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Thanks for your help everyone. I really appreciate it. Will ask some relatives about the second marriage thing as it may jog some memories.

May have to go the certificate route. I know they are 7 to order, but is there any possible way of just viewing a certificate rather than having to buy a copy?

I've hit a brick wall with one of my grandparents, and I'd really appreciate some tips on how to find his parents.

All I know is that his mother's maiden name is Brigden (from birth data), but I cannot find any information on a Biddle-Brigden marriage. I currently use Ancestry and FreeBMD.
I had a look through the Marriage Index on Ancestry, but found no mention of a Biddle-Brigden marriage between when the spouses name is mentioned and the end of 1916.

As I don't know their given names I am finding it very hard to find any information.
I'd really appreciate some help as I've only been researching since Easter 2009. I have over 400 people in my tree and this part is becoming rather annoying.

Thanks very much for your help,

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