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Robert Newall born circa 1740 died on 14th October 1819 and was buried on the 16th.  I only live about 20 minutes from St Michael's Kirk and plan to try and find his burial place.  Robert is my husband's 5th Great Grandfather.  I'd be very grateful for any thoughts on where he is buried? I can see North Dyke but not sure what it says just before that.

His wife Jean Carmichael died on 8th May 1818 and was buried on the 10th.  Her burial record is a little more descriptive and I would like to find that also. 

Thanks in advance, Kit

I'd much appreciate some assistance on how I can link 3 family members uploaded DNA (which I manage) to my tree, or understand how to build each family member their own tree with their DNA attached to it.

For instance, I have started to build a tree for my husband, but can't find a way to link his DNA, which I manage.

I can see and explore their DNA matches, but they don't have an associated public tree, which would make it difficult for their matches to see where the link is.

I have uploaded their DNA to My Heritage from Ancestry.  I don't have a GEDCOM but happy to explore this if it would be more useful.

I've looked at the 'Help' forum at My Heritage and I can't see anything helpful.  What am I doing wrong  >:(

All help gratefully received.  Kit

Lancashire / Esther Glover c1765 Rainford - 5 illegitimate Children?
« on: Sunday 17 May 20 12:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello, my 5th GGM, Esther Glover c1765, gave birth to 5 illegitimate children:
Mary (my 4th GGM) 1788-1860/Sarah-1791-1795/William-1796/Elizabeth-1800/John-1803.  All were baptised at All Saints, Rainford.

I'm using Ancestry and other databases to trace all the siblings and have found quite a number of other people with trees.  I'm looking forward to finding links on DNA too.

All of these children must have put a burden on the finances of the Parish and I wonder if records would still exist and if so, where I might locate them?  I can't see a marriage or death for a suitable Esther after 1803, but will keep looking.

any help appreciated.  Kit

Edit: I've changed Esther's approximate birth date from 1760 to 1765


I would really like to get the best out of FS but whenever I have used it (mainly for UK records) I get far too many results.  I have access to Ancestry and FindMyPast at the moment also. 

It might just be that the record/s I'm looking for are not available/transcribed but I tend to get pages of results which are not what I asked for, even though I feel I'm keeping my query quite specific.

Is there an 'Idiot's' guide or best practice that has been or could be shared?  I'd rather not have to do video/blog etc, but if that appears to be the way forward, I'd give it a go.

thanks in advance and take care, Kit

The Lighter Side / WDYTYA Repeats on the BBC Today (Thursday)
« on: Thursday 21 November 19 14:19 GMT (UK)  »
I've just noticed that BBC are repeating past WDYTYA series.  2 on today, Thursday.

15:00 BBC2 - Derek Jacobi - 3/10
21:00 BBC1 (certainly in Scotland) - 1/10 Danny Dyer


The Common Room / Help to contact ANCESTRY via email- COMPLETED
« on: Monday 18 November 19 14:20 GMT (UK)  »
I am a subscriber and I would like to email them with a question, but every time I choose the option to email them, once I hit submit, it tells me that this page is no longer available?

Does anyone have a contact email or know the best way to contact them?  Very frustrating.

thanks in advance, Kit

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / My Heritage Halloween DNA Sale
« on: Friday 25 October 19 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Thought Chatters might like to know that My Heritage has a sale until 3 November.  Usually 79 but now 49.  Standard delivery 9, Expedited 16.  Also appears that you can pay in US Dollars or Euros.


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Easy question (hopefully)
« on: Thursday 24 October 19 14:24 BST (UK)  »
My maternal uncle 'BR' took an Ancestry DNA test, which I manage.  His results are 50% NW England and 50% Ireland & Scotland (recently amended from 50% Ireland & Scotland, 47% NWE and 3% Sweden).  His ancestry is:
Mother Mary C- documented ancestry on both her sides going back to at least 1800 to various parts of Ireland.
Father Arthur R - Documented ancestry NWE, his father James (1851-1931) and Mother Sarah Stott (1851-1925) - NWE, so NWE on both sides. I have again traced their lines back to at least 1780-1800 in NWE on records.

Before his death in 2010 aged 91, BR's eldest sibling Tom said that Sarah was Scottish and was called 'Scotch Sarah' by the family.  He would only have been 4 when she died.  However, he was absolutely sure.  Also, there is no other Sarah that he could have been confused with.  Now, the Stott name is very common in Scotland so I wasn't really too surprised.  BUT, with BR's ethnicity 50%-50%, what should I think?  Is there really any chance his paternal Grandmother was Scottish?

I'm trying very hard to find DNA matches on various sites for Sarah's siblings, to see if I can root it out that way.

Even with my limited understanding of DNA, surely there is no way Sarah Stott's heritage can be Scottish (or Irish for that matter), is there?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your views.  Kit

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA - filtering matches by Region
« on: Saturday 31 August 19 17:37 BST (UK)  »
I haven't been doing any research for a month or so.  My memory is that somewhere within the Ethnicity area, or maybe somewhere else, you could choose an identified region (say 1 of 3 areas highlighted from Ireland) and you could filter your matches to a particular area?  Am I remembering incorrectly?  Such a useful filter.  Help please!

Cheers in advance, Kit

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