but not the date, though the dress would suggest the 20s).  My grandparents used to live there, probably around 1920 and for a while after - of course, this is after the last census to be published so far.  Granddad was a gamekeeper so what country house/manor/minor stately home/estate would be around there, please?

The Common Room / Matching up two families
« on: Monday 27 May 19 14:33 BST (UK)  »
Maybe someone can help me on the road to solving this conundrum.

I am running 2 lines: maternal Cravens and paternal Taylors.  My parents met through happenstance of accommodation rather than through family contacts.  Now I find that both lines have what would appear to be members of the same general family - Hardman - almost a century prior to my parents' marriage.

The county is Lancashire and the areas of the 2 branches are concentrated in Maghull, Middleton, Gt Eccleston, Little Lever, Walmsley and mainly Rochdale...not a million miles from one another.  Two Cravens, brothers (Joseph and George) married two Hardman sisters (Hannah and Sarah Taylor), the marriages taking place on 19 June, 1834 and 27 Dec, 1843 in Wardleworth, Saint James.  One branch of the Hardmans in the CRAVEN tree has a Lawrence Hardman marrying a Hannah TAYLOR.  Thereafter, several of their children have the Taylor soubriquet as a middle name. So far, there are no Cravens in the Taylor line of Hardmans.

The question is this:  how should I set about matching these 2 sets of Hardmans?  The 'window' is surprisingly small - 1773 for the earliest to 1866 for the latest.  Should I go up or down?  Would I be best to go 'sideways' from the earliest on each side and then go down the males, or vice versa?

The last question is:  have I explained the situation sufficiently that you can understand what I mean? ??? ???

(And I must add that I have a similar situation between Himself and me - Middlemasses in both families, but that's for another day so don't even worry about that one ;D)

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