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Census information Crown Copyright, from www.natio
Date Registered:
Wednesday 29 April 09 06:38 BST (UK)
Local Time:
Monday 19 October 20 16:42 BST (UK)
Last Active:
Saturday 04 April 20 06:05 BST (UK)
Surname Interests:
Goding: Banwell {Somerset} to Vic {Aus}
Howell: Cheltenham {UK} to Vic {Aus}
Brown: Wandsworth {UK} to Vic {Aus}
Hawken: Cornwall to SA {Aus}, Vic {Aus}
McLellan: Buchlyvie {Scot} to Vic {Aus}
Morey: Dorset to Tas {Aus}
Grachan: Clare {Ire} to TAS {Aus}
Wellard: Kent to TAS {Aus}
Naylor: Yorkshire to Vic {Aus}
Magee: Clare {Ire} to SA {Aus}
Crockford: Berkshire to Victoria {Aus}
Patterson: Angus to SA {Aus}, Vic {Aus}
McBeth: Westminster {UK} to Sydney {Aus} 
Mason: Stepney {UK} to Sydney {Aus}